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Minutes of the Meeting of the ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE held on Monday 24th June 2019

PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown, Edwards, Oliver, Ridgley, Standage, Wright

Apologies for absence: Cllr Williams


Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed:

Cllr Wright proposed Cllr Archer. Seconded by Cllr Standage.

Cllr Ridgley proposed Cllr Gray. Seconded by Cllr Edwards.


Declarations of Interest: None


Public Question Time: 7 members of the public were present.

Fiona Mantle gave a full report and update on defib units in the village.

Two more units are now active – Inn at Emmington and Chiltern Conservation Board on Station Road. Thanks to Chinnor Good Neighbour Scheme for generously sponsoring a complete unit. Two more being planned for Henton (residents currently fundraising) and also at the Chinnor Co-Op and Hempton Fields. Plus, defib units in the A2 Dominion developments. Full report in the minute's folder. Cllr Ashdown thanked Fiona for all of her hard work.

A resident of Thame Road attended the meeting to report on the increased speeding issues on Thame Road – concerns were raised about the speed and potential accidents in the future.

Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth attended to give a climate emergency presentation.

Full presentation in the minute's file.


Climate Emergency

The Council fully discussed and considered the proposal given for declaring a Climate

emergency. Cllr Wright proposed a working group be formed to discuss all aspects in the climate emergency. Seconded by Cllr Ridgley.

Members of the working group – Cllr Archer, Cllr Standage, Cllr Ashdown, Cllr Gray, Cllr Ridgley, Cllr Oliver. A date to be arranged soon for the initial meeting and all councilors to be invited.


Chinnor – General issues for discussion

No Smoking signs in all bus stops – Cllr Archer to speak to bus companies using our routes and request they put signs up regarding smoking and vaping in the shelters. A pump article to be written also. No signs in the shelters yet – this will be monitored.

Thame Road speeding – resident concerns were discussed. The Clerk advised that pinch points are being investigated under CIL spending.

Speed watch device: dates to be arranged for usage.

Estover Way pond – overhanging trees to be reviewed by OCC Tree Officer.

Chinnor to Emmington – pathway clearance has been completed by CPC Maintenance

Wildflower locations – agreed that CPC will prepare the seed bed at Oakley Road (Greenwood Meadow exit) and resident has agreed to supply seeds and maintain. CPC to prepare and seed an area at the bottom of Hill Road near to OKL. The allotment committee to be asked if CPC could borrow their rotavator.


Skate Park

Skate park – public consultation has begun to gain community interest.

A number of locations have been looked into in the village and distances from dwellings have been measured plus area suitability has been detailed.

Cllr Archer proposed to focus on Old Kiln Lakes land (at the entrance area) as a suitable location and to obtain further information regarding plans and contractors. Seconded by Cllr Edwards. All in favour.

The Clerk to contact the skate park company recommended by another Council and arrange a meeting to start the process and prepare to submit planning application.



8.1 Replacement fencing on the Cherry Tree perimeter – the works have begun on the fencing.

Anti-Social Behaviour – updates


Vandalism at St Andrews play area – tree to be felled on 26th June

St Andrews play area gate locking – to be monitored for future issues.

The Clerk reported on vandalism to Whites Field community Hall door lock and Windmill. CCTV images have been forwarded to the Police.

Deterrents to be costed for smart water, anti-climb paint and anti-vandal strips.


Other Matters

Youth Council working group – meeting on 26th June. Activity event is being planned 21st August in the Marquee at Whites Field.



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