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Minutes of F&GP Committee held on 16th April 2018

PRESENT: Cllr Flint, Minter, Young, Rowton-Lee, Standage, Wright, Williams.


Staff: Liz Folley

Apologies for absence: None


Co-option of temporary F&GP Committee members to be agreed: None

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None


Public Question time: (15 minutes maximum) To consider questions from members of the public (who live, work or run a business in the Parish)


Monthly Finance Reports

5.1 Bank Statements as at 31.03.18 proposed and approved.

5.2 Petty Cash – Cash Book March proposed and approved

5.3 Budget Update March – proposed and approved

5.4 Investment Policy


Invoices for payment to be agreed:

Bendcrete Leisure – ping pong tables 2700.00

Blanchfords – lock and broom 25.60

Helpful Hirings – groundsmen boots 69.30

Fenland Leisure – wet pour repair kit 114.00

Grundon Waste – waste wheeler empty 78.58

Prudential – AVC 150.00

OCC Pension Plan 2356.56

HMRC – PAYE 2293.87

Zurich Insurance – annual premium 4657.75

Microshade – Hosting services 133.14

Roger Pickard – WFCH cleaning 75.00

Clarity Copiers – coper machine usage 18.00

Silver Harmony – grant fund 500.00

The Chiltern Group – Muga panel 213.60

Complete Tree Services – Van Diemens 1680.00

Dogs Trust – dog waste bags 60.00

Thames Valley Police – Q4 funding 4343.25

SODC – dog waste bin empty 226.04

DF Sales – food waste bags 374.40

AMF Electrical – Flood lights at WF 30.00

OPFA – annual membership 74.00

OALC – annual subscription 1168.15

Community First Oxfordshire – membership 85.00

PWLB – Pavilion 10110.91

Arval Fuel 28.83

Tesco mobile – Feb 7.50

Tesco mobile - March 7.50

BT Internet Services 165.00

Arval Fuel 35.53

Cannon Hygiene – WFCH 158.33

CNG – WFCH gas supply 77.62

Bulk Payments – salaries 6646.12

Lloyds Credit Card – mobile and prime 17.99


Community Projects

7.1 Outdoor Tennis Table – White's Field – The tables are now in situ. The net cost is £2250 which was £150 over agreed budget

7.2 Volunteer Award Ceremony – costings update discussion took place with the need to work on the plan for the evening.


Asset Management

8.1 Windmill update on progress – Cllr Flint visited the site and was made award of some H&S issues. Windmill volunteers have been asked to assess their needs and get back to CPC asap. Future management of the Windmill once completed needs further discussion. Insurance liability to be reviewed. Agreed that CPC should approach C&PRR.

8.2 White's Field – update on required works needed – agreed that clerk should obtain quotes for a roof survey and new fired doors.


9. Grants

9.1 Grants window now open until 18th May 2018 – subcommittee to be agreed to review all applications. Forward all information to F&GP to review and make decision 11th June

9.2 Application to Community Resilience Fund – Cllr Rowton-Lee was not present so agreed to report at environment meeting.


10. Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.

10.1 Email from C&PRR regarding 2017-2018 grant fund offer

10.2 Letter from Clarity Copiers to confirm that £25 donation has been made to Thames Valley Air Ambulance in respect of our new contract

10.3 Year End Closure – 18th May

10.4 Noted that it has been necessary to replace the showers at Hill Road Rec. Cost for this work is £676.30 CYFC agreed to 50% fund.


11. Quotes for discussion

11.1 To discuss Hayter mower required for our Groundsmen agreed to purchase at £551


12. CiLS/ S106

12.1 Update on monies received and outstanding - £44,699.11 has been applied for in order to complete the next stage of the driveway and car park at OKL. CiLS money received £17,233.65 Flexibility on public art money to be investigated. Suggested that 5/10year plan for asset management is produced. Meeting to take place 11th June 6pm following and the formal Finance meeting to follow at 7.30pm

12.2 Request for funding to produce a Chinnor Walks leaflet – Project to be run by Greening Chinnor. Cost approx. £280 for printing 500 copies and £600 for the artwork and setup – Solo press – Parish Grants



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