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Minutes of MEETING of the Environment Committee held on Monday 16th January 2012


PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Fowler, Haywood, Higgs, Marlow, Pickard, Scarborough (in the chair), Williams, Wright and Young.

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Mantle, Cllr Lloyd, Cllr Bird



Mr and Mrs Alan Braun and Mr Shaw attended the meeting to give a full report on the condition of footpaths in the Parish of Chinnor. Generally the footpaths are in excellent condition.

Issue one: CH18 – footpath in Henton has been extinguished – the resident has already approached the Council regarding this issue. OCC Highways also need to erect footpath signs on the road edge. A site visit to be arranged for Mr and Mrs Braun.

Issue two: Springfield Gardens to Emmington is a feeder route to the Phoenix Trail – part is a bridleway so cycling is allowed but both ends is a footpath and no public access to cyclists. The recommendation is to allow cycling on the entire route to encourage cyclists. The Council understand from previous conversation the landowner at New Close Farm was not happy to consent to this. Another option is to upgrade the entire footpath to a bridleway. This to be investigated.

Legally on a Bridleway cyclists and horses are allowed. If it is a footpath a bike is allowed to be pushed along and not ridden.

All the footpaths have a CH designation – it was recommended that each footpath has the CH number identified on the footpath – this permission was given and thought an excellent idea.

It was agreed to supply a new map, a definitive footpath map.

It was agreed to clearly identify the footpaths easier with yellow arrows. The Clerk to contact OCC.

Mr Shaw will look after all footpaths in the North of the Parish and Mr and Mrs Braun to walk all the Southern footpaths in the Parish. All details to be put in the Library and Pump. 

The volume of dog mess was reported – the amount of dog waste put in bags and hung on trees and left on the footpath – signs to be forwarded for putting up in footpaths to try and stop the offenders.

Cllr Scarborough and all the Councillors thanked Mr and Mrs Braun and Mr Shaw for all their hard work in walking every footpath over the past few months and asked if they could please continue the footpath checks.  Another report to be given in 6 months time.



PA.1.Play Area reports – update from Cllr Fowler will be forwarded soon.



OM.1 Update was given by Cllr Haywood and Cllr Wright regarding the Mill Lane Joint User Hall meeting recently held. An OCC representative has agreed to work towards the completion of the task. The agreement is to be signed and finalised soon. Both sides agree to all the points and so the documents should be easily completed.  The Treasurer has again requested for the monies to be divided. A member of the OCC legal team to write a letter to him to explain the situation.

OM.2 Update on Community Led Planning meeting (1st February, 7.30pm in the Village Centre) was given by The Clerk – All the email invites have been sent and a Facebook event has been set up. We have over 12 people who are positive to be involved.  The new A0 map of Chinnor to be laminated at a cost of approx £25.00. The Council have an OS license to obtain maps of Henton, Wainhill, Chinnor Hill, Emmington.

OM.3 Update from The Clerk on Whites Field hedging – Richard Belgrove is now unable to do the work before cutting season ends – three more quotes are now being obtained for the works to be completed quickly. A bonfire to burn the rubbish was not a preferred option – a chipper preferred.

The hedges have been cut around the village and a good job has been completed.

OM.4 The proof of the new welcome pack folder was agreed: Proposed by Cllr Marlowe, seconded by Cllr Ambridge. All in favour.

OM.4 The structure of future Planning Committees was discussed. It was felt a formal Planning Committee meeting was needed and to change to a monthly meeting with agenda. Also have a planning section at the beginning of the Full Council meeting if required.

The details in the Pump to be put in full again also.

Cllr Wright proposed to have one planning committee meeting once a month and subsequent meetings if needed as from February. Seconded by Cllr Pickard.

OM.5 The Clerk reported on the Local Authority Publishing for a 2012 Guide – The company discussed produce the Guide for free – they obtain all the adverts from local businesses and post the Guide to each property by Royal Mail. A meeting to be arranged soon with the company to discuss the options for Chinnor.  It was agreed this would be suitable for a Jubilee edition.

Cllr Scarborough and Cllr Haywood to attend the meeting.



MP.1 Clerks and Councils Direct passed to Cllr Wright





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