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PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown, Edwards, Oliver, Standage, Wright, Williams.

Staff: Liz Folley, Jo Wills

Minutes of Meeting of the ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE held on Monday 23rd September 2019


Apologies for absence: Cllr Ridgley


Co-option of temporary committee members were agreed:

Cllr Archer – proposed by Cllr Standage and seconded by Cllr Edwards

Cllr Gray – proposed by Cllr Standage and seconded by Cllr Wright


Declarations of Interest: None

Public Question Time – 5 members of the public were present.

1 member of the public expressed concerns over the continued speeding on Thame Road. The public and school buses speed daily and also other community vehicles have been seen speeding. A permanent solution is required. The Clerk and Cllr Ashdown reported that traffic surveys are currently being organised to collect vital data for OCC to enable CPC to progress forward with speed reduction measures.

1 member of the public expressed disappointment that CPC did not declare a climate emergency. Interested to see how CPC will reduce the carbon footprint going forward – to be discussed later in the agenda.

Community garden in Mill Lane – a keen group of volunteers are happy to get involved when the time is right to progress the open area. A car park in this area is a concern to the group and this will be discussed later. Tree planting on Mill Lane and in other various locations to be discussed later on in the agenda.

1 member of the public raised objections again to the skate park and the suggestion of it being located within Old Kiln Lakes open ground. This will be discussed later on in the agenda.


To approve the minutes of the Environment Committee dated:

22nd July minutes approved at Full Council dated 5th August (No August Env meeting)


Chinnor Community Allotments – Mill Lane

6.1It is understood that this plot will be under a lease agreement with CPC and A2Dominion: it was agreed to request a lease of at least 25 years. The Clerk to contact the Planning Officer to agree the process. CPC will enter into a management agreement with the voluntary group who will look after and maintain this area.

The car park was discussed – the current permission for this area includes parking provision therefore it is believed that a planning amendment would be necessary if any changes are considered necessary.



7.1 Mr Alan Brawn, the Parish footpath warden, reported on footpaths and improvements. Working closely alongside The Chiltern Society improvements are now being made. The CPC grant fund has gone towards stile replacements and repairs – currently 3 have been repaired. 8 more stiles on the list require attention. The first walk brochure was a huge success and the second will be available in a couple of months.

Total of 44 footpaths in our Parish are checked and walked regularly.

Cllr Ashdown thanked Mr Brawn for all of his hard work and dedication to the Parish with being the footpath warden, Greening Chinnor and also work the Donkey Orchard.

Dates to be arranged for Councillors to meet Mr Brawn and walk some of the paths.


Proposed Skate park for Chinnor

8.1 Taking into account the comments from residents following the youth engagement event, correspondence from residents and the report that was shared from a recent publication, Cllr Ashdown proposed that the Council engages with The Skate parks Project to work towards conducting a public consultation at no cost to CPC at this time. Seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.


Chinnor Youth Council

The Youth Council meeting date has been arranged for 8th October in Whites Field Community Hall.

Youth Club Management Meeting has been arranged for 3rd October 2019.


Green Policy

10.1 It was agreed to form a working group to discuss priorities and write a policy on the green issues for CPC. Cllr Oliver, Cllr Ashdown, Cllr Standage, Cllr Gray and Cllr Archer are on the working group, along with Maureen Dyroff.

The initial meeting will be on Monday 30th September at 7pm in the Council Chamber.

It was noted that residents are disappointed that CPC has not declared a Climate Emergency but it was stated that CPC is taking this matter seriously and has agreed to prepare a Green Policy to consider all of its activities and inspire future projects for environment benefit.


Other Matters

11.1 Environment committee to put proposal to F&GP to purchase 4 self-watering flower tubs. Possibility of sponsorship from local company to be encouraged

11.2 Cllr Oliver reported on his progress with tree survey – over 900 trees being surveyed and an action plan will be formulated following survey completion.

11.3 It was agreed to request £500 from F&GP for the purchasing of new trees – purple hazelnut and crab apple tree were suggested species. Planting to commence November time.

11.4 The Clerk reported on slight relocation of bench in the playing fields.

11.5 Chinnor Passion Play – 25th April 2020 – it was approved for bunting and large banners to be erected around the Parish 2 weeks prior to the event.

11.6 Request for planting of bushes in open land at Mill Lane / Thame Road – the updated landscape plans have now been received – to be viewed at the next Planning Committee.

11.7 20mph scheme – It was agreed that CPC would not be joining force with local councils to sign a letter to TVP. It was agreed that a 20mph restriction at Mill Lane, outside Mill Lane school should be pursued with some urgency but no other areas to be considered at this time

11.8 Speedwatch – more dates for sessions to be arranged soon.

11.9 Parking enforcement –SODC are considering taking on this responsibility – no further action from CPC at this time.

11.10 Bledlow Refuse site - £8000.00 has been gifted to date – another meeting has been arranged which Cllr Williams will attend.

11.11 Remembrance Day – order of service was approved for printing.

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