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MINUTES of the Finance and General Purposes Committee Meeting held on 26th June 2017

PRESENT: Cllrs Flint (Chairman), Minter, Young, Wright

Staff: Liz Folley (Clerk) and Jo Wills (Asst. Clerk)

Apologies: Cllr Williams, Cllr Bird

Absent without apologies: Cllr Rowton-Lee

Co-option of temporary Planning Committee members to be agreed: None

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: Cllr Young – Vice-chair of CYFC – Grants


Public Question time: No public were present.


Annual Accounts 2016/17

6.1 Cllr Wright proposed to approve the annual governance statement, seconded by Cllr Young.

6.2 Cllr Young proposed to approve the annual return accounting statements, seconded by Cllr Minter.

6.3 Cllr Young proposed to review the internal auditors report, seconded by Cllr Wright.

6.4 All relevant papers were signed by Cllr Flint at the meeting.


Monthly Finance Reports

7.1 Bank Statements as at 31.05.17 were proposed for approval by Cllr Young and seconded by Cllr Minter. It was also agreed to close the Natwest account as it is a dormant account now. The Lloyds Bank mandate to be updated with new signatories.

7.2 Petty Cash – Cash Book May was proposed for approval by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Minter

7.3 Budget Update for May was reviewed. It was agreed to review the allocated cost codes and amalgamate where appropriate when time allows. Proposed by Cllr Minter and seconded by Cllr Young.


Invoices for payment: proposed for approval by Cllr Young and seconded by Cllr Wright:

Post Office Ltd – PAYE £2361.56

OCC – Pension contribution £2370.81

John Merrill – OKL art project £3000.00

Maudesport – CFC grant agreed Oct 16 £1933.98

Chinnor Web Design – office screen £ 135.00

Bulk Payment – DD £6643.39

Lloyds Card – DD £ 930.73

Arval Fuel – DD £ 217.17


Community Grants: 11 applications discussed and the following were recommended by committee:

Mill Lane School £ 500.00

Chinnor Football Club £ 500.00

St. Andrews School £1000.00

Ladybirds pre-School £ 389.99

Community First Responders £ 576.00

Greening Chinnor £ 128.00


Comments on other grant applications as follows:

Chinnor Youth Football Club – The Clerk to advise of S106 funds available for project.

Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway – Match funding available if schools agree for 2 trips each.

Chinnor Churches Go Wild - £400 offered when products purchased as along as they stay in our Parish.

Chinnor Cricket Club – to confirm if CCP can match fund. Quote required.

Royal British legion – declined – CPC do not feel the need for a new waste bin at present.


S106/CiLS: To review in detail the latest report from SODC/OCC at a future meeting.

It was agreed that the Council should progress to Electronic bank payments and to update financial regulations accordingly:

Proposed by Cllr Young and seconded by Cllr Minter


Quotes for consideration:

12.1 Complete Tree Services – Works required on Cherry tree by the fitness equipment on the Playing Fields - £295.00 plus VAT – proposed for approval by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Minter.


Other Matters

13.1 Asset Management – a working group to be set up at Full Council meeting.

13.2 Utilities – The Clerk to review suppliers and management of current providers.

13.3 Investments – to review all investments and consider CCLA at a future meeting.


Councillors Forum: All future F&GP meetings to commence at 7pm.


CHAIRMAN _______________________________________________ DATED ________________

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