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Minutes of MEETING between the Chinnor Parish Council, Chinnor Playing Fields Committee and Trustees held on Monday 16th July 2012 at the Village Centre.


Present from Independent bodies: Steve Moody (Chair of meeting),

Andrew Cameron (Solicitor), David DeVal

Present from Chinnor Parish Council (CPC): Liz Folley (Clerk), Jo Wills (Assistant Clerk),

Pat Haywood, Sara Higgs, Dave Young, Helen Fowler, Maxine Pickard, Robin Williams,

Lynn Lloyd, Sandy Marlow, Nigel Ambridge, Steve Bird, Mark Scarborough

Present from Trustees: David Boyd-Leslie, Tony Lixton, Tony Naylor

Present from Chinnor Playing Fields Management Committee: Bryan Grace (Rifle Club),

Peter Hughes (CYFC), Maureen Plummer (Tennis club), David Ridgley (CFC), Andy Bennett (CFC), Mark Willis (S&SC), Richard Carr (CFC), Terry Devine (CYFC), Brian Fagan (Cricket),  Ben Morgan (Chinnor Exiles FC), Chris Wingrove (public rep)

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Mantle, Cllr Wright, Michelle Morgan


Cllr Pat Haywood welcomed and thanked everyone for attend and introduced Steve Moody as an independent Chairman of the meeting.


Steve Moody introduced himself and asked everyone present to introduce themselves and the area they represent. Steve Moody explained the reason for the meeting was to discuss a way forward for the CPFMC and the new proposed building on the playing fields


Andrew Cameron explained the present Lease and detailed the following:

  • CPC own the freehold of the Playing Fields, Station Road.
  • The field is for organised sport and recreational facilities only.
  • The Lease is for 40 years
  • The Lease is to the Trustees – there are 3 trustees and a maximum of 4 are allowed
  • CPC cannot sell the land for development or allotments etc
  • CPFMC have responsibility for day to day running and management of the area
  • CPFMC are made up of 9 users plus 5 public elected members
  • CPC give CPFMC an annual grant
  • CPFMC have, at present, no elected officer (Chair, Treasurer or Secretary)
  • Terms of Lease state that Trustees can nominate Officers if deemed necessary


Update on current Chinnor Playing Fields Management Committee:

  • CPFMC have currently 11 members but no officers in place which followed the AGM.
  • CPFMC are very unsettled as they don’t know about the future of the building
  • CPFMC have requested more meetings with the Trustees
  • CPFMC have a turnover of approx £2000 per annum (excludes individual club & social club turnover)
  • CPFMC are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the building


Update on Chinnor Community Project (new Pavilion) Committee by Cllr Steve Bird:

  • A survey was completed which showed a re-build was the best way forward for the hall
  • The plans have been drawn up and will be viewed for the first time this week
  • The Committee need a 3 year accurate Business Plan for funders
  • The funders need to see a strong and secure Management Committee
  • Terry Devine has found a number of funders to approach
  • The funding opportunities need to be inputted in or around September so time is tight
  • The proposed building will be fully funded by grants – not a loan or repayment scheme at all
  • Accurate figures for costs of the new build are not yet available
  • Approx monthly upkeep for the new build is year 1 zero, to year 3 at approx £4000.00




Update from the Chinnor Sports and Social Club:

  • S&SC rent bar space from the CPFMC
  • S&SC have requested to take over Electric bill payments from CPC
  • S&SC already pay gas bills
  • S&SC do not pay Water rates yet – CPC do.



The new building was discussed and it was agreed that a communication breakdown had caused the loss of enthusiasm and effort in the CPFMC.

Members of the CPFMC were unhappy that a lot of time and effort was put into a refurbishment plan and the plans approved by SODC then scrapped with no explanation.

CPFMC feel they do not see enough of the Trustees and need more support from them.

Steve Moody requested a line be drawn on history and to all move forward to improve the facilities and hall.


It was agreed that Cllr Steve Bird will copy the proposed 3 year Business Plan and give all members of the CPFMC a copy.


Mr Brian Fagan addressed the meeting and offered to take on Interim Chairman of the CPFMC and arranged a meeting for Friday 20th July of the CPFMC to nominate and elect officers so the Committee can move forward and address what is needed.


It was agreed the Trustees will attend at least a quarterly CPFMC meeting to keep up to date with what’s going on.


It was stated the Lease may need to be reviewed with regard to the new proposed building.


It was agreed to email Andy Bennett the minutes of the Community Project meetings (one of which is not ratified and signed off) so the CPFMC can see what has happened.

All CPC committee meetings are open to the public for all to attend and listen too.

All minutes, once ratified, are available to read at the CPC web site.


It was agreed that to avoid future problems all communication avenues should be kept open.



Steve Moody and Pat Haywood thanked everyone for attending and clearing the air so a way forward can now be found and easier to progress.









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