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Clerk:  Mrs. Liz Folley. Assistant Clerk: Mrs Jo Wills

Minutes of the Full Council meeting of the above Council held on 5th November 2012


PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Fowler, Haywood (in the chair), Higgs, Lloyd, Marlow, Pickard, Williams, Wright. Also present: C/Cllr Wilmshurst, D/Cllr Hood

  1. 1.  APOLOGIES: Cllr’s Young, Mantle, Bird, Scarborough
  2. 2.  DECLARATION OF INTERESTS: Cllr Pickard – Additional payments for RB Pickard


  1. 3.  OPEN FORUM:  No members of the public were present
  2. 4.  NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICE TEAM: Report attached in the minutes file.


5.  MINUTES: Minutes of Full council meeting dated 1st October 2012 were approved by Cllr Haywood. Proposed by Cllr Pickard, seconded by Cllr Ambridge. All in favour.



6.1 Proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Higgs that Mr I White is appointed as trustee to the St Andrew’s Educational Charity. All in favour.

6.2 Letter from High Street resident requesting that removable bollards are considered for the verges on the High Street. The Clerk to reply explaining that the idea is not financially viable but happy to look at other solutions if the residents can think of one before the bollards are installed.

6.3 Letter from resident with observations about parking on the Highway. The Clerk to contact the developers requesting they be more understanding about parking along Lower Icknield Way and highlight the damaged verge which needs reinstating.


7. REPORTS: The enclosed Committee reports to be adopted.

7. 1. Environment dated 8th October 2012 signed by Cllr Haywood

7. 2. Planning Committee dated 8th October 2012 signed by Cllr Wright

7. 3. Community Project (New Pavilion) presentation notes for meeting with Football Foundation/Hellenic League 17th October 2012. Noted.

7.4. F&GP dated 29th October 2012 signed by Cllr Ambridge

7.4.1To resolve:  as from 1st January 2013 the F&GP, Planning, Environment & Assets committee are dissolved and that 2 Full Council meetings will be held each month – 1st and 3rd Monday of each Month (except Bank Holidays) All in favour.  District and County Council will have a forum at the first Monday of each month as current. Proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Williams.

Vote: 1 abstained. 7 in favour. 

7.4.2 Proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Williams that the necessary changes are made to Standing Orders for new meeting structure to be approved at December meeting.

Vote: 1 abstained. 7 in favour. 


7. 5. Additional Bills for approval: Proposed by Cllr Lloyd, seconded by Cllr Higgs.

1. Bulk Pay - salaries                                                                          £  5136.33

2. Post Office – CIR                                                                           £  1495.99

3. OCC Pension fund                                                                          £  1486.89

4. Sown n Sow – planting and bed clearance                                      £    550.00

5. SLCC – AGM Course                                                                    £      30.00

6. SLCC – Annual subscription                                                          £    197.00

7. Toolstation – equipment                                                                £      11.22

8. BTCV – windmill insurance                                                           £    233.01

9. Buckingham Nurseries – WF hedging                                             £    186.57

10. Imperial Polythene – food bags and clear bags                             £  2337.24

11. Helpful Hirings – equipment hire                                                 £    331.58

12. Wireless Logic – trackers                                                              £      11.28

13. George Browns – equipment purchase                                         £11620.80

14. R Pickard – WF cleaning                                                               £      60.00

15. Festive Lighting – lights                                                                £    163.80

16. Arval Fuel – 12-10-12 to 22-10-12                                              £    187.84




DE/Cllr Hood and D/Cllr Lloyd reported on recent issues within SODC.

D/Cllr Lloyd reported on the Business Network Group and trying to encourage more businesses to join the group. D/Cllr Lloyd mentioned the Neighbourhood Plan meeting she is due to attend soon.




As attached in the minutes file.

C/Cllr Wilmshurst reported the very sad news of Geoff Andrews who recently passed away – the Council send all their sincerest condolences in the sad loss.

C/Cllr Wilmshurst mentioned the Budget discussion currently happening – the final budget should be known by the end of December.

Chinnor Library is planned to go “self service” – updates will be given when available. The library will still have some staff but also the new system installed.

Cllr Haywood requested more action be taken on the collapsed drain on Station Road.






Remembrance Day Service

The Clerk summoned all Councillors to attend the parade on Sunday11th November –

10.30am meeting on Station Road. D/Cllr Hood sent apologies as he is unable to attend in Chinnor.






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