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PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown, Edwards (Chair), Oliver, Ridgley, Standage, Wright, Williams.
Staff: Jo Wills

Minutes of the Meeting of the AMENITIES COMMITTEE held on Monday 28th September 2020

1. Apologies for absence: Liz Folley (Clerk)
2. Declarations of Interest – None
3. Public Question Time – 1 member of the public joined the meeting after the public question time had passed.

4. To approve the minutes of the Amenities Committee: 27th July 2020
Proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Wright. All in favour.

5. Footpaths and Open Spaces
5.1 Update on disabled access gates into Whites Field and Playing Fields – quote pending. CPC to organise a couple of wheel chairs / buggies to assess the space needed for the disabled gates and to ensure the style is going to be correct.
5.2 Extended footpath on Mill Lane across the new grassed area within Bloor development – no more action required until after OCC adoption (no dates yet confirmed)
5.3 Update on one-way system at Greenwood Avenue – road traffic calming survey has been ordered – we await confirmation of dates.
5.4 Electric charging points for the Community Pavilion car park:
Full report from Cllr Ridgley was given:
A load survey is completed a week before installation, so a full profile obtained of regular use
It is agreed that a load balancing unit would be required – the quote to be readdressed.
The charge should be per kw and not per hour
Wi-Fi access needed in plant room so a cat 5 cable would need to be available. Possibility this could be done with the new outside lighting for the Pavilion – CCP to advise. This would be save £40 per month.
A revised quote addressing all the above points will be sent to The Clerk soon. Once received this will be put to F&GP for funding discussions.

6. Allotments
6.1 Update regarding Mill Lane Community Garden – handover pending once the Solicitor has completed the Lease and Cllr Williams and Cllr Wright have signed the paperwork.
6.2 Chinnor allotments:
• Lease currently with the solicitor
• Boundary Fencing – failing at Willow End – funding approved at F&GP

7. Play Areas
7.1 RoSPA annual safety inspections completed – no major risks found. A small number of remedial jobs to undertake by our maintenance staff.
7.2 St. Andrews play area – we need to organise a meeting with SOHA regarding the lease. All to do a site visit and then discussion at the next Amenities agenda.

8. Youth Matters
8.1 Youth Club – CPC and YC staff meeting to be arranged soon.
Details of weekly work list to be shared with committee.

9. Environmental Policy
9.1 Annual meeting held on 23rd September to review Policy – one amendment is to be shared with CPC and will be proposed to be ratified by Full Council in October.
Next meeting scheduled for October 2021.
The action points needing attention will be discussed on the Amenities agenda each month.
9.2 Policy in pictures for the next Pump was discussed. Cllr Williams proposed approval,
with one change being the village hall picture replaced with the Pavilion picture. Seconded by Cllr Oliver. All in favour.

10. Sports Field / Pitches
10.1 White's Field – with the current uncertainty The Clerk has advised the fun fair group that they cannot use the grass area in WF at this time.

11. Ongoing topics:
11.1 Asset of Community Value – the three public houses are coming up for renewal. No response from public following numerous articles. No further action to be taken from CPC.

12. Trees
12.1 Cllr Oliver reported that the plans for tree planting are progressing well.
12.2 Request for tree to be planted in the Playing Fields in memory of Nicki Seymour was approved in principle. The family to contact the Clerk and details of location / tree type / watering etc. all to be discussed with Cllr Oliver prior to final decisions being made.
12.3 C/Cllr Matelot is meeting with OCC tree officer – report pending.
12.4 Henton – tree works to reduce bows has been approved and work to commence end of October 2020.
12.5 Tree works on Van Diemens and Playing Fields – date for works to commence pending.

13. Chinnor Emergency Plan (Covid-19)
13.1 To approve the revised Emergency Plan September 2020 – as emailed.
Cllr Ashdown proposed approval and Cllr Standage seconded. All in favour.
13.2 The Street Friend volunteer scheme has been fully updated and all volunteers contacted. A number have now left the scheme but with an amazing community response most have bene replaced with new volunteers.
13.3 Update on Covid-19 actions following recent Government advice: The office to remain open now with guidance being adhered too.

Meeting closed at 8.30pm

Maureen Dyroff gave a brief report on the Community Garden:
Area completed and the committee now responsible for all watering.
Gate code in the CPC office.
New volunteers have joined the committee, making the total now 20.
Two grants have been applied for totally £7000.00
Bank account forms completed and Insurances in place.

Chairman ____________________________________________ Dated ______________________

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