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Minutes of MEETING of the Community Project (new pavilion) held on Thursday 24th May


Present: Cllrs. Steve Bird (Chair),Pat Haywood, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair),  Dave Young, Mark Willis, David DeVal, Terry Devine



Tony Lixton is pleased and honoured to be a trustee. Tony has asked if the lease is taken back and re-written. Steve said he felt quite strongly that the lease will need to be re drawn. Mark stressed that the management committee would like to have some input.


Terms of Reference:

3 councillors + 3 co-opted members will be on the committee (elected at the annual meeting) 

At the Annual Parish Meeting a Chair and Vice-Chair is elected for the Committee


Decisions in the Committee meeting can only be made if the meeting is quorate; (half of the members must be present)


Delegated powers have been approved to allow the committee to make decisions that comply with the building, funding, project and business plans approved by Council.  Invoices relating to this project can be authorised for payment if they fall within the agreed budget.


The Committee will meet as necessary and will distribute the Agenda giving 3 full daysnotice to all Parish Councillors. The minutes of the meeting will be presented at Council.

NB It states in our Standing Order that any council member shall, unless the Council otherwise orders, be entitled to be present as a spectator at the meetings of any committee or subcommittee of which he is not a member, and shall receive due notice of all such meetings


The Community Project (New Pavilion)Committee is responsible for :

Management of feasibility and consultation process

Assembling design brief

New building business plan

Preparing funding applications

Financial management of the project within agreed budgets

Direct liaison with appointed Project Manager


Steve ran through the structure of the new committee and no concerns were raised



To discuss new PCMS Building Design and Location proposal: Alex Bond ran through the proposals paying particular attention to option 4. A horseshoe shaped building around the tree. It would mean the council will need to move the machinery shed – will need to look at this issue. Total floor space would be 550sq mtrs. Approx Cost for this option £680k

Alex will look at new positioning for the work shop. It was suggested that the PC provide Alex with details of how much space is needed for the work shop.


Next Steps

  • SODC – informal discussion – Alex will prime the planning officers
  • Sport England – sense check
  • Detailed Design
  • Planning application target date: 12/06/2012


Steve thanked Alex and his colleague for all their efforts



Funding Review: Details are now needed of all funders that may be available and also dates for applications

Letters of support are needed from clubs and users groups. Also a letter from the PC. Alex said these will also be useful for the planning application.

Access Audit

Energy Audit – it was suggested that have a look at TOE2 for funding. It may be worth doing this on the existing building as it proves the need of a new build.




To agree dates for future meetings

13th June 7.30pm. Dave sends his apologies 

They will be every fortnight on a Tuesday.





Tony Naylors email tony.naylor@glencore.co.uk

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