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Minutes of MEETING of the Environment Committee held on Monday 13th February 2012


PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Bird, Fowler, Haywood, Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle (in the chair), Marlow, Pickard, Williams and Young.

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Wright, Scarborough




PA.1.Play Area reports – Cllr Fowler has completed inspection and reports in the file.



OM.1 To confirm the steering group meeting for the Community Led Plan – Wednesday 7th March 2012, at 7.30pm. Cllr Haywood to attend and another Councillor required to attend.



MP.1 CPRE Field Work magazine – passed to Cllr Pickard.



Also attended this conversation were the S&SC building Trustees, Kevin Avery and Terry Devine.

Cllr Haywood reported on the recent Structural Engineers report carried out on the Sports and Social Club building in the Playing Fields. A meeting followed this Cllr Haywood, Pickard and The Clerk with Ed Nieburg from SODC regarding funding and progressing with the development.

It was suggested by Ed Nieburg that a Project Manager be appointed to run the project.

Grant funding was discussed for Community Use – money is available for community use if applied for – a maximum of 60% of the total build cost can be applied for.

It was agreed a Project Manager is required urgently – The Clerk could appoint one very quickly.

The project manager will look at the plans and decide if this project is possible and then get tenders etc – a Project Manager will charge approx 10% of total project costs.

Cllr Ambridge is concerned about the funding – The Clerk has been suggested to contact a VAT Specialist – the VAT has not yet been received for phase one.

Everyone agreed the hall needs to be refurbished and made for a community usage hall. To get this hall completed and tidy the hall first and then usage can be discussed later – the priority is to get the hall completed and in a good condition. It was agreed not to have the project in phases but in one phase only due to grant funding issues.

Cllr Bird proposed to support the entire project. Cllr Young seconded the proposal. Vote: 10 in favour of proposal, 1 abstained.

One joint committee to be formed quickly and one group to run the project to avoid communication issues. The trustees may attend occasional meetings.

The Clerk requested a set of keys for showing Project Managers around.

The Planning Permission does not need to be withdrawn as that is the only part needing Planning Permission. All specifications are required for tendering by the Project Manager.

It was noted that poor vibes had been noticed between the CPFMC and Chinnor Parish Council – over the next 6 weeks a huge amount of work is needed for the CIF grant fund application and all parties need to work together.



Mr Terry Devine addressed the committee about Broadband use at Whites Field and the shared funding income. The Council gave permission for a field survey. Cables would be run through the existing floodlighting – reviewable in 3-5 years. No mast would be erected, just cabling.  A safety report is the main priority. Cllr Haywood proposed it be investigated, seconded by Cllr Fowler.

Cllr Ambridge will attend all the meetings along with Terry Devine.



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