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Minutes of MEETING of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held on

Monday 30th April 2012

PRESENT: Cllrs. Bird, Haywood, Higgs, Lloyd, Marlow, Pickard (in the Chair), Williams, Wright and Young.

APOLOGIES: Cllr Mantle, Cllr Scarborough, Cllr Fowler, Cllr Ambridge




FPM.1 Cllr Lloyd proposed to approve the bank reconciliation. Seconded by Cllr Wright.

FPM.2 Cllr Williams proposed to approve Petty Cash and Imprest account. Seconded Cllr Lloyd.

FPM.3 Proposal by Cllr Haywood to increase the salary by 2% from the 1st April 2012 for the manual staff only in line with SODC. Seconded by Cllr Bird.

FPM.4 The Council to look into replacing the cycle rack in Church Road outside the Doctors surgery and shops. The land owners to be sought and asked permission.

FPM.5 The Clerk reported on the energy Audit which took place on Wednesday 25th April at Whites Field. A report is due to be sent through soon.

FPM.6 To confirm that CYFC will be paying half the Whites Field electricity bills each quarter.

FPM.7 Following the presentation from Terry Devine re CYFC recommendation for grant to be provided. Cllr Haywood proposed up to £5000.00, seconded by Cllr Higgs. The Clerk to contact Terry Devine and discuss the best way forward.   

FPM.8 To confirm purchase of posts for the high street:

8 x 4x4 posts at 1.8 metre length =     £  74.00 plus V.A.T

15 bags of Postcrete =                        £105.00 plus V.A.T

Labour (Mr Barry Hutton) =                         £320.00 nil V.A.T

Proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Bird. Works to commence soon.

FPM.9 Quotes were discussed for Pear Technology and Simon Escreet re Mapping assets.

Cllr Wright proposed the Simon Escreet quote be accepted, seconded by Cllr Marlow.



GP.1 August Bank holiday update. Events planned are:

Wednesday 22nd August         8am to 4pm     Pulse Holiday Club

Wednesday 22nd August         5pm to 11.30  Quiz night hosted by the Senior Citizens fundraisers

Thursday 23rd August                        8am to 4pm     Pulse Holiday Club

Thursday 23rd August                        5pm to 11.30  Village Centre event to be confirmed

Friday 24th August                  8am to 4pm     Pulse Holiday Club

Friday 24th August                  5pm to 11.30  Casino Evening hosted by Children in Touch

Saturday 25th August              All day                        Chinnor Beer festival

Sunday 26th August                8am to 12        Combined Church Service

Sunday 26th August                2pm to 6         Kids Science Show by Community Swimming Pool

Monday 27th August              All day                        Flower and Produce Show

Security – Cllr Bird to try to arrange one night security to reduce the costs.

The toilet order was confirmed: arrive on 21st August and collected on 28 August. 9 bay trailer and 1 disabled cubicle with 2 services over the hire period at a total cost of £1860.00 incl V.A.T

The marquee order was confirmed: to be erected on 21st August and collected on 28th August – identical marquee to 2011 at a cost of £3458.00 plus V.A.T

The marquee location on the Playing Fields was confirmed following a recent site visit.

GP.2 Proposal by Cllr Wright that the Parish Council takes no further action on the No Cold Calling Zones (as per email sent on 23rd April), seconded by Cllr Williams.

GP.3 Update from the Joint Working Group re New Pavilion was emailed. Mr Alex Bond is to attend the next Planning Committee meeting at 7.30pm start for the presentation.

The Terms of Reference for the new Community Project (New Pavilion) Committee was agreed.

Recommendation for a Standing Order to be added at the Annual meeting was agreed.

The CPFMC AGM was discussed and potential new members of the committee were discussed.

GP.4 The Annual Assembly and showcase was reviewed. The Council thanked Liz and Jo for organising the event so well. The hall was much smaller so more intimate and focused on specific points. The attendance was quite low but it did work well.

We had one question returned regarding seating and a notice board at the Old Kiln Lakes estate.

Possibility for the 2013 Showcase was a Saturday morning showcase – to be investigated.

GP.5 In preparation for the Statutory Annual meeting to be held on 14th May the following to be discussed and thought about prior to the meeting:

To Review allotment rents – currently £505 per annum – to remain the same

To Review Spending limits (SO58) currently A = £5000.00 and B = £20000.00 As per Standing Orders item 58a – the Clerk to investigate.

To Review Councillors Remuneration currently band 2 = £259.90 – to remain the same

GP.6 Skate Park – Cllr Higgs reported on a recent site visit with the Clerk and contractor – the prices is £7000.00 for the half pipe plus the Parish Council grant to pay for the pathway and hard standing. The Skate Park Group will continue fundraising for slabs. The site will be Station Road side of the Playing Fields, in the corner of the field. The half pipe to be ordered now the siting is confirmed – a contract is required. The lead time is for installation in June.

The Clerk has information that anything under 4m does not require planning permission.



The following accounts were approved for payment.                            

  1. John Lee Construction – Whites field tarmac                                                 3918.00
  2. ORCC Membership – annual membership from1-4-12 to 31-3-12                   30.00
  3. TLC Southern Ltd – Windmill grant                                                                 301.88
  4. British Gas Business – electric for Hill Road Rec 7-36-12 to 21-3-12              32.34
  5. Blanchford Supplies – equipment                                                                      45.55
  6. Blanchford Supplies – equipment                                                                      16.67
  7. Blanchford Supplies – equipment                                                                      47.40
  8. E Folley – expenses                                                                                            21.29
  9. Arval fuel – 23-3-12 to 11-4-12                                                                       260.75
  10. BES Electric – Office electric for period 15-3-12 to 15-4-12                 40.41
  11. British Gas Business – WFCH 25-1-12 to 31-3-12                                         289.19
  12. British Gas Business – Equipment store 21-3-12 to 31-3-12                                        62.65
  13. DX Projects – web site updates                                                                         30.00
  14. Grundon waste – waste wheelers empty to 31-3-12                                         86.84
  15. ARD – S&SC survey for demolition / refurbishment                                       390.00
  16. LT Illuminations – bunting                                                                                 61.32
  17. Sow n Sow – April works plus Playing fields seeding                                     380.00
  18. Gardening Delights – food waste bags                                                              267.60



CR.1 To confirm bunting to go up soon – Cllr Williams and Cllr Young have organised this with the shops / premises to put bunting up.

CR.2 Quote from Sow n Sow for summer beds – approx £400.00 – concerns from Sow n Sow about the broken tarmac along the side of the Parish Council offices in Duck Square.

Proposed by Cllr Haywood and seconded by Cllr Lloyd.

Cllr Pickard proposed we purchase plants at a cost of £500.00 for the Playing Fields area. It was agreed to wait until more information and the skate park is installed first.





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