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Minutes of MEETING of the Community Project (new pavilion) committee to held on

Wednesday 13th June at 7.30pm


Present: Cllrs. Steve Bird (Chair),Pat Haywood, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), & Mark Willis, David DeVal, and Terry Devine


APOLOGIES:  Cllrs. Young & Wright, Tony Lixton, Tony Naylor,  





To discuss new PCMS Building Design and Location proposal: It was confirmed that the council would like PCMS to go ahead with the next process. Alex will but a contract together. The risk statement will be prepared.

Alex wants to arrange a meeting with Steve and SODC with regard to funding. It was also suggested

The following Standard Agenda Items were agreed for future meetings

  1. Progress / Timeline
  2. Risk Review
  3. Finance
  4. Design/Construction
  5. Communication

Alex touched on safety issues but the committee would need to rely on his expertise on this matter.



General Matters


GM1. To discuss the options for moving the machinery store – Alex asked for all possible locations to be looked at and therefore asked everyone to give this consideration and email their suggestions.


GM2. Parish Office move to new building – The committee will recommend to council.



Funding Review: Terry is producing a list of funds that are available and the cut off dates and will have this available for the next meeting.




To agree dates for future meetings

3rd July 7.30

17th July 7.30


Questions from Mark

Football ClubApparently a Protected Walkway is required and will need to be looked at. According to the information available from the Hellenic League it is believed that this is a recommendation and not a necessity.

Trees behind the Goal – the FC are asking what is happening with the branches as they are overhanging the pitch. The PC had a tree surgeon look at them and had not recommended any cutting at this stage it was therefore felt it should be re assessed when the trees are in leaf.

Fencing – it was suggested that the football club should try and address this issue as the PC do not have the funding for this

If the building is to be re-located is it possible to move the stands? This will need to be considered at a later stage.

Cricket Square  It was stated that work & funding is needed to move the cricket square. There is no funding available from the CPC.

Alex suggested that we look at the planning application for the field layout and consider where everything will be placed as one project.

Chinnor Football Club have requested to use the tractor or for Trevor to roll the areas that have been re-seeded. CPC will need to make a decision regarding this request.

Who will manage the new building – Concerns have been raised and it is felt that this should be sorted prior to the new build. It was noted that currently the Management committee has no elected officers.

FC requested to see the plans prior to submission – it was stated that all user groups would be consulted

CPFMC are still responsible for the field and the buildings

Stands and fencing – the FC are responsible for these




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