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PRESENT: Cllr Flint, Minter, Standage, Wright, Williams.

Staff: Liz Folley


Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held in the PARISH CHAMBER, COMMUNITY PAVILION, STATION ROAD, CHINNOR on:

Monday12th March 2018 at 7.30pm.


Apologies for absence: Cllrs Young, Bird and Rowton-Lee

Co-option of temporary F&GP Committee members to be agreed: None

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: Nothing declared.

Public Question time: Pat Haywood spoke in support of the Table Tennis project and urged the committee to complete this commitment.


Monthly Finance Reports

5.1 Bank Statements as at 28.02.18 - proposed and approved

5.2 Petty Cash – Cash Book February - proposed and approved

5.3 Budget Update February - proposed and approved


Invoices for payment were agreed for payment

R Pickard – WFCH cleaning for February 50.00

Briants of Risborough – pickers 24.98

Thame Crash Repair – VC Minibus 1350.00

P&J Joinery – Chamber wall protection 372.00

Daryl Ridgley – Banners 41.47

Grundon Waste – January empty 100.06

Grundon Waste – February empty 98.69

Scottish Power – WFCH Electric 128.91

Scottish Power – HRR Electric 11.51

Castle Water – HRR 35.93

Allstar Fuel – February 57.23

Allstar Fuel – February 26.00

Tesco Mobile 7.50

E-On – Christmas lights 41.76

Mrs S Ashdown – Cllr Allowance 232.00

Mrs P Haywood – Cllr Allowance 232.00

Mrs S Higgs – Cllr Allowance 232.00

Sandy Watson – Cllr Allowance 232.00

Mr C Rowton-Lee – Cllr Allowance 232.00

RJ Lewis – Internal audit for year ended 310317 258.00

OCC Pension Scheme 2389.86

HMRC – PAYE 2339.99

Prudential – AVC 150.00

Blanchfords – rock salt 184.68

CNG – WFCH Gas supply – Feb 18 78.15

Lloyds Bank Credit Card – Paper stock 18.95

GiffGaff – Lee mobile 10.00

Bulk Payments – salaries 6612.36


Community Projects

8.1 Outdoor Tennis Table – White's Field –Considering the statement from Pat Haywood and the report submitted by Sue Ashdown. Cllr Flint proposed that this project goes ahead within the budget of £2100 agreed that environment committee should process in liaison with the Youth Club

8.2 Volunteer Award Ceremony – confirmed that £600 has been promised from local business to support this event. Costs to be obtained for trophies and catering.


Grants 2018/19 the grant policy, application form and deadline date for applications were approved.

Asset Management

9.1 Windmill meeting – confirmed as 18th March 2018

9.2 To review order of necessary work - it was agreed that a further discussion is needed following the site visit that has been arranged at The Windmill.


CiLS & S.106 Cllr Wright summarized the current situation regarding monies available. Consideration will need to be given to the use of Public Art - Clerk to engage with SODC.


11. Communications –.

11.1 PCSO Contract –Sergeant Anns has agreed to attend the council meeting - 7pm, 9th April. PCSO Graham Davey is now in post and covering Chinnor. It was proposed that the PC request a reduction in payment due to what PC believes has been a break in provision of service - Clause 15.1. The contract does not make clear a determined notice of termination – clerk to ask for clarification of terms and conditions.

11.2 Annual Cross Walk – email regarding advertising permission for banners it was agreed that 'Annual Cross Walk' organisers be granted permission to erect 5 banners on The High Street and Church Road from 17th March – 1st April

11.3 Local Councils Update- publication available

11.4 GDPR – it was agreed to enter into a service contract with Local Council Public Advisory Service for the provision of compliance with this new regulation and to take on the role of DPO – total cost £150pa


12. Quotes for discussion

12.1 Quote from Complete Tree Services £1475.00 regarding urgent work on trees at Conigre play agreed to accept quote

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