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Minutes of MEETING of the Environment Committee held on Monday 8th October 2012


PRESENT: Pat Haywood, Sara Higgs, Fiona Mantle (Vice chair), Mark Scarborough (Chair), Robin Williams, Martin Wright

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Ambridge, Fowler, Bird




AR.1 All area reports from each councillor are required for this meeting – please email Jo the full area report detailing pot holes, street lighting issues, pavement defects etc



PA.1.Play Area reports – report from Cllr Fowler to be submitted soon.

Martin Richardson – All Jobs have asked to quote for a few items to be repaired.



PI.1 Autumn Planting – October 2012 quote was discussed. Proposed by Cllr Higgs, seconded by Cllr Mantle. All in favour.

PI.2 Proposal from Sow n Sow to alter the Crown flower bed and remove the tub shrubs for Estover Way wildlife area and plant seasonal planting for the area. Proposed by Cllr Mantle, seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.

Cllr Mantle gave an update on Estover Way area planting and cuttings to be taken from local gardens and planted to form new plants.

PI.3 Whites Field –suggested refurbishment was discussed and it was agreed to proceed with Structural survey at a cost of £150.00 and obtaining quotes for the works to be carried out and the minor changes on the entrance being made larger to the drawings. Grants to be sourced for funding.

PI.4 Skate Park – suggested locations were Hill Road Recreation ground and an alternative location in the Chinnor Playing fields. A questionnaire to be sent to all local residents. OPFA, Thames Valley Police and Environmental Health to be asked to view suggested locations. The Clerk to ask the CPFMC to reconsider the initial proposed area for siting the skate park.

PI.5 Entrance gates– concerns over width of verges is a concern but possibly a white gate could be located behind each tub to highlight them more. Cllr Scarborough to investigate options available.

PI.6 Flower tubs on entrance to village – Mad about Flowers to take over the flower tubs for free and advertise her business on the 3 tubs. The Clerk to obtain details of the size of advert.

PI.7 IT recycling from the office – It was agreed for the Parish Council not to collect IT items anymore but to ask Cllr Lloyd to speak to SODC more about a Wee receptacle for collecting items. At present the nearest collection centre in Thame. Cllr Scarborough to clear what we currently have.

PI.8 Kerb stones – OCC Highways to update kerb stones starting in Glynswood and then Mill Lane estate if funding is still available.

PI.9 Hill Road Recreation ground gate sign – “do not park” to be put on the main gate.



OM.1 Request for Temporary Road Closure – 11 November 2012. All in favour.

OM.2 Copy of letter from Chinnor Works Angling Society – noted.

OM.3 Christmas lights – to agree on lamp post light opposite The Wheatsheaf will not be put up as each year the light switch is faulty. The Clerk to complete the official forms to OCC soon.

2012 is the last year in the current contract so all of the lights to be reviewed again next year.

OM.4 Park warden request was discussed – PC Mick Goodenough has requested a meeting be arranged after the survey results are obtained only as it is un-necessary at this time to meet.

OM.5 On the alleyway between Oakley Road and Riders Way OCC notices have been displayed about adopting the alley as a private street – The Clerk to obtain more details.



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