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Minutes of the ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE MEETING held on 14th August 2017

PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown (chairman), Haywood, Higgs, Standage, Wright and Williams

Staff: Liz Folley

Apologies: Cllr Watson


Co-Option of temporary committee members: Cllr Standage was co-opted to the committee

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: Cllr Standage – spouse is an allotment holder


Public Question time: No Public were present


Chinnor Open Spaces:

5.1 RoSPA Reports 2017 – inspections noted – no major issues to report

5.2 Cllr Watson to report on meeting with Duo Chef regarding garden wall repairs and tidy up – Cllr Watson sent a report to state that the proprietor of Duo Chef has stated that he has every intention of sorting out his garden at front of the restaurant and has asked his "builder" to start work on repairing/replacing the broken fence.

5.3 New signage for Conigre and St Andrews play area was approved and an order has been placed

5.4 SODC Deep Cleanse will take place in October – list is being compiled of areas that need this level of attention

5.5 Greening Chinnor – Incredible Edible – Chinnor PC supports this proposal if OCC are agreeable

5.6 Playing Fields:

Update on new fencing being erected by CFC – Chinnor PC very concerned that the fencing has not been completed. Due to H&S it was agreed that if pitch one is being used the Conigre Play Area will need to be closed. Letter to be written to CCP chairman to inform them of the action that must be taken.

To progress with plan for planting of new trees – as per paper sent March 2017. Greening Chinnor to purchase the trees ready for planting in the Autumn. The Harris Fencing that has been erected on the triangular verge off Station Road has been done by the County Council Estates Team following the PC's request to maintain the area and restrict parking. The PC believes that this fencing is an eyesore and will ask OCC to re-consider available options.


Henton Green

6.1 To discuss quote for boulders or signage to stop cars parking on the village green area. Residents of Henton to be informed and invited to attend the next environment committee 11th September for consultation. Further Quotes to be obtained. Request that CiLS meeting also planned for this date is postponed and rearranged on a new date.


Whites Field Community Hall and Car Park area

7.1 To report on monitoring of litter in White's Field car park – noted that with the regular closing of the car park gate the litter problem had greatly reduced.

7.2 New signage –Cllr Higgs is meeting with signage contractor on Thursday.



8.1 August Marquee events – Update on progress of events:

Hire agreements all returned

Risk Assessments all complete

Security guard has been sourced - £700

Temporary Event Notice has been submitted in the name of Robert Minter

Marquee empty each day until 4pm / 5pm for evening set up – disappointing that Pulse is unable to go ahead. If member of public would like to use the marquee council agreed to consider.

Review of marquee to be an agenda item for next meeting.


Chinnor Allotments

9.1 Letter from the C.A.G.A regarding a gap in the fencing at perimeter of Duck Square – Clerk has visited the site and reported that the foliage has almost covered the gap and it does not look like it is being used. However repair work is required and it was agreed that Cllr Ashdown will make an initial inquiry with the residents.


Clerks Report:

10.1 To discuss and agree on actions for a Volunteers Award night for the Parish of Chinnor – Cllr Higgs believes this would be nice event to recognise all the good work that is done in our Community. Event to take place at the Annual Assembly. It was agreed that in principle this was a good idea and Cllr Higgs will work on a format for how this can work and try to source sponsorship.

10.2 Countryside Voice magazine – no interest

10.3 Noted- report of accident on climbing pole at Conigre play area. Equipment inspected and no fault found.



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