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PRESENT: Cllr Ashdown, Edwards, Haywood, Higgs, Standage, Wright

Minutes of meeting of the ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE held on Monday 26th November 2018


Apologies for absence: Cllr Williams

Absent without apologies: Cllr Ridgley


Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed: None

Declarations of Interest: None


Public Question Time – 1 member of the public was present.

Community defib units were discussed. It was agreed to investigate funding options to place more units in the Parish so as a unit is available within 400m of everyone.

Areas to be looked at are Henton, Old Kiln lakes, Bellway development, Station Road and Hempton Fields. Each complete unit costs approx. £1800.00 plus ongoing maintenance costs.


Chinnor Open Spaces

6.1 Cllr Haywood proposed that £400.00 is used from the defib budget to purchase a cabinet for a donated defib unit which will be located on an external wall at Hempton Fields Care Home. Seconded by Cllr Higgs. All in favour. This unit will be checked and maintained by CPC.

6.2 The Clerk to investigate options for open spaces to be registered and protected – as per OPFA newsletter

6.3 Cllr Higgs proposed to purchase a Silver Birch tree to be planted in the Playing Fields to replace the damaged tree. Seconded by Cllr Edwards. Greening Chinnor have offered to purchase and plant on our behalf.

6.4 Cllr Edwards proposed to replace a White Beam tree in Keens Lane. Seconded by Cllr Standage. Greening Chinnor have offered to purchase on our behalf.

6.5 Greening Chinnor has offered to plant and maintain the two new WW1 Centenary Hazel whips.

6.6 SODC Deep Clean – Thame Road and Oakley Road to be suggested for 2019.

6.7 Speed watch update – it was agreed for TVP to reinstate our Oakley Road speed camera.

6.8 Cllr Standage and Cllr Edwards attended the recent Donkey Lane Orchard meeting – a very successful meeting with over 20 attendees. Site visits have been arranged and monthly work parties are being organised. The Clerk to follow up the legal matters regarding the lease.

Full Council agenda – To sign off Lease and allocate two CPC reps for the committee.


Chinnor Allotments

7.1 Cllr Ashdown and Cllr Higgs to meet the Allotment Committee Chairman to discuss fencing issues as the boundary fence has been removed to and private fencing erected and some have access gates. Also a lot of overgrowth needs to be looked at and decided upon maintenance programme.


Conigre Play Area

8.1 Two quotes received for new surface in Conigre – waiting for one last quote.


Other Matters

9.1 Christmas 2018 – light switch on 1st December.

9.2 Public Art – The Clerk to investigate options including pinch points and traffic calming.

9.3 Youth Club – report from Cllr Edwards following visit - management meeting 18.12.18

9.4 Jack and Jill Pre-School AGM attended by Cllr Ashdown and Cllr Standage

9.5 Revised date of railway bridge closure – 12/13th December now

9.6 A letter from The Chiltern Society has been delivered to Henton residents regarding path clearance in January 2019.

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