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PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown (Chairman), Haywood, Higgs, Watson, Wright, Williams

Liz Folley (Clerk) and Jo Wills (Minute taker)

Apologies: Cllr Ridgley

Co-Option of members: None

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None


Public Question time: No public were present.


Chinnor Open Spaces:

5.1 Conigre play area – The start date for new fencing and tarmac pathway is 20th June 2017.

5.2 Old Kiln Lakes play area – Fencing being removed on 16th June – area to be open for playing. The footings for the art installation to begin next week and fenced around only so area is open.

5.3 MUGA and Sports Wall – Works now complete and fencing being removed this week.

5.4 HRR Skate Park repairs – Cllr Higgs proposed to approve £350.00 for service and patch repairs, seconded by Cllr Haywood. To be ratified at Full Council.

5.5 Playing Fields –Cllr Ashdown reported on recent meeting regarding mess in the field – to be monitored and on the next agenda for the Env committee. .

5.6 RoSPA Reports 2016 – All major repairs now complete – a few minor repairs still to be completed.


Henton Green

6.1 Cllr Ashdown and Cllr Higgs reported on a recent site visit regarding Green erosion. Residents to be asked not to mow the village green as it is causing erosion. Quotes to be obtained for large stones / posts to stop cars parking on the green also.


Whites Field Community Hall and Car Park area

7.1 Request for more litter bins on car park area was discussed – to be monitored.

7.2 Chinnor Youth Club – needs a stronger committee following AGM – still only open 1 night.

7.3 New signage – Cllr Ashdown to chase up Jack and Jill.



8.1 Cllr Higgs to contact the committee regarding youths congregating in the area at night.


Special Projects

9.1 Pavilion building at Old Kiln Lakes – a working group to be formed to write a specification. To be discussed with Full Council.

9.2 Request for railing in Oak End Way – following site visit it was agreed this was not required.



10.1 August Marquee events – Security options to be looked into. All slots now taken for events.

Hire agreements to be sent to all users along with request for Risk Assessments to be completed.


Clerks Report:

11.1 CPRE Oxfordshire Voice magazine passed to Cllr Haywood.

11.2 Greening Chinnor looking at possible sites for edible garden beds in Chinnor.

11.3 The tree in the alley off Oakley Road has now been felled.

11.4 Request from resident to look into ribbon of flowers project again.


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