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PRESENT: Cllr Flint, Minter, Young, Rowton-Lee, Standage, Wright, Williams.

Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held on Monday 9th July 2018

Apologies for absence: None

Co-option of temporary F&GP Committee members to be agreed: Cllr Edwards was co-pted to the meeting

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:


Public Question time: (15 minutes maximum) To consider questions from members of the public

One member of the public was present and expressed her interest in item


Monthly Finance Reports

Bank Statements as at 30.06.18 proposed for approval by Cllr Minter and seconded by