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Minutes of MEETING of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held on

Monday 24th September 2012


Present: Cllr’s Nigel Ambridge (Chair), Steve Bird, Pat Haywood, Sara Higgs, Lynn Lloyd, Maxine Pickard (Vice chair), Mark Scarborough, Martin Wright, Dave Young

APOLOGIES: Cllr Williams




FPM.1 Cllr Pickard proposed to approve the budget update. Seconded by Cllr Lloyd.

FPM.2 Cllr Wright proposed to approve the bank reconciliation. Seconded by Cllr Young.

FPM.3 Cllr Lloyd proposed to approve payments on Petty Cash. Seconded by Cllr Scarborough

FPM.4 Issues arising from the External Audit for year ending 31st March 2012. The following 2 matters were raised

Risk Assessment not minuted during the year – action to make sure that a full review of the risk assessment is made

Expenditure Powers are not recorded – action to consider the statutory power being used for every expenditure.

FPM.5 Notice of Appointment of external auditor from 2012/2013 – BDO Stoy Hayward. Noted.

FPM.6 Report was given by Cllr Pickard on Council Tax briefing seminar – attached in the minutes file. Cllr Pickard proposed we follow option 2. All in favour.

FPM.7 Cllr Bird proposed the purchase of 2 x 25kg sacks of daffodil bulbs for Estover Way wildlife area. Seconded by Cllr Scarborough. All in favour.

FPM.8 Community Project (New Pavilion):

  1. Cllr Pickard reminded the Council of the structural survey undertaken months ago and the poor condition of the building – concerns were raised over the state of the building over the winter. The Council to contact the Trustees with the Councils concerns over lack of routine maintenance.
  2. Report was given by Cllr Bird of the pending Tree Preservation order decision. Cllr Bird recommended the planning application not be withdrawn at this time.
  3. Quote regarding brick work repair at S&SC to be discussed – The Clerk to enquire costings for instructing a Structural survey to fully survey the damage area before the quote is approved. A structural survey can commence if under £150.00. Proposed by Cllr Bird, seconded by Cllr Young.
  4. A modular style building was discussed as a new machinery store. A possible location suggested was by the windmill on Whites Field – planning permission would be needed.

FPM.9 Report from The Clerk on recent visit to Saltex and a quote from Turney Groundforce & George Browns regarding new equipment. Following demos & hiring  of various types of equipment Cllr Ambridge recommended to council that An out-front mower, push mower and trailer plus multi head – strimmer, hedgecutter and  brush cutter is the preferred choice for the replacement machinery.

Cllr Ambridge recommended the Iveco be sold and replaced by a utility vehicle, 4x4, fully road legal. It is believed that the Iveco is worth between 4k & 4.5k Quotes for the Iveco to be obtained.

It was proposed that Cllr Ambridge and the Clerk have a budget up to £26,000.00 (+income from sale of Iveco) to purchase the equipment as stated. Proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Young.

The Clerk reported the gang mowers, stored locally are un-needed and it was agreed that quotes for value to be obtained. 

FPM.10 Quote from UK Power Networks for underground works at the Machinery Store – not approved.

FPM.11 Budget Meeting to be 19th November 2012. 

FPM.12 To approve purchase of 3 x angled wall mounted cycle racks at £47.45 plus V.A.T for mounting on wall by Cross Keys Doctors surgery entrance gate and Butchers shop. Proposed by Cllr Young, seconded by Cllr Wright. The Clerk to check the site is suitable for an adult size bike.

FPM.13 Quote from Complete Tree Services re tree work required in the Playing Fields – cherry tree and ivy removal by flood lights and tennis courts £235.00 in total – proposed by Cllr Bird, seconded by Cllr Lloyd. This quote completes required tree works in the playing fields to date.



GP.1 Letter from the Chinnor Rifle and Pistol Club re funding request for extended car park – to be discussed at the next grants meeting following a grant form being completed.

GP.2 Request for a dog hygiene / litter bin in Emmington by Sydenham Parish Council– at this point the cost is not approved – area to be monitored for evidence of an issue.

GP.3 Youth Club extension – The Clerk gave an update of proposed internal alterations – instead of an extension to the building. A further meeting is arranged to discuss more details of the alterations. A local company has offered to assist with new windows and doors plus a new front entrance for the youth club would be developed.

GP.5 Cllr Higgs, seconded by Cllr Young proposed to purchase of notice board for Old Kiln Lakes at an approx cost of £500.00 – Taylor Wimpey will install the notice board next to the bus stop. The Clerk to speak to Mr Moore of SODC re S106 contribution towards the cost of this.

GP.6 Report from Cllr Lloyd, Cllr Haywood and Cllr Bird following housing distribution as advised by SODC to meet the requirements by Government to provide new homes by a population boundary – Chinnor to have 169 more new homes including 40% social housing. Allocations for each area to now have a full consultation.  The Clerk to respond by 16th November to request a direct contact within the Planning Committee to discuss future data and changes to the current figures.

A Neighbourhood Plan to be an agenda item for full discussion at the next Planning committee.




ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT: The following accounts were approved for payment:     

Proposed by Cllr Pickard, seconded by Cllr Wright. All in favour.                         

  1. BES Electrical – Parish Council offices for period 15-8-12 to 15-9-12                        £    34.90
  2. Vinyl Frontier – Community Led Planning posters and banners                                   £    76.00
  3. ARC Agricultural – 3 day hire of hayter mowing machine                                £  300.00
  4. Helpful Hirings – equipment hire                                                                      £  687.05
  5. Trevor Hipkin – fuel expenses for Saltex exhibition                                        £    23.40
  6. Complete Tree Services – tree works                                                               £  336.00
  7. Grundon waste – waste wheelers emptied                                                          £    86.84
  8. PHS Group – annual duty of care 1-10-12 to 30-9-13                                      £    83.94
  9. Motec – Iveco MOT                                                                                        £    58.60
  10. Lyreco – ink cartridges                                                                                                £  424.21
  11. Arval Fuel – 9-8-12 to 22-8-12                                                                                   £  153.02
  12. BDO Stoy Hayward – external auditor                                                              £1260.00
  13. Gardening Delights – food waste bags                                                               £  154.80
  14. Liners, Bags and Sacks – clear recycle bags                                                       £    89.26
  15. British Gas – WFCH electric from 1-6-12 to 1-9-12                                        £  178.25



Clerks Report

CR.1 Request by Chinnor Community Pool to use Whites Field in June 2013 to hold a circus – in principle the Council are in approval for just 2 nights. The access to the field to be agreed with trucks, cars and pitch care. Standard agreements to be signed and adhered to by hirer.

CR.2 Oxfordshire Rural Housing Partnership regarding rural housing on Wednesday 26th September from 9.30am – The Clerk to request a copy of the presentation as no-one able to attend.

CR.3 Community Led Planning survey – all councillors asked to complete the questionnaire.

CR.4 A letter to be sent to Mill Lane residents regarding hedge works

CR.5 The Council urged to help and promote the litter pick on 30th September 2012.







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