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Notice of committee MEETING of the Community Project (New Pavilion) committee to be held on Tuesday 22nd January 2013 at 8pm at Parish Council Office


Present: Cllrs. Steve Bird (Chair), Pat Haywood, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), Dave Young,

Mark Willis and David DeVal

Brian Fagan, Tony Naylor,

PCMS – Alex Bond, Matias Smyley




APOLOGIES:  Cllr. Wright, Terry Devine, Tony Lixton, David Boyd-Leslie






001 Hellenic League Requirements to clarify that the proposed building meets the necessary criteria. Steve stated that he has spoken with the regional manager of the FA and spoke about the requirements that would need to be met for the football club to go up a level in the league. The trustees stated that they did not believe it would be acceptable to consider fencing in a football pitch with a 6ft high fence. Therefore it was suggested that it would not be necessary to change around the internal layout. The FC still believe the internal layouts should be changed. A re-design would cost in the region of £2-£3k.

Brian stated that the standard of accommodation may attract a higher level of player and also that it is possible to use temporary fencing in the higher level.

Alex discussed with the FA/football foundation officials who were satisfied with the sporting facilities. Alex said it is not impossible to change the layout but believes taking into account the community needs, lighting and the fact of the 2 wings being unequal the current layout offers the best solution and complies with the community funding requirements.

All the meeting present agreed that it would not be feasible to consider permanent 6ft fencing or indeed the other requirements for promotion within the Hellenic League. It is believed if the club do get promoted they will need to consider finding a new venue to play as the expected criteria cannot be met at the Playing Fields.  

Steve explained he has tried to set up a meeting with the FC but has not had any response.

Cllr Haywood proposed that the plan goes forward as it is. Seconded by Cllr Pickard - 5 in favour 1 against.

PFMC will write to FC and inform them of the decision



002 Update from PCMS

Football Foundations changes to the design: Privacy on officials changing rooms.

Planning conditions to be discharged

  1. External Hard Surfacing proposal – in conjunction with point e -4 days work
  2. ½ days work
  3. ½ days work information gathering
  4. Traffic Management Plan – signs/time etc – specialist may be needed to take this section on 5 days work
  5. Landscaping Scheme with section a
  6. 1 days work Tree Protection Scheme – in compliance with British standards – extra £100
  7. 2 days work Surface water drainage plan – can tie in with section  a & e
  8. ½ day work Archaeological Approval – Brief to be provided by council and quotes obtained
  9. 1 ½  days Sustainable Design Details – drawings and documents for technical detail


Alex has suggested that the 15 days of work is done over the next 3months and submitted in batches to SODC. PCMS to send a quote for this work.

Alex will email a copy of the changes through.

The technical spec would take 7 weeks


Next Steps

  1. To approve the changes as advised by Football Foundations – proposed by Cllr Pickard seconded by Cllr Haywood
  2. FF to approve design changes
  3. SODC planning approval of minor amendments
  4. Discharge planning conditions
  5. Technical specification



003 Funding Update and Review

A meeting should be taking place with Jayne Bolton (New Homes Bonus Fund) at SODC on Thursday 24th January- Pat, Maxine and Steve to attend.

Football Foundation (Grass Roots Football) – Steve attended a meeting which was very productive. It has been stated that this is a prime project.

Project build is estimated at 690k

Funding team to meet Tuesday 29th January 7pm

It was stated that some funds were only available to charitable organisations

The PC will be asked to consider a financial contribution and the possibility of Public Works Loan


004 Location and Plans for PC Workshop

The PC needs the committee to include the cost for this move with the total project costs. A councillor has agreed to do the planning permission and find suitable buildings.


005 Plans for Sports Equipment Storage on Playing Fields

Brian has looked at the requirements and will forward to Alex.


006 Plan of action and time scale

All covered under previous headings


007 To agree dates for future meetings & Items for next Agenda

5th February 7.30pm – Noted that PCMS & Tony Naylor will not be in attendance





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