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Minutes of Sub-committee MEETING of the Community Project (New Pavilion) committee held on Tuesday 25th September 2012


Present: Cllrs. Steve Bird (Chair), Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), Dave Young, Mark Willis,

David DeVal, Terry Devine

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Haywood, Cllr Wright, Tony Lixton, Brian Fagan,


Planning Application:

PA.1 Update on progress of planning application

PA.2 Report on Tree Preservation Order – to discuss alternative ways forward. It has been advised that no action is taken until the end of week. PC to write a letter of objection.

PCMS put forward some options for consideration.

  • Move building out of the root protection area
  • This will result in a significant reduction in size in order to maintain the number of car parking spaces required.
  • Redesign building – revert back to a two storey design
  • Move building to new position on field.

PA.3 Update on support from Chinnor men’s Football club (following meeting with Trustees). Terry reported back from the meeting (with Jim Marshall & Andy Bennett) – the main concern was from poor communication which was very apparent – In future Jim Marshall the football chairman to be included on meeting circulation details – details to be placed on CYFC website -  and raised the following questions

  • Main Issue with the position of the changing rooms
  • Hellenic league have apparently stated that they do not know what is going on with the building
  • It was suggested that when the presentation is made to Football Foundation that a rep is invited from Hellenic league to attend also. Alex will make the presentation a date to be set. The chairman of the FC will be asked to attend also.
  • Terry has got some-one who is willing to remove the fencing but concern has been raised that there is no funding available to fill in the holes.
  • The FC will not currently submit a letter of support with the changing rooms in the current position


Funding Review

FR.1 Report from funding committee – due to meet next week. It is hoped that despite the planning problems that we may be up against it appears that we may still be in with a chance of funding from the New Homes Bonus Fund

FR.2 Update on proposed meeting with the Football Foundation in Witney – Terry Devine to report back on possible dates



PU.1 Update on ways to communicate with the public and promote the plans – Steve will submit an updated report for the October Pump.

It was suggested that the article from the pump is placed in the notice board at the S&S club.

It was suggested that there should be a member of the Football Club on this committee.



Future meetings:

  1. 2nd October – 7.30pm – funding committee meeting
  2. 16th October – 7.30pm



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