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Minutes of the Steering Group Meeting No 43

Held on Tuesday 15th August 2017 at The Council Chamber, Community Pavilion


Present: Cllr Haywood (chairman) Cllr Ashdown, Roy Page, Cllr Rowton-Lee and Nick Draycott

Staff: Liz Folley

Apologies : Andrea Oughton, Ruth Ruddock, Zena Baker, Lynn Lloyd, Robin Williams, Simon Mould & Brian Fagan


Community Engagement update –

Website Launch is expected to be live on Wednesday 16th August www.chinnorneighbourhoodplan.info The drone footage is available to see via the website. The proposed developments are included with a link direct to the SODC website showing the application details. The Yes campaign will lead to the main website for the official information

Leaflet Distribution - 5000 are being produced. Quote from post office for delivery has been received approx. £500. It was agreed that this is the preferred method for distribution. Expected delivery week commencing 21st August.

Visits to Local Groups – Front page of the pump has been secured. It was agreed that two roll up banners should be purchased – Nick to speak with Rob and Blooberry Designs. Roy proposed that upto £1000 is allocated for this promotion. Unanimously agreed that this is necessary.

Volunteers required to attend Beer Festival &

Flower show - Pat Haywood

Suggested that we look at the costs of a megaphone to be used on the day, prior to referendum day

Town Crier also suggested – costs and availability to be sourced

Letter from Brian Fagan with regard to Traffic Steering Group

The committee agreed that a steering group would be the recommended way of dealing with this section. It was agreed that the setting up of this group should not commence until after the referendum. Nick stated to Brian and Simon that he would be willing to set up a new website for this section if necessary. This is subject to approval from CPC

Original NP Website – Future of this website to discussed following referendum. Link from original website to new website to be provided.

Grant – Nick will contact the funder to find out if funding can be carried over to cover cost for amendments following referendum

Final Version of the Plan – additional changes and map improvement – Nick confirmed that we would not be making any changes

Date and location of next meeting agreed as 22.8.17 in the Council Chambers

Meeting closed at 7.50


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