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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th February 2013


PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Bird, Fowler, Haywood (in the chair), Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle, Marlow, Pickard, Scarborough, Williams, Wright and Young. 



  1. Public Question time: No public were present.                                                                   
  2. Apologies: None       
  3. Absent: D/Cllr Hood, C/Cllr Wilmshurst
  4. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: Cllr Pickard – RB Pickard invoice 


  1. Minutes of previous meeting:

21.01.13 – Full Council signed by Cllr Haywood

22-01-13 – Community Project signed by Cllr Bird


  1. Community Project –  Led by Cllr Bird   

Cllr Bird reported on the amended plans for the new pavilion, as emailed prior to meeting.

Cllr Higgs proposed to accept the quote £ 4320 from PCMS for discharge of conditions on planning applications, seconded by Cllr Haywood. All in favour.

Cllr Bird reported on all funding being sourced for the project. To be discussed in more detail at the next meeting. The proposed building start date is planned for the end of 2013.


  1. Planning – Led by Cllr Wright      

            Planning Applications to be considered

            P13/S0012/LB Installation of additional stud walling to area of single skim lime mortar         brickwork         at Henton Lodge Farm, Henton. Recommendation: Approval

            P13/0044/HH Proposed single storey rear utility and garage extension. Replace flat roof        over     existing at 11 Glynswood. Recommendation: Approval


            Planning Permission was noted:

            P12/S2880/HH Enlarge / alter existing porch/canopy and replace flat roof over garage with   new lean-to pitched roof at 8 Lacemakers.

            Listed Building Consent was noted:      

            P12/S2706/LB Restorative works to Henton Lodge Farm 1) Hot water tank and location. 2)             Central heating wood burner and Inglenook. 3)             Repairs to Inglenook. 4) Alterations to the      downstairs WC. 5) Installation of a bathroom on the first floor. 6) Central heating system. 7) Main             pipework runs. 8) Electrical rewire at Henton Lodge Farm.

            Application withdrawn by applicant:   

            P12/S3086/HH Demolition of existing detached garage with utility room. Erection of a single storey            rear extension and new front porch at Druidston, Henton.


Parking and traffic issues in Chinnor – Thame Road was discussed. C/Cllr Wilmshurst has been discussing the problems with local residents and shop owners. The Clerk to write to Silent View Windows to request if they can consider taking deliveries on days which will not affect the other shops.


Response to Housing Allocation Policy was discussed. The Clerk to complete the form to reply from the Council. Everyone is also encouraged to reply individually.


The Core Strategy in relation to Neighbourhood Plan was discussed fully.

The Clerk to enquire about the volume of allocated housing in the paperwork as it does not equate to the planning permission for Old Kiln Lakes.

It was stated that the community led plan could not go any further as the issues that have been raised would need to be addressed by a Neighbourhood Plan. Clerk to try to arrange a meeting with the South Oxfordshire District Council representative so that councillors could have a better understanding of the core strategy and associated documents.



  1. Finance Report – Led by Cllr Ambridge   

Bills for payment were proposed by Cllr Marlow and seconded by Cllr Young:


Mr Martin King           Neighbourhood Watch signs                                         £  40.00

Helpful Hirings Hire of equipment                                                        £  13.24

R B Pickard                  WFCH cleaning January 2013                          £  50.00

The Village Centre       Mini bus grant                                                  £196.50

The Chiltern Society    Annual membership                                         £  25.00

Wireless Logic Trackers x 2                                                                £  11.28

Arval Fuel                    fuel 17-12-12 to 7-1-13                                               £  65.00

Scottish Power Hill Road Rec electricity 13-12-12 to 22-1-13             £   -2.45

Scottish Power Machinery Store electricity 7-12-12 to 22-1-13                      £   -1.55

Scottish Power MLCH electricity 08-12-12 to 22-1-13                                   £  62.00


Investment fund options were reported by The Clerk.

