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Minutes of MEETING of the Community Project (new pavilion) committee held on

Tuesday 31st July 2012 at 7.30pm at Parish Council Office


Present: Cllrs. Steve Bird (Chair),Pat Haywood, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), and Mark Willis, David DeVal, Terry Devine

Trustees: Tony Naylor, Tony Lixton, David Boyd-Leslie, CPFMC chair: Brian Fagan


APOLOGIES: Cllrs. Wright, Young






Progress / Timeline

            Deadline for submitting planning/funding applications. Alex is hoping to have new drawings available for the Parish Meeting on Monday. If the plans are ratified CPMC will work on the planning application and the Design and access statement will be available.


Alex explained that there is not a lot of time to make changes. Some changed to the internal wall thickness need to be made. Alex explained some of the changes that he deemed necessary and some changes to the ceiling.

Alex ran through some of the queries that had been raised.

Storage for sports clubs – apparently at previous meetings it was suggested that an outside fenced area is added for goal posts etc

Security – Integral roller shutters are being investigated on all the full sized glass panels. Linked shutter for the main lobby.

Underground cellar – Alex explained that this would be quite an expensive way of increasing the footprint.

Brian Fagan put over the critiques from CPFMC - discussion took place particularly to try and increase the club room size  –Following discussion Alex will look at

1. Fire Doors/wall thicknesses

2. Swap servery & the 2 external w.c.’s 

3. To check/increase light in Office

4. To increase club room


David Boyd-Leslie asked the committee if they could consider the funding for moving the stands. The committee did not feel they were in a position to take this on and suggested it would need to be discussed at CPFMC


Risk Review



            Funding Review – progress report- Terry & team to work on the applications so that they are ready for submission as soon as the planning application has been made.



            Machinery Store to discuss CPC preferred location option – update on design – Alex has worked on a footprint for location at WF and has agreed to attend the CPC meeting on Monday to explain the reasons why it is not suitable to keep the machinery store on the Playing Fields.




Notice Board –Steve has some printed plans and will put them in the notice board.

August Bank Holiday – Steve will put a Questionnaire & board together for approval at the next meeting




To agree dates for future meetings

14th August – funding team only to meet.

28th August


Clerk to the Council

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