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Clerk:  Mrs. Liz Folley. Assistant Clerk: Mrs Jo Wills

Minutes of the Full Council meeting dated 9th January 2012

PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Fowler, Haywood (in the chair), Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle, Pickard, Williams, Wright and Young. Also present: C/Cllr Wilmshurst



  1. 1.  APOLOGIES: Cllr’s Marlow, Scarborough, Bird, Higgs, D/Cllr Hood, D/Cllr Andrews
  2. 2.  DECLARATION OF INTERESTS:  Cllr Pickard – additional bills: R B Pickard (husband)


  1. 3.  OPEN FORUM: Julie Marfleet and Mike Dix attended the meeting regarding the Youth Club funding towards the facilities in the youth club. A request for the Parish Council to apply for the CIF grant or offer the youth club a 10 year tenure for being a lease holder. If the Parish Council applies on behalf of the youth club they cannot apply for any further CIF grant for a further 2 years. Cllr Haywood requested the Parish Council to discuss this at the Asset Committee and the Youth Club Committee start preparing the financial plan. Mike Dix requested Cllr Ambridge completed the plans as soon as possible with the detailed amendments.  The Parish Council are happy with the extension and are willing to support in any way possible. A project Manager to be sourced for the project – Cllr Pickard has some contacts.


A resident from Henton attended the meeting. The new salt bin has been located in Henton and the Peacock has been invoiced for the bin. The Parish Council has filled the bin with winter grit.

Regarding the footpath 18 route a-b in Henton – OCC and the concerned residents are looking at extinguishing this footpath and keeping footpath 18 route b-c. OCC are in the process of writing to all amenities groups, Parish, District and County Council involved and all local neighbours. OCC are requesting comments regarding the above proposals. The Parish Council would support the extinguishing of footpath 18 route a-b.


4.  MINUTES: Minutes of the Full Council meeting dated 5-12-11 were proposed for approval by Cllr Pickard and seconded by Cllr Williams and signed by Cllr Haywood


5.  MATTERS ARISING: from those minutes:

5.1 The Clerk is still chasing Taylor Wimpey regarding a meeting

5.2 SODC has contacted the fish & chip van and a one month trial in the High Street is possible.



6.1 Lord Williams Community Action Day 31st January to be attended by Cllr Young and Cllr Lloyd

6.2 Mill Lane Joint User Agreement – meeting to take place 13th January. Noted.

6.3 Letter from B Buckingham re funding – Treasurer of MLJUA (Mill Lane Joint User Hall Association) – the committee will continue so the funds are to not be disbursed.

6.4 Playing Fields – feedback from Cllr Pickard and Cllr Young re working group meeting – the concrete bunkers are in the wrong position so visibility to the pitch is limited. The concrete dug outs will have to be removed and possibly new, transparent removable dug outs to be sourced.

The removable fencing has been erected and needs to be removed. The three new floodlights – one is removable and the other two are not what they were supposed to be.  These points need to be clarification. The dismantling of the bunkers needs further discussion soon. The funders to be contacted to ensure they are happy for other bunkers to be supplied and the concrete type removed. The funding for the new bunkers (approx £4000.00) to be raised by the Football clubs.

The Clerk reported that machinery cannot now access the play area due to the fencing – the gate will need to be moved to enable access. Cllr Haywood suggested a full survey be carried out on the building before any money is spent on the works. Cllr Young agreed with this suggestion.

The Clerk to write a letter regarding future payments to the developers. Proposed by Cllr Ambridge and seconded by Cllr Young.

The issues raised by concerned residents were discussed and the individual issues were raised and Cllr Bird has looked at each question.

6.5 An email from OCC re proposed double yellow lines on Station Road – the extended lines to be extended more north (not south). A 1 hour time limit on parking on Church Road would be a good location.

