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Minutes of MEETING of the Assets Committee held on Monday 16th January 2012


PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Fowler, Haywood, Higgs, Marlow, Pickard, Scarborough (in the chair), Williams, Wright and Young.

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Mantle, Cllr Lloyd, Cllr Bird





WF.1 Cllr Ambridge reported on the proposed amended plans for the building – the fire door has been relocated due to a neighbour concerns. This was agreed to be copied and sent to SODC on approval by Mike Dix and the Youth Club Committee.

The steps to also be reinstated down to the field area – to be quoted after the building works are complete. An independent heating system for the hall needs to be looked at closely to get the correct heating system in when the build is done. Mike Dix to be contacted regarding this. The boiler to also be relocated possibly – all to be reviewed thoroughly at a further meeting.

WF.2 The grant funding for the proposed extension was discussed:

Choices of a Youth Club lease being raised or the Parish Council apply for a CIF grant (which means we cannot apply for a further CIF grant for 2 years) CIF grant funding ends April 2012.

Cllr Haywood reported her concerns of using the CIF grant which would stop the Council being able to apply again – they are often a large community capital grant. COF grants have two strands – under £15000.00 and over £15000.00 – the maximum grants are approx £60000.00.

Cllr Young reported that the hall could be used as a hall to book out as a revenue earner so a lease was discussed only detailing the days for Youth Club use only possibly.

Cllr Wright reported that a lease would be difficult to write for just 2 days a week.

The building costs are approx £55,000.00 which does not include contingency.

Cllr Pickard suggested the Council retain control of the building and hall and look after the asset properly – thanks were given to CYFC for all their hard work also.

A lease would be difficult because the Youth Cub only use one hall so it would be too difficult to write up. An agreement for CYFC re building usage was also discussed.

Cllr Pickard reported that other funding sources are available for smaller grants.

Cllr Wright proposed the building works be fully supported and a CIF grant be applied for by the Youth Club Committee and a lease to not be drawn up at all. Seconded by Cllr Ambridge.

All in favour.  Cllr Haywood reiterated that the project will be a Parish Council project for 2012 and funds will be sourced on behalf of the Youth Club.




HRR.1 The date for a skip and work party was discussed. The Clerk to contact the skip company about transporting the skip across the field. A large skip is required to remove all the ivy and rubbish from around the building. Electrics are still to be completed – Cllr Scarborough to obtain a quote. A plumbers quotes are also being obtained. Cllr Scarborough to get a work party together form the football team. The Clerk suggested the two Grounsdmen could help is a weekday.




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