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Minutes of MEETING of the Environment Committee held on Monday 18th June 2012


PRESENT: Nigel Ambridge, Helen Fowler, Pat Haywood, Sara Higgs, Fiona Mantle (Vice chair), Mark Scarborough (Chair), Martin Wright

PUBLIC PRESENT: Cllr Marlow, Cllr Pickard

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Williams, Cllr Bird





PA.1.Play Area reports – update from Safe and Sound Playgrounds on quote for works required:

Trevor will complete the missing caps. Cllr’s Fowler and Higgs to view the play area and decide on what is priority to be repaired.




PI.1 Business Link – Cllr Scarborough reported on the new group and reported on the first meeting. About 15 people attended the first meeting and more interest has been expressed to join. Another meeting has been arranged for 21st June at 8am in Lottie’s kitchen. A very positive start. A Business Directory is being formulated by Cllr Scarborough.

PI.2 Office garden along the side of the garden is in need of attention. Sow n Sow have suggested it all being dug out and stones replacing the broken up tarmac. The building owner is in favour of work as long as the tree is not damaged. Quote’s to be obtained.




OM.1 Distribution and delivery date of Chinnor Guides 2012 was discussed – quotes to be obtained and Scouts to be contacted for availability. To be discussed at the F&GP Committee. Mr Nixey to deliver up Chinnor Hill and the Post Office to be contacted. Cllr Wright o deliver his area plus Rectory Meadow and Musgrave Road.

OM.2 August Bank Holiday confirmation – The Clerk detailed the area within the 2nd football pitch. Toilets to be located near. We have no news about the railings being removed at this time. Cllr Scarborough suggested the rails just be removed before the marquee events. The decision to be made when further information is obtained.

The marquee is being occupied the full time – the village centre event to be decided on soon.

Cllr Bird to apply for the Temporary Events Licence soon.

A smaller generator to be investigated to save a generator rota being drawn up. Power could be used from the workshop or building if 3 phase. Cllr Young to be asked about it.

Cllr Fowler has designed a poster for the Council to use to advertise the events.




MP.1 Chalk and Trees – passed to Cllr Haywood

MP.2 Friends of the Ridgeway – passed to Cllr Fowler

MP.3 Chiltern News – passed to Cllr Scarborough







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