6.6 Update from Taylor Wimpey on advertising signage at the entrance to the former cement works. Noted

7. REPORTS: The Committee reports were proposed by Cllr Pickard, seconded by Cllr Williams.

7. 1. Environment dated 2011 signed by Cllr Mantle

7. 2. Asset Committee dated 2011 signed by Cllr Lloyd

7. 3. F&GP dated 2011 signed by Cllr Ambridge

7.3.1 Precept Letter for 2012-2013 proposed by Cllr. Ambridge, seconded by Cllr. Pickard.  All in favour

Cllr Wright suggested more details be given regarding population figures and facilities available.  


7. 4. Additional bills were proposed for approval by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Young. All in favour

R B Pickard – WFCH cleaning                                                 £  100.00

Complete Tree Services – Van Diemens emergency work         £  174.00

Thames Valley Police – Q3 PCSO part funding                                    £4133.00

Motec – Iveco puncture repair                                                 £    27.00

Npower – office electricity                                                      £  122.98

Arval fuel – diesel for van and tractor                                      £  134.20

Helpful Hirings – equipment                                                     £      7.56

Gardening Delights – food waste bags                                       £  196.80

BT – a/c VP13177470                                                             £  472.73

Sow n Sow – gardening                                                             £  160.00

London Security Group – shed alarm service                            £  112.80

Simon Griffiths – Service equipment and tractor                                  £  192.50

G Brown – equipment                                                               £    49.58

D.E and B.E Phillips – spraying of sports ground                     £  612.00

Marshall Fleet Solutions – Village Centre minibus                     £  543.59

Arval Fuel - diesel for van and tractor                                      £  194.49

British Gas – Whites Field Community Hall (WFCH)               £  363.28

British Gas – Sports and Social Club (S&SC)                             £  980.24

T&D Electrical – Solar panels for reading Room (grant)                      £  460.95

OCC Superannuation Fund – pension                                        £1398.22

Post Office – CIR                                                                    £1496.65

7.4.1 Payments for approval by the Partnership Working Arrangement re Playing Fields.

Upfields Developments                                                                        £   1476.00

B.G Richardson                                                                                    £24,000.00

Heritage Tree Services                                                             £     300.00

Arena Seating                                                                           £10,756.80

Highlights Floodlighting                                                           £26,120.40



8. 0 PLANNING CONSULTATIONS TO BE RATIFIED:  Decisions made on the following:

P11/E1744      Hill Foot Cottage, 2 Chinnor Hill         Recommendation: Objection: Poor Design

P11/E1963      Bramley House, 46a Station Road        Recommendation: Approval

P11/E2009      33 Glynswood                                      Recommendation: Approval

P11/E2060      59 Cherry Tree Road                           Recommendation: Approval




P11/E1168      2 Ravensmead                                      Planning Permission APPROVED

P11/E1285      Westdown House, Chinnor Hill                        Planning Permission APPROVED

P11/E1500      Moat House, Henton                            Planning Permission APPROVED

P11/E1652      1&2 Hill Top Cottages, Hill Top Lane            Planning Permission APPROVED

P11/E1659      Hempton Cottage, Henton                   Planning Permission REFUSED

P11/E1696      17 Hedgerley                                        Application WITHDRAWN

P11/E1733      Spencers Gate, Red Lane                      Planning Permission APPROVED

P11/E1885      35 Beech Road                                     Planning Permission APPROVED

P11/E1832      Henton Lodge Farm, Henton               Planning Permission APPROVED






9. Request from Youth Club for funding towards extension at Whites Field in order for grants applications to be made. Cllr Ambridge proposed £10,000.00 be used for the youth club extension. Seconded by Cllr Fowler. This money is from the Bowls Club allocation as that project has now ceased. All in favour.


10. Community Led Planning start up meeting 1st February 7.30pm at Village Centre

The Clerk and Assistant Clerk to attend the first initial meeting. Some key members of the community to be invited personally to attend. A general advert and initiation to be front page of the Pump hopefully.



No written report submitted for the file.

OCC are working hard toward budgets and funding – final arrangements to be made in February.

Adult Social Care is a big concern - focus groups to meet in next 6months. Ongoing discussions.

County re-organisations continue with major cut backs and more redundancies due.




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