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Minutes of MEETING of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held on

Monday 28th May 2012


PRESENT: Cllr’s Nigel Ambridge (Chair), Steve Bird, Sara Higgs, Lynn Lloyd, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), Robin Williams, Martin Wright, Dave Young


APOLOGIES: Cllr Scarborough, Cllr Haywood


TERMS OF REFERENCE: Cllr Young proposed to accept, seconded by Cllr Bird.

At present 10 members of the Parish Council sit on this committee.

At the Annual Parish Meeting a Chair and Vice-Chair is elected for the Committee.

Decision in the Committee meeting can only made if the meeting is quorate; 5 councillors present.

The Committee meets once a month, on a Monday night.

All public are allowed to attend all meetings but do not have the right to comment until Full Council Any decisions cannot be actioned until they are ratified at the Full Council meeting once a month.

At each F&GP Committee meeting the Councillors’ present are responsible for understanding and agreeing the Full accounts and Bank Reconciliation, presented to them by The Clerk.

Any changes required to the accounts can be proposed and voted on at the meeting, or at the Full Council meeting prior to ratification.

The F&GP Committee also discusses General Purpose issues such as Local Government information, employment issues as directed by the HR Sub- Committee, Leases and legal matters.

Each month a full list of purchase invoices is submitted for approval.

The F&GP Committee is responsible for:



            Youth Club

            Information Technology


            Policies and Procedures

            Human Resources



GP.1 Invitation to attend the official opening of the Sheila Coates Building housing the SENSS at St Andrew’s School on 13th June 2012 from 2.30pm: Jo Wills to attend along with Cllr Williams and Cllr Ambridge.

GP.2 The distribution of the Chinnor Guide 2012 was discussed. Cllr Young and Wright are happy to deliver in their designated areas so all Councillors to be asked if they would also.

Cllr Wright to contact Derek Nixey about assisting in the Chinnor Hill area.

The Guide is now being printed and expected to arrive in approx 1 week.

GP.3 Model Publication Scheme was reviewed – it was proposed to increase printing costs to 10p per copy from the office copier. Cllr Bird proposed and Cllr Lloyd seconded the increased costs.



FPM.1 Cllr Wright proposed to approve the budget update, seconded by Cllr Williams.

FPM.2 Cllr Williams proposed to approve the bank reconciliation, Seconded by Cllr Pickard. The various investment saving account options to be investigated for the June meeting.

FPM.3 Cllr Williams proposed to approve payments on Petty Cash and Imprest account, seconded by Cllr Pickard.

FPM.4 Cllr Wright proposed to approve the end of year accounts 2011-2012 – pre-audit, seconded by Cllr Young.

FPM.5 The meeting accepted the recommendations of a two spinal point increase back dated to 1st April 2012 from the HR Committee. Cllr Pickard proposed and Cllr Bird seconded the proposal.

FPM.6 Cllr Lloyd proposed to approve the Zurich Insurance Policy for 2012-2013, seconded by Cllr Pickard.

FPM.7 Consultation on appointment of external auditor for 2012/13 and future years – noted.

FPM.8 Quotation from All Jobs for works at Hill Road Rec building of £857.00 was approved by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Higgs.

FPM.9 Letter from Blake Lapthorn regarding unsuccessful grant application for the Robin Greaves Sports Foundation for fitness equipment. Noted.

FPM.10 Quote from Microshade VSM re Hosted Application Service was discussed. Cllr Young to explore other options from BT. To be reviewed by IT committee asap.

FPM.11 The New Pavilion proposal was discussed – as per presentation on 21st May 2012.

The outline costs remain at approx £680,000.00 on the square footage given requirements.

Grants have been applied for already and responses are being waited for now.

PCMS have quoted £18,700.00 for fees which does not include Planning fees and any additional work following planning submission.  A Business Plan is available and Cllr Bird forwarded a copy.

A revised lease between the Parish Council and Trustees was discussed – a meeting to be arranged, Cllr Wright to be included in these discussions.

The relocation of the Parish Council office to the new pavilion building was discussed. A sheet of Pro’s and Cons’s was emailed out and discussed. Cllr Wright questioned the size of the proposed office for the two members of staff and possible future expansion. PCMS are meeting with the Clerk this week to discuss office requirements.

Cllr Ambridge proposed that the £18700.00 for PCMS fees be taken from the Property Building and Maintenance section of the budget, seconded by Cllr Wright. All in favour. The Parish Council will also fund the Planning application submission.



ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT: The following accounts were approved for payment:                           

  1. BES Commercial Electricity – Electricity for the office 15-4-12 – 15-5-12                  37.17
  2. Mrs E Folley - Screw Fix – Drain rods and drop scraper                                             38.48
  3. Arval Fuel – Direct Debit - 1-5-12 – 9-5-12                                                                150.48
  4. Thames Water – Office – 14-2-12 – 9-5-12                                                                  27.26
  5. Thames Water – WFCH – Direct Debit - 14-2-12 – 9-5-12                                        127.20
  6. Thames Water – S&SC – Direct Debit - 14-2-12 – 9-5-12                                          254.31
  7. Gardening Delights – food waste bags                                                                          206.40
  8. Thames Water – Hill Road Rec – 15-2-12 – 15-5-12                                                       8.05
  9. Harrison External Display – flag pole at St Andrew’s Church                                  1106.40

Proposed by Cllr Lloyd and seconded by Cllr Young



Nothing to report.







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