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Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 18th March 2013

PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Fowler, Haywood (in the chair), Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle, Marlow, Pickard, Scarborough, Williams and Young. 


Public Question time 17 members of the public were present

All public present were to discuss the skate board equipment relocation.

Linda Gutteridge spoke on behalf of the skate park committee.

Some of the public present were concerned about the proposed location being at Hill Road Recreation ground. Cllr Haywood explained that it has to move from the current location being the Playing Fields as it is not 100m from the nearest property – which is the recommendation. Other locations in the Playing Fields have been consulted on and majority of the properties nearby had concerns. RoSPA were consulted on locations. Whites Field as a location is preferred by some of the public present. Cllr Haywood explained it is very boggy and wet at the Whites Field location and a path would be needed.

The Clerk confirmed letters of concern have been received from Jack and Jill pre-school and Mill Lane School – more information on a location is needed by these organisations.

PCSO Madden reported that the neighbourhood team would patrol any location the skate park is in.

The Clerk confirmed the equipment is insured under the Parish Council Insurance.

Residents of Mill Lane were present and raised concerns over Whites Field as a location.

Cllr Haywood explained the skate park would need to talk to CYFC re location, consult with neighbours and find a suitable location and then report back. Written assurances would need to be required from this consultation.

Cllr Haywood explained the proposed road calming measures on Station Road.

Cllr Scarborough explained the access improvements proposed for Hill Road Rec, new play area signage etc. In the long term Old Kiln Lakes was suggested as a possible venue.

Cllr Haywood explained the equipment needs to be moved soon due to complaints.

Noise barriers were discussed in its current location but the council does not believe this would be a satisfactory outcome.

Cllr Scarborough summed up the situation – the equipment needs to be moved – it can be removed and stored waiting for a location to be agreed or located in Hill Road Rec.

The skate park committee to discuss the options of moving to Hill Road Rec or storage.

The skate park committee to report back by email to advise the outcome. 
A contractor is set to start work after the Easter holidays so we do need to be advised of the outcome very soon.


Apologies: Cllr Wright, Cllr BirdDeclaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations          

Nigel Ambridge, Remuneration £ 218.81

Helen Fowler,             Remuneration £ 218.81

Fiona Mantle, Remuneration £ 218.81

Pat Haywood,             Remuneration £ 273.41

Sandy Marlow            , Remuneration £ 273.41


Minutes of previous meeting                                   

04.03.13 – Full Council meeting was signed by Cllr Haywood


Thames Valley Police Report – PCSO Madden presented the report.

Attached in the minutes file. 

Questions were asked about reported egg throwing and Anti Social Behaviour problems and parking, especially large lorries on Thame Road, Lower Icknield Way and Estover Way.


Environment – by Cllr Scarborough         

1. Play area reports and checks – Cllr Fowler reported all ok.                                  

2. Chinnor Skateboard equipment – as discussed in public forum.

3. Letter from Jack and Jill Pre-School and Mill Lane School re MUGA issues and skate equipment concerns. Noted – although these letters were not supported by members present from these organisations at the meeting.  PCSO Madden suggested the schools get CCTV.

The Clerk to arrange a site visit and to enquire about the cost of the height of fencing.

4. OCC Highways have info on post locations for the High Street and are contacting services again. Noted.

5. Parking on the High Street issues were discussed – grass verges have been destroyed. Double yellow lines were suggested in one area to allow passing places. Cllr Ambridge suggested OCC be contacted re a one way system.  PCSO Madden to ask for advice also on a road review.

6. Two play area plans received for Old Kiln Lakes. These plans to be taken to the annual assembly for public consultation.

