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Minutes of committee MEETING of the Community Project (New Pavilion) committee held on Tuesday 6th November 2012 at 7.30pm at Parish Council Office


Present: Cllrs. Steve Bird (Chair),Pat Haywood, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair),  Dave Young, Mark Willis,  Terry Devine

Tony Lixton & David De Val

APOLOGIES:  Cllrs Haywood & Wright, David De Val, Tony Naylor





Planning Application:

PA.1 Update on progress regarding the TPO. Alex informed the meeting that he had put an alternative site together which would allow for the tree to be saved. Alex has sent this idea to the planning office and sport England for informal consultation and stated his reasons for believing that it is not the best solution. If Sport England are against using the field for car parking Alex has been advised to revisit the 2007 planning application to ascertain if this would be a suitable alternative. However Alex believes that the 2007 application will also be in the line of the root protection area.

Alex believes we need to wait now for further news from Sport England which is expected very shortly (21 days is their stated response time).


PA.2 Confirmation to approve quote from PCMS £700 to work on an alternative scheme



It is believed that 280k is available from the new homes bonus but this cannot be accessed until planning permission has been obtained. The committee are aware that if the planning application fails the likelihood of securing this funding is greatly reduces.


General Matters:

GM.1 To discuss the notes of the presentation meeting on 17th October (notes attached). It was suggested that the football club draw up their future development plan and share with the project committee. The FC to be informed that the Parish Council does not believe that it would ever be possible to erect1.8m fencing. It was agreed that it would be most helpful to have another meeting with the football club (Andy Bennett / Jim Marshall).

Terry will contact Andy Earnshaw to try and confirm pitch requirements etc.

GM.2  To consider a change to the internal layout in order to meet the criteria of the Football Foundation and Hellenic League and the costs that will be incurred. This matter was not discussed as all is pending on outcome from Planning and TPO.



To approve dates for Future meetings:

20th November 7.30pm at Whites Field











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