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Minutes of MEETING of the Community Project (new pavilion) committee held on

Tuesday 3rd July 2012


Present: Cllrs. Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), Dave Young, Mark Willis, David DeVal,

Terry Devine, Alex Bond, David Boyd-Leslie

APOLOGIES:  Liz Folley, Tony Lixton, Cllr. Wright, Steve Bird, Pat Haywood, Tony Naylor




Alex Bond gave a report on various possible locations for the re-siting of the machinery store:

  1. Close to Benton Drive end of Playing Fields – adjacent to current car park area
  2. Station Road side of the Playing Fields
  3. Within the allotment car park area
  4. Greenwood Avenue site that the PC own
  5. Whites Field – between the windmill and community hall
  6. Whites Field – between Mill Lane Road and the Windmill
  7. Mill Lane – possibly a field which is privately owned
  8. Oakley Road – farm which may have barns?
  9. Woodville – field which has space
  10. Middle Farm – plenty of barns available?
  11. Chinnor Turf and Paving Supplies was suggested as a possible location
  12. Keens Lane – barns off of Hill Farm were suggested
  13. Garden Centre was suggested
  14. New Farm (Thame Road) was suggested as it appears to have numerous barns


None of the sites seem to be perfect.

Alternative Solutions:

  1. Outsource services or combine services with a neighbouring village / town.
  2. Reduce equipment
  3. Lock up Iveco van outside overnight in a secure yard (not inside a storage area)


The plans were discussed. It was noted that access is needed direct from the pitch to changing rooms – landscaped paths required.

It was suggested to revert to a 2 storey building and so the machinery store can remain on site now – this was not a favoured idea.

If the machinery store remains where it is the road leading to it could be an issue due to tree routes and tree maintenance.


The Green option of the design was discussed – to add elements of the build to be “green” and eco friendly – is this viable?

To go “Green” costs more money but has lower running costs.

Solar panel report due

It was agreed there was no need to recycle water for pitch watering and this has never been needed


A tree survey has been instructed to take part this week – following these results it can be agreed what to do with the large tree – the removal of the tree is favoured to lessen ongoing maintenance, increase light etc.


Possible materials types were shown and discussed:

  1. Timber clad building with cedar wood and matching brick – easy to maintain
  2. Artificial slate for roofing
  3. Timber and aluminium windows with laminate double glazing – gives extra strength and security.

General Matters

GM1. Lease – was not discussed at this meeting.


Funding Review

FR.1 Funding Review was given by Terry Devine:

SODC CIF application will be upto £100k – from April 2013 to apply

New Home Bonus Interim Policy – September 2012

Iconic – up to £100k – can apply for this in August-September 2012

Sport Match –up to £100k – can apply for this in August-September 2012           

Reaching Communities - up to £500k – can apply for this in August-September 2012

Play Programmes - up to £150k – can apply for this in August-September 2012

Queen Elizabeth II - up to £25k – can apply for this in August-September 2012

Robin Greaves - up to £50k – can apply for this in August-September 2012

Reward for all - up to £10k – can apply for this in August-September 2012

Changing Spaces - up to £500k – can apply for this in August-September 2012


Terry to meet with Maxine and Steve to discuss applying for the above grants asap.

Terry has letters of support from local organisation which will be included in all grant applications and emailed to Alex Bond for inclusion in the Planning Application.

Chinnor PC to write a letter of support and also Royal British legion




A planning application will try to be submitted by 20 July – or a few days following this.

This date is due to the grant application dates so timing is delicate.

Jo Wills mentioned the problems caused when the CPFMC submitted a planning application during the summer holidays a few years ago and local residents considered this unnecessary as a number of residents were on holiday.

It was agreed to increase communication with the residents soon i.e. notice board on the field etc so everyone is aware of the timeline and some of the details. Also more details in each Pump.




Future meetings:

(16th July CPC meeting with Playing Fields Management Committee at The Village Centre, 7.30pm – Steve Bird to try to contact an independent Chair for this meeting)

17th July 7.30pm

31st July 7.30pm



Answers needed for / before next meeting

Maintenance Building – a decision of requirements please and location if to be relocated

Results of the Tree Survey and a contingency plan is needed







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