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Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held on Monday 8th July 2019

PRESENT: Cllr Flint (Chair), Edwards, Gray, Minter, Young, Wright, Williams.

Staff: Liz Folley

Apologies for absence: None


Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed: Cllr Gray proposed that Cllr Archer be co-opted on the committee - approved


Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

Public Question time: No public present.


Monthly Finance Reports

Bank Statements as at 30.06.19 proposed by Cllr Young and seconded by Cllr Minter – all agreed

Petty Cash – Cash Book June proposed by Cllr Minter and seconded by Cllr Williams – all agreed

Budget Update June proposed by Cllr Young and seconded by Cllr Wright – all agreed.


Invoices for payment were proposed by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Edwards – all agreed.

HMRC – Tax & NI 2429.09

OCC Pensions – Contributions 2504.83

Prudential – AVC Contributions 150.00

Clarity Copiers 59.91

Microshade – Citrix 107.94

AMF Electrical – 2 x defib and WFCH repair 128.20

SODC – uncontested election fee 100.00

PCMS – Condition surveys 1080.00

Grindforce – tree stump removal at St Andrews 72.00

Michael Tree Services – tree felling at St Andrews 200.00

Cardiac Science – G5 defib, cabinet and wall signs 2461.14

Eyre and Elliston – light bulbs for WF 25.20

RPC – WFCH door handle repair 124.91

SLCC and ALCC annual subscriptions 426.00

Playsource – Conigre repairs 1525.20

Viking stationery 49.08

RJ Lewis – Internal audit 264.00

Domes and Dragons – ABH event 180.00

Blanchford – WF decorating supplies 4.98

RB Pickard – WF cleaning 40.00

Vinyl Frontier – work clothing 225.30

MLSA – re-issue grant cheque (lost) 538.00


Payments by Direct Debit:

Bulk pay – salaries 6962.27

Grundon – waste wheeler empty - May 125.81

Grundon – waste wheeler empty – June ' 103.08

BT – Broadband 48.94

BT – phone services and contract / line rental 400.76

BT – phone and broadband 178.48

British Gas – WFCH 127.29

Opus Energy – HRR electric 12.87

ICO Registration 40.00

Brian Regler 1000.00

Allstar – Fuel 216.26

Allstar Fuel 138.68


7. Condition Surveys

7.1 Whites Field Community Hall

7.2 Hill Road Recreation Pavilion

It was agreed that the asset working group should prepare an action plan for consideration.


8. Other Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.

8.1 To discuss and agree Cllr Allowance format. As per the SEE independent remuneration panel report it was agreed that the basic allowance for elected members is £244.60 and the chairman's allowance is £733.80. Members may present receipts for expenses up to the total allowance or claim the total at the end of the financial year and make a declaration to HMRC. In addition, 45p per mile can be claimed for travel pre-authorised on behalf of CPC.

8.2 For info – price guide from Sydenham PC (Oxford Direct) regarding pinch point costs. (Meeting with OCC Officer will take place 16.7.19)

8.3 CPC – Investment Policy to be updated and approved at next full council.

8.4 CCTV – request from Windmill (following break-in) for extension to cover area. It was agreed that this area should benefit from CCTV coverage. Windmill volunteers to be given permission to proceed.

8.5 Update to be given regarding recent ASB in the village and CCTV passed to TVP. It was noted that a police officer has taken a statement from CPC and a young person who has been identified on CCTV is being investigated. It was agreed that the clerk should purchase either anti climb paint or strips on recommendation of most suitable by maintenance team.

8.6 Community Pavilion – Maintenance review and responsibility – to be discussed. It was agreed that PCMS should be invited to conduct a condition survey and action plan to get the outstanding issues resolved. Cost not to exceed £1000 net.

8.7 Conigre play area – identified damage repaired on 29-06-19 (see invoices). During these repairs a further assessment was completed (prior to RoSPA in July) these items have been identified as needing attention – as per email sent with all pictures.

Quote has been requested from Play Source for repair work – review to take place following the RoSPA report

8.8 PCSO will attend meeting on 15th July 7pm prior to the Planning Committee. All invited to obtain an understanding of what he is achieving in Chinnor.



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