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Minutes of MEETING of the Community Project (new pavilion) committee held on

Tuesday 11th September 2012


PRESENT: Cllrs. Steve Bird (Chair),Pat Haywood, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), Dave Young, , David DeVal, Terry Devine, David Boyd-Leslie, Tony Naylor, Brian Fagan, Alex Bond

APOLOGIES:  Cllr. Wright, Mark Willis, Tony Lixton



PCMS – report from Alex Bond

  1. The planning application has been submitted. SODC target decision date is 15th October 2012.
  2. To date 3 public responses to application are online: 1 objection about not needing another hall in Chinnor and 2 are comments about acoustics and is a new hall really required.
  3. 5 more letters of support have also been added.
  4. Letters have been also received from Chinnor Exiles, Tennis Club and Cricket Club.
  5. Chinnor PC now has the office copy of the application and need to reply by 9th October.
  6. The hand written comments collected from the marquee display are not to be used for planning but used for the funding bodies as some make good, supportive comments.


Funding Review

  1. New Homes Bonus Application – the questionnaire has been completed and submitted – now waiting for reply.
  2. A funding list has been circulated to the funding group – thanks to David DeVal.
  3. It was agreed not to pursue the Inspired facilities fund at the moment as the deadline is Monday 17th September but is from the same “pot” as the Iconic funding which has a date of mid December and has a far bigger “pot” of money available.
  4. Terry Devine to contact the football foundation and arrange another meeting asap. Alex Bond is happy to go to Witney for a presentation with Steve and Terry and Maxine.
  5. CPFMC to contact and apply for a grant from the Cement Works Benevolent Fund as this needs to be applied for by a registered charity.
  6. Cllr Bird reported the figure to fund is £779,000.00 – this includes figures for storage areas also.
  7. Terry Devine to obtain a quote for new storage sheds.
  8. Machinery store – location still to be agreed and Chinnor PC to meet on 24th September at the Assets meeting and discuss requirements, storage sizes and equipment needed. If a decision is made then it will be ratified at Full Council on 1st October.



  1. Cllr Bird to write a short article for the Pump (deadline already passed so needs to be done quickly!)
  2. JoWills to contact the new Look Local Magazine and ask if it’s possible to have a large feature – maybe centre page?
  3. The new notice board on the S&SC wall has been updated by Cllr Bird.
  4. The plans are up in the Chinnor PC office for viewing



  1. Concerns were raised over the lack of support from the men’s football team. They have not written to support the build at all. Brian Fagan reported that to his knowledge, this was due to the distance between the changing rooms and the pitch. The Trustees agreed to arrange a meeting with the 1st Team Chairman (Jim Marshall), Terry Devine and Steve Bird and discuss exact issues. No decisions or amendments can be made at this informal meeting but issues can be heard and then reported back at the next meeting.


Meetings arranged

  1. 25th September at 7.30pm – Apologies from Alex Bond.
  2. 2nd October – 7.30pm – funding committee meeting
  3. 16th October – 7.30pm




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