7. Questionnaire for public art consultation was approved for use at the annual assembly.



Finance Report – led by Cllr Ambridge    

1. Bills for payment were proposed by Cllr Young, seconded by Cllr Higgs.          

            Nigel Ambridge                      Remuneration                                                  £  218.81

            Helen Fowler                          Remuneration                                                  £  218.81

            Fiona Mantle                           Remuneration                                                  £  218.81

            Pat Haywood                          Remuneration                                                  £  273.41

            Sandy Marlow                                    Remuneration                                                  £  273.41

            Post Office Ltd                       Tax and NI                                                      £1672.92

            OCC Pension Fund                 Pension                                                            £1486.89

            Grundon waste                       Waste wheelers empty                                    £    70.51

            W M Nairn                              Sow n Sow                                                      £  150.00

            Alan John Printing                  Newsletter prints x 2700                                 £  190.00

            Bulk Pay                                 Salaries                                                            £5158.56

            BES                                         Office electric 15-2-13 to 15-3-13                  £    37.66

            Arval fuel                                fuel 20-2-13                                                    £    34.21

            Lloyds TSB                             Credit card                                                      £  371.06

BES                                         Office Gas 1-3-13 to 31-3-13                         £    86.71      


2 Cllr Ambridge and Cllr Scarborough re review of the Asset Register soon.

3. S106 - £98,000.00 to go to the new Pavilion project proposed by Cllr Pickard, seconded by Cllr Young. All in favour. The working group is: Cllr Wright, Cllr Lloyd, Cllr Ambridge and Cllr Haywood.

4. Youth Club request to employ an additional qualified youth club leader to work alongside Sarah LeGood – hourly rate is £10.00 per hour and works on average of 5 hours per week.

Proposed by Cllr Mantle, seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.

5. Approval for the Clerk to obtain permission for a loan to a maximum amount of £150,000 for the pavilion. Proposed by Cllr Young, seconded by Cllr Higgs. All in favour.

6. The Clerk to purchase a new payroll software suitable for the Council

7. Review of effectiveness of internal financial controls form. Cllr Young proposed the form, seconded by Cllr Williams.

8. Cllr Haywood proposed to approve the quote for play area roof painting – £400. Seconded by Cllr Marlow. All in favour.








Planning –led by Cllr Haywood.

Cllr Ambridge proposed Cllr Haywood lead planning, seconded by Cllr Williams.            

1.      Planning applications considered:

P13/S0485/HHDemolition of existing rear extension and erection of new rear single storey extension at 18 High Street. Recommendation: Approval

2.      To note Planning Decisions:

P13/S0044/HH Proposed single storey rear utility and garage extension. Replace flat roof over existing at 11 Glynswood.

3.      Listed Building Consent noted

P13/S0012/LB Installation of additional stud walling to area of single skim lime mortar brickwork at Henton Lodge Farm, Henton.

4.      The Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan was discussed. Cllr Lloyd to talk to the SODC Principle officers regarding the housing allocation and if proposed developments will be deducted from the 169 figure already reported.

Cllr Pickard proposed a Neighbourhood plan is not required at this current time. Seconded by Cllr Ambridge. Vote: 4 in favour, 6 abstained.



Verbal Reports and Feedback                                

1.      Cllr Scarborough reported on the Old Kiln Lakes meeting regarding future land ownership. Cllr Pickard and The Clerk also attended.2.      Cllr Fowler reported on the Community swimming pool – newsletters available. Grand opening 6th May. All invited.3.      Cllr Fowler reported on a meeting attended re Outside Spaces – a written report to follow.


General Purposes                                         

1. Annual Assembly and Business Showcase – 15-4-13

2. Meeting structure for CPC meetings was discussed. Proposed to continue the new structure for future meetings by Cllr Fowler, seconded by Cllr Young.

Vote: 9 in favour, 1 against.


Clerks Report                                                           

1. Web site to be live very soon.



Items for next agenda                                              

1. Next meeting date 8th April 2013

Cllr Ambridge and Cllr Scarborough re review of the Asset Register soon.

Skate park equipment – update from skate park committee.                                     



Parish Council CHAIRMAN


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