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PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown, Standage, Wright, Williams.
Staff: Liz Folley, Jo Wills

Minutes of the Meeting of the AMENITIES COMMITTEE held on Monday 25th January 2021

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Oliver, Cllr Edwards
2. Absent without apologies: Cllr Ridgley
3. Declarations of Interest – None

4. Public Question Time – 4 members of the public were present:
4.1 A member of the public spoke regarding wild flowers –if there is any surplus seeds the Community Garden could make good use of them. Also a request for bee friendly planting in the community flower tubs to be considered.
4.2 The tree planting is going well – 7 remaining for White's Field which will be planted in the spring. Request for financial support for purchasing of 19 trees for planting in the Playing Fields.
4.3 Concerns raised over the width of the footpath between Willow Road and Van Diemens.
4.4 Fiona Mantle spoke as a Community First Responder to express concern over the suggestion of a stretcher being purchased – this is not needed and cannot be supported by South Central Ambulance.

5. Minutes of the Amenities Committee: 23rd November 2020
Proposed for approval by Cllr Standage. Seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.

6. Footpaths and Open Spaces including sport field and pitches:
6.1 Following professional advice it was agreed by Chinnor Parish Council not to proceed with the suggestion of purchasing a stretcher/body board.
6.2 Parish Wardens Report 2020 – Alan Brawn attended the meeting and advised that style / gate works around Henton should be completed by the end of 2021. Cyclists are still proving an issue on footpaths to Crowell – more signs will be erected.
The new walk books are near completion.
Thanks were given to Alan for all of his hard work and dedication. Once restrictions are lifted the Councillor's will be invited out to walk some of the routes with Alan.
6.3 The application for funding from TOE for stile replacements around Henton – Letter of support has been written to Maggie Templeman. Noted.
6.4 Clearance of area in Hill Road Rec is ongoing – The Clerk has contacted the volunteer involved and awaits a reply.
6.5 SODC Councillor grant application now submitted for new adult Fitness Equipment on Old Kiln Lakes play area.
6.6 Condition of verge at Oakley Road was discussed - it needs a tidy up and seeding but OCC has confirmed there is no funding available.
6.7 Wild flower areas – to be added to the Env Policy with areas identified.
6.8 Flower tubs – locations to be agreed and if possible bee friendly plants included.
6.9 Update on hedge cutting required – before nesting season all hedges need to be cut back beyond the boundary edge to allow for spring growth. SOHA has been instructed to cut their hedges back soon also.
6.10 Email from resident with regard to management of OKL for spring/summer 2021 was discussed. The Clerk to contact and TVP and Taylor Wimpey and request an update on plans for this year's security measures – plus request the security clear up the mess they leave after each session.

7. Allotments
7.1 Chinnor allotments: Fencing – Willow Road / Van Diemens – date for works confirmed as 1st February 2021. The work to progress as this pathway cannot be widened due to close proximity of allotments.

8. Play Areas
8.1 New Covid-19 signage erected in all areas – play areas remain open. Muga closed.

9. Youth Matters
9.1 Youth Club – remains closed due to restrictions but online sessions can be arranged if enough are interested in attending.

10. Environmental Policy
10.1 Environment Action Plan was discussed. Thank you to Cllr Standage for starting the process – timescales and details to be added before approval by Full Council.
10.2 EV Project – the working group to obtain more quotes and comprehensive details of the management of this project.
The SODC Councillor grant has been submitted and we await the outcome.

11. Special Projects
11.1 Correspondence regarding proposal for Cycleway from M40 Junction 6 to Driftway Chinnor was noted. Government funding not currently available so this will not proceed.
11.2 Speedwatch – TVP will be relaunching and training communities but currently on hold at this time – we have volunteers interested once the scheme begins again.
11.3 Update on Chinnor Art Trail – funding from S106 – a local artisan has been appointed and meetings between SODC Art Manager and the artisan has begun.
The trail will include most of the key features of the Parish.

12. Trees
12.1 7 trees needing planting in White's Field – in the spring. Majority are planted.
12.2 Cllr Ashdown reported on the small copse at Hill Road Rec – 60% of trees are growing well and have buds appearing.

13. Chinnor Emergency Plan (Covid-19)
13.1 Update on Covid-19 actions following recent Government advice: no changes since previous meeting.

Next Amenities Committee date: 22nd March 2021

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