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Minutes of MEETING of the Environment Committee held on Monday 21st May 2012


PRESENT: Cllrs. Nigel Ambridge, Steve Bird, Pat Haywood, Sara Higgs, Fiona Mantle (Vice chair), Robin Williams, Martin Wright

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Scarborough, Cllr Fowler




PA.1.Play Area reports – update and photos from Cllr Fowler on damage in Conigre were discussed. The Assistant Clerk to look into the 2011 RoSPA report and ask for a detailed quote from Safe and Sound Play Areas.

Moving the access gates to the play area was discussed to enable easier access.

The tree near the pathway to the play area is causing damage to the pathway – quotes to be obtained.     


TERMS OF REFERENCE: Proposed by Cllr Ambridge, seconded by Cllr Williams

At present 9 members of the Parish Council sit on this committee:

Cllrs. Nigel Ambridge, Steve Bird, Helen Fowler, Pat Haywood,

Sara Higgs, Fiona Mantle (Vice chair), Mark Scarborough (Chair), Robin Williams, Martin Wright

At the Annual Parish Meeting a Chair and Vice-Chair is elected for the Committee.

Decision in the Committee meeting can only made if the meeting is quorate; 5 councillors present.

The Committee meets once a month, on a Monday night.

Public are allowed to attend all meetings but do not have the right to comment until Full Council.

Any decisions cannot be actioned until they are ratified at the Full Council meeting once a month.

Before each Environment Committee meeting the Councillor responsible for checking the play grounds (Conigre and St Andrews) has to submit a full report of any works required.

(This councillor is agreed at the Annual Parish meeting)

At each Environment Committee any Parish Improvements are discussed.

The Environment Committee is responsible for:

            Trees in the Parish

            Playgrounds – equipment and maintenance


            Street Cleaning, litter bins and dog hygiene bins / issues.

            Estover Way wildlife area

            Christmas decorations



PI.1 A list to be written for projects 2012-2013:

Pathways in Conigre to be looked at and investigated.

To review Conigre Play Area equipment

Mill Lane hedge

Middle Way area

Skate Park

Fitness Equipment


PI.2 The new litter campaign posters were agreed.

PI.3 Jubilee Committee meeting is Tuesday 22 May – programmes and tickets are selling well.

PI.4 Progress report was given from Cllr Mantle re meeting regarding Middle Way

PI.5 Flooding issue was discussed on Mill Lane car park which is affecting the school: drain rods have been purchased to try and resolve this issue. The issue is the drainage and also a dip near the pathway to Jack and Jill Pre-school. The Clerk to contact the contractor and OCC Highways.




MP.1 The Playing Field magazine passed to Cllr Bird.

MP.2 CPRE Fieldwork magazine passed to Wright

MP.3 Clerks and Councils Direct passed to Cllr Wright



DP.1 It was agreed not to continue with the previous method of monthly area checks within the Environment Committee. 

The Councillors will report back at the Full Council each month.


CONFIRMATION OF DIVISION OF PARISH: Each area to be reviewed quarterly from January prior to the Environment Committee. Problems to be reported to The Clerk.


Cllr Responsible

Area to Inspect


Cllr Haywood

Henton and Wainhill


Cllr Wright

Station Road from the Crown to rail bridge, Meadow Road, Old Sawmill Place, Hill Road to Wykeham Rise and Golden Hills, Church Lane, Church Road, Lime Grove


Cllr Lloyd

Rectory Meadow, Musgrave Rd, The Avenue, Keens Lane, Hill Farm Court, High Street, Doveleat, Grafton Orchard, Benton Drive


Cllr Mantle

Station Road from the Crown, Van Diemens Close, Duck Square, Thame Road to the nursery, Lower Road to the High Street and Cromwell Court


Cllr Marlow

Springfield Gardens, Malyns Close, Leyburne Gardens, Lower Icknield Way, Hernes Oak, The Lane, Holland Close and Elderdene


Cllr Young

Glynswood, Druids Walk, Wheeler End, Ravensmead, Greenwood Meadow, Oak End, Woodville and Orchard Way


Cllr Williams

Oakley Road, Crowell Road to 30mph limit, The footpaths off Oakley Road to Riders Way, Timber Way.


Cllr Scarborough

Mill Lane, Cherry Tree Road, Willow Road, Beech Road and Rannal Drive


Cllr Ambridge

Riders Way, Hunters Point, Fox Cover, Hillwerke, Benwells; through footpath to Lacemakers, Penley Close and Flint Hollow


Cllr Fowler

Oakley Lane, Cowleaze, Ashridge, Conigre, Robins Platt, Millers Turn, Cleavers, Estover Way, Hedgerley, Hailey Croft, Foresters,  Middle Way.


Cllr Bird

Emmington and Thame Road to the Emmington turn.

Kiln Avenue (Former Cement works development)


Cllr Higgs

Chinnor Hill, Red Lane, Hill Top Lane and Spriggs Alley.



Cllr Pickard

St Andrews Road, Upperfields, Glimbers Grove, Elm Drive, Elm Close, Greenwood Avenue 




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