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Minutes of MEETING of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held on Mon 25th June


PRESENT: Cllr’s Nigel Ambridge (Chair), Steve Bird, Pat Haywood, Sara Higgs, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), Martin Wright, Dave Young

APOLOGIES: Cllr Williams, Cllr Lloyd

ABSENT: Cllr Scarborough




FPM.1 Cllr Bird proposed to approve the budget update, seconded by Cllr Wright.

FPM.2 Cllr Young proposed to approve the bank reconciliation, seconded by Cllr Wright.

FPM.3 Cllr Higgs proposed to approve payments on Petty Cash and Imprest account, seconded by Cllr Bird. All in favour.

FPM.4 Various investment options were discussed: It was agreed to split the investment: £60, 000 investment into 12 months at 3% fixed rate with Natwest and £40,000.00 into a 6 month investment at 1.3% with Lloyds TSB. Proposed by Cllr Pickard and seconded by Cllr Haywood.

FPM.5 Options for delivery of the Chinnor Guide 2012 – delivery by 2nd July if possible.

FPM.6 A hire price for Hill Road Rec building and field was agreed at £50.00 per season for the football team. £10.00 per hire for the building as a one off fee. Proposed by Cllr Pickard, seconded by Cllr Higgs. All in favour.

FPM.7 Quotes for weed killing were discussed – one quote was still outstanding and needs to be reviewed. The Clerk to contact Brenda Wilson to get a verbal reference from one of the companies and then it can be approved at Full Council meeting. 

FPM.8 Mill Lane Joint User Hall Agreement to be completed as soon as possible by OCC. Outstanding monies to be discussed with OCC also.

FPM.9 A quote was discussed from Harrison External Display for ground collar for the flag pole.


ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT: The following accounts were approved for payment:                               

  1. British Gas Business – WFCH elec (actual reading) 1-4-12 – 1-6-12     £  234.52
  2. Blanchfords – padlock etc                                                                    £    61.31
  3. Blanchfords – electric showers x 2 for Hill Road Rec                            £  280.78
  4. BES Electrical – Office electric – 15-5-12 – 15-6-12                           £    38.67
  5. OPFA – Annual subscription                                                                £    65.00
  6. Sow n Sow – WM Nairn – gardening                                                     £  730.00
  7. Chinnor Pump – May 2012 (under query at the moment)                                £  100.00
  8. Arval Fuel – 24-5-12 – 6-6-12                                                             £  242.16
  9. CiLCA Local Council Administration – register Liz Folley                   £  150.00
  10. Gardening Delights – food waste bags                                                   £  225.60
  11. Grundon Waste – waste wheelers empty                                                           £    86.84
  12. Blanchfords – bolt for Hill Road Rec                                                    £    19.22
  13. Scout Group – donation towards trailer as agreed on 27-2-12 F&GP     £  820.00
  14. Zurich Insurance – Council insurance                                                   £4839.52
  15. All Jobs – Hill Road Rec work and Council office repairs                      £  466.00



CR.1 Jubilee finances – at present, with still some income due, the budget of £5000.00 is achieved. 

CR.2 The SODC letter to garden bin users was discussed. Some residents are not happy to be asked to pay by DD – Cllr Lynn Lloyd to approach SODC regarding this for more of an explanation.



GP.1 Report from the Trustee meeting held on 21 June 2012 – copy of notes of this meeting in the minutes file. It was proposed to write a letter to the CPFMC and Committee members to invite to a meeting to discuss financial issues. Cllr Bird proposed the utility bills are paid until a mutual decision is reached.

Invite only meeting date has been arranged for 16 July 2012 in the Village Centre from 7.30pm.





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