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PRESENT: Cllr Haywood, Higgs, Watson, Williams, Standage

MINUTES of the Meeting of the ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE held in the PARISH CHAMBER, on Monday 30th April 2018 at 7.30pm,


Apologies for absence - Cllr Ashdown, Ridgley, Wright

Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed: None

Declarations of Interest – None

Public Question Time – No public were present


Chinnor Open Spaces

5.1 Chinnor Playing Fields – dogs on lead signs have been put up to remind owners of their responsibility to walk dogs safely – especially whilst mowing and field maintenance is underway. This follows a near miss and also a recent dog attack. Details to be added to the next newsletter and Pump.

5.2 White's Field – new sign now installed. Car park – CCTV and Safeguarding area signs to be added to fence. Nettles along pedestrian pathway are being kept under control by strimming at the present time.

5.3 Chinnor Burial Ground - approx. 1 year remaining (10 spaces) before burial ground is full. Cllr Rowton-Lee to arrange a meeting with Diocese and advise location for other Councillors to attend – options and a way forward to be discussed.

5.4 Entrance flower tubs and incredible edibles update – SODC to be requested to remove name sign on Thame Road as new gates now installed. Flower tubs to be planted in May. Incredible Edibles to begin at the Pavilion soon with new planter.

5.5 Estover Way trees and ivy on wall – overhang to be cut back by the Groundsmen whilst tree works to be investigated.

5.6 Bench at Doveleat has had to be removed as rotten. A replacement bench to be sourced either as another memory bench or purchase a bench.

5.7 Junior Picnic bench now installed in Conigre as previous one damaged by Complete Tree.

5.8 Greening Chinnor update – thank you to Greening Chinnor for all of their hard work on the litter picks, incredible edibles, tree planting etc.



6.1 Awards Night –21st August 2018 – Marquee event

Nominations forms returned is steady – all to promote.

Select Committee to meet 12th July to agree winners – Sara to agree format

Chinnor Silver Band agreed to play during the evening

Jo to look into table cloths etc

Jo to look into prices for canapés

Debra to look into prosecco sponsorship

Trophies – Sara to order paperweight type awards in commemorative box

Budget update – all agreed

Robin to ask Ian White to be photographer

Press to be invited to attend.

Everyone nominated to receive a certificate and invited to awards night


Other Matters

7.1 Beacons of the past – noted.

7.2 Christmas tree and Christmas Eve Carols location – an article to be written to update residents on current situation and ask for their thoughts – Facebook poll to be written, newsletter and pump articles.

7.3 SODC Leisure Consultation – as emailed

7.4 Chinnor Guide – not much to update yet – ongoing.

7.5 Speedwatch – management of speed machine to be agreed on Cllr Ashdown return.

7.6 Community Resilience Fund – The Clerk to look into completing the form.

7.7 Safe Place – pavilion to be a designated safe place.



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