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Notice of MEETING of the Community Project (new pavilion) committee to be held on

Tuesday 17th July 2012 at 7.30pm at Parish Council Office


Present: Cllrs. Pat Haywood, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), Dave Young  - Mark Willis, David DeVal, Terry Devine, Dave Boyd-Leslie & Tony Naylor


APOLOGIES:  Cllrs. Bird, Wright & Tony Lixton






  1. Progress / Timeline

Alex showed the detailed design. Tree survey report constraints regarding roots and now waiting for 2nd report.

Design changes/Constraints – mainly regarding the tree.

Proposed site plan & floor plans copies are available for viewing in the PC office. Alex will email the presentation to PC Office for further distribution. All comments to be directed through PC office. Car Parking spaces must be 32 and suggested hedging between car park and pitch

Questions were raised as to the position of pitch 2 – it was noted that this can be changed to smaller pitches as necessary

Function Room accommodates approximately – 72 sat down at tables / 100 people in rows

Club Room – similar to existing size

Question was asked about a cellar – but it was thought this would be more expensive

Courtyard area – external surfaces not yet considered

Solar Panels put an extra 19k on the build cost but it was noted that it is necessary to include environmentally approved systems in the project.

  1. Risk Review – no comments
  2. Finance – no comments
  3. Design/Construction

            Proposed location for Machinery Store to be agreed. Alex explained that it would not be possible to put the machinery store at the back of the building. It was suggested that Whites Feild, Mill Lane is the best option this will be discussed at Council. The council staff to look at CYFC shed and see if this size of building would be suitable. A meeting to be held Thursday morning 11am at Whites Field.

            Water – to be noted that there is a need for water on the Cricket Square


  1. Communication

            Notice Board – immediate action needed – Terry has a lockable board that can be fixed on the Sports Club wall. PC to arrange fixing it in a suitable location on the pavilion.

Suggested that a note is put in children’s book bags no further action taken and school breaks up on Friday.

            Report for Pump – it is believed that Steve has submitted a report

            Meeting for user groups and CPC to view the planning application – the design presentation will be available at the CPFMC meeting on Friday evening. The presentation boards are available at the Council Office.

It was noted that Community Led Planning are having a gazebo at the Village Flower Show on August Bank Holiday Monday 27th August and suggested that the committee may want to consider having a presence and involving community responses. The committee thought this was a good idea and it was suggested that it is also held at the Beer Festival on Saturday 25th August. Terry offered to get questionnaires printed. Alex recommended this as a good way forward.



General Matters

GM1. Report on any relevant issues raised from meeting with Management Committee. Interim Chairman – Brian Fagan. Meeting has been arranged Friday 20th July 7pm.



Funding Review

FR.1 Funding Review: Progress report following meeting with Terry, Maxine & Steve. Terry has approached 9 funding bodies. Steve now has all the necessary forms and Terry has started the initial consultation. David is happy to help with any applications.

Sport England Facilities closes September.


Build Cost may be in the region of 650k – Alex is working on detail to get a more accurate estimate.




Dates of next meeting agreed as follows


31st July

14th August

28th August (tbc)




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