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PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown, Edwards, Oliver, Standage, Wright, Williams.
Staff: Jo Wills

Minutes of the Meeting of the AMENITIES COMMITTEE held on Monday 27TH January 2020

1. Apologies for absence: Cllr Ridgley
2. Declarations of Interest – None

3. Public Question Time – 3 members of the public were present.
Concerns were raised over the allotment lease agenda item. The question was asked as to why this was now being discussed. Cllr Ashdown and Cllr Williams explained that the allotment committee had approached CPC to request the land was registered and an occupancy agreement be finalised as they wish to apply for grants for a new hub building to replace the old building they currently have. Cllr Williams assured the public that this was the only reason the land was being registered and a lease agreement being drawn up and to note it is a protected area in the CNHP.

4. To approve the minutes of the Environment Committee (now known as Amenities)
28th October 2019 – proposed by Cllr Oliver and seconded by Cllr Wright. All in favour. Signed by Cllr Ashdown

5. Footpaths and Open Spaces
5.1 Request for disabled access into Whites Field and Benton Drive end of the Playing Fields was discussed. Cllr Edwards proposed we obtain quotes for this work and recommend the Finance Committee approve the quotes. Seconded by Cllr Standage. All in favour.
5.2 Chinnor Parish footpath wardens report – as emailed was noted.
5.3 Cllr Oliver reported on 70 trees now planted for the copse in Hill Road Rec with a further 50 proposed for White's Field. Cllr Williams expressed the thanks from CPC for all the work both Andrew and himself have put into the tree planting and full tree survey.
5.4 Cllr Wright proposed to obtain a quote for tarmac to reduce the muddy edges and bollard edging along the grass edge to avoid future erosion in Mill Lane car park, and recommend the Finance Committee approve the quotes. Seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.

6. Allotments
6.1 Cllr Ashdown gave an update regarding new community allotments at NK Homes – a plan has been drawn up and ideas of how the area will look have been discussed. Cllr Oliver proposed to accept the plan from NK Homes with 8 parking spaces and a communal garden area behind. Seconded by Cllr Wright. All in favour.
6.2 Chinnor allotments – a meeting has been arranged with the allotment committee to progress lease and occupancy agreement. Cllr Oliver suggested that item 16B should be looked at with a view to extending the notice period. Cllr Oliver also suggested reassurances need to be given to allotment holders as to why this process has begun.

7. Play Areas
7.1 St Andrews Play Area – A lease renewal meeting date is yet to be confirmed with SOHA.
7.2 Completion due this week by Play Source on Conigre swing repair and St Andrews play area remedial works

8. Youth Matters
8.1 Maureen Dyroff reported to the committee that she had attended both year 6 groups in our primary schools, along with attending the Lord Williams off timetable morning. A few suggestions were put forward from the students including a skate park, more play equipment, a list of all parish clubs for each age group and a fast food outlet! Thanks were given to Maureen for taking the time to engage with the youth.
8.2 CPC to progress youth engagement to both Primary Schools by Cllr Standage and Cllr Flint approaching the schools to discuss road names for the new Persimmon development. A suggestion of obtaining 6 suitable road names from each school and then recommendations passed onto the Planning Committee when requested.

9. Events
9.1 Annual Assembly – 24th March 2020 from 7pm - 3 speakers confirmed, hoping for 2 more. The speakers will sit in line and give their reports followed by Q&A at the end in a panel style format.
9.2 August Marquee hire for 2020 – applications now available – deadline 1st March.
9.3 VE Day celebrations – 8th May 2020 – all plans going well. Grant funding being sought and a lot of activities are planned.

10. Sports Field / Pitches
10.1 Nothing to report

11. Environmental Issues
11.1 SODC Climate Emergency Advisory Committee meeting date was noted.
11.2 Recommendation from Climate Change Working Group to use Glyphosate for weed control for 2020 at a total of cost of £1300.00 which is a total of two treatments.
Cllr Oliver will also conduct some trial areas using different weed control methods, so alternatives can be sourced going forward. Locations to be agreed but these are not to be central to the village.
Proposed by Cllr Ashdown, seconded by Cllr Oliver. All in favour.

Chairman _______________________________________ Dated ___________________

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