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Minutes of MEETING of the Environment Committee held on Monday 10th September 2012


PRESENT: Steve Bird, Helen Fowler, Pat Haywood, Sara Higgs, Fiona Mantle (Vice chair),

Mark Scarborough (Chair), Robin Williams, Martin Wright

APOLOGIES:  Cllr Ambridge


PUBLIC PRESENT: 2 members of public were present



PA.1.Play Area reports – update from Cllr Fowler on recent RoSPA reports – wet pour flooring needs attention. All other items in the report have already been highlighted for action or monitoring.

The Clerk reported recent damage in St Andrews play area on the wet pour which needs repair.

Also the see-saw in Conigre is damaged and needs replacing. Cllr Haywood reported the cradle swing squeaks loudly so this to be looked into also.

PA.2 Skate Park / noise complaint was discussed. Cllr Haywood suggested, following the Environmental Health report recently undertaken, the skate park needs to be re-sited.

The Environmental Health report has suggested a couple of areas in the Playing Fields – these to be reviewed by the Council and CPFMC. The Council agreed a full consultation is required on each stage of the process.

The skate park committee to be advised of the issue and to be asked to suggest alternative locations suitable. One member of the committee was present and raised concerns over the money spent on the new pathway and moneys spent on paving.

The current monitoring at dusk to continue until a new location is found. A number of youths are seen in the stands and youth shelter making noises when patrolling the skate park at dusk.

Cllr Bird to mark off land on a map available for the skate park within the recommended guidelines

To be discussed again at the next Environment meeting



PI.1 Playing Fields: planting new trees / uneven pavement caused by tree roots was discussed. Raising the tarmac surface was recommended to avoid the roots damaging the path. Quotes & advice to be obtained. The council has been advised that 2 of the trees are showing signs of disease and although no immediate action is required they will eventually need to be felled therefore it has been suggested that the council considers the planting of 2 new trees which will hopefully be established prior to felling the old diseased trees. Clerk to obtain advice.

PI.2 Middle Way meeting to be arranged soon with Cynth Napper Community Officer - Oxfordshire Nature Conservation – Cllr Mantle to arrange a date for the new community project.

A full consultation is required before any changes to the area are made.

The Clerk reported on a recent complaint email on youths congregating in this same area – The Clerk to respond to the email and explain a meeting will be arranged soon about the land usage.

PI.3 Estover Way update report by Cllr Mantle: Jack and Jill to be approached regarding the Insect hotel, more Daffodil bulbs to be planted. It was agreed that 2 sacks should be purchased.

PI.4 Purchase of daffodil bulbs was discussed – volunteers needed  prior to any bulbs being purchased.

PI.5 Winter information and update – salt request to be completed by The Clerk.

PI.6 Update on Hill Top Lane road issue – the road has been re-classified by central government as a restricted by-way and now complaints are coming in from residents and frequent users and will be directed to OCC Highways. OCC Highways have no plans for any repairs or remedial work.



OM.1 August Bank Holiday Review – Pulse donation received of £100.00 and a thank you letter from the Old Folks party fund thanking for the marquee use for the quiz and most pleased that this fund raising event has secured a party for another year.

OM.2 Oxfordshire Trading Standards, together with Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue and Age UK will be offering free electric blanket testing to residents at Thame Town Hall on Wednesday 24th October.

The testing takes place between 9am and 4.30 pm and you are very welcome to come along to see the staff, the customers or to have your own blanket tested. The Clerk to advise the Village Centre of this plan.





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