Cllr Pickard proposed the Cambridge savers account for £85,000.00 to be transferred, seconded by Cllr Higgs. All in favour.


Cllr Wright proposed the Precept letter, seconded by Cllr Bird. All in favour.


  1. Environment – Led by Cllr Scarborough  

Play area reports and checks: nothing to report.

Sovereign play site visit is planned for 6th February at 1pm at Old Kiln Lakes. A suggested budget for this project is £10,000.00.


An update was given by The Clerk on a recent meeting attended regarding the land allocation at Old Kiln Lakes. The Council will need to consider the financial implications with regard to maintenance of extra land. It was reported that Taylor Wimpey are being very amenable regarding this allocation.


Update on skate park relocation – feedback has been received from many residents and majority of the comments were negative regarding the proposed relocation. Only two responses were positive.

It was therefore agreed that the Skateboard ramp would not be suitable at any position on the playing field.

RoSPA will complete a site visit to approve other proposed locations but are unable to do a site visit for at least 3 months. Another agency to be sourced for a site visit.

Old Kiln Lakes was discussed as a proposed location but is deemed unsuitable as it would be too close to residents

Hill Road Recreation ground was discussed as a proposed location and it was agreed that advice should be sought with regard to the suitability and access.

Removing the skate park from the Parish was also discussed as an alternative.

The Clerk to contact complainants and keep informed with progress.


            The Clerk reported a structural survey has now been completed on the Whites Field building.              Quotes for building works, windows and doors will be sourced.


            Playing Field – railings removal – Cllr Young to follow up.

            Posts in the High Street – The Clerk advised quotes are being sourced for approval.

            Bus Stops and new bins / bench –OCC have not advised dates yet.

            Dave Young was approved as the Chinnor Broadband Champion and will attend the necessary meetings


            The pavement clearing map for icy weather was discussed. One suggestion was to add Estover             Way to the regular clearing sites. It was noted that OCC clear/grit A and B roads only.



  1. Verbal Reports and Feedback                     

Councillors outside meetings report:

Cllr Mantle reported on a meeting attended in Oxford regarding Good Neighbour Scheme Networking attended by Cllr Mantle, David DeVal and David Wilmshurst.

District Council report: No report from D/Cllr Lloyd

District Council report: D/Cllr Hood not present, no report submitted.

County Council report: Not present, no report submitted.



  1. General Purposes                                        

To confirm the date/format of the Annual Assembly: Monday 15th April is provisionally booked for an Assembly. The Chinnor Buzz Group is interested in attending a Showcase. 

A Friday night in the Village Hall is an option for a larger Showcase in 2014. 


Cllr Pickard gave an update on the meeting with 8 residents of Old Kiln Lakes.

The main concerns were over anti-social behaviour problems in the area.

The Clerk to write to the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police and copy to all divisions of the local force regarding the issues.



  1. Clerks Report                                                          

A cheaper alternative for the telephone system for the office has been purchased.

The Clerk advised the gangmowers and topper mower are trying to be sold on Ebay.

Email re Sydenham drainage causing issues – Cllr Ambridge reported no action required at this time.

The Clerk reported on a recent meeting with Clear View Homes re proposed development at the Black Boy public house for 7 x 2 bed houses with 10 parking spaces. It was felt that this would be over development and inadequate parking.  Council is willing to meet developer and discuss further.

The Clerk reported on a recent email from SODC advising of the SODC Planning Enforcement involving 1.8 high metre timber fence at Duck Cottage, 3 Station Road.

The Clerk reported that the landlord of the Parish Council office requested an update regarding the office being relocated to the New Community Building.



  1. Items for next agenda:        

Next meeting: Monday 18th February 2013

            Funding sources for the new Sports and Social club building

            Update on Old Kiln Lakes play equipment

            Update on Neighbourhood Plan presentation.

            To confirm the format of the Annual Assembly: Monday 15th April

            The possible relocation of the PC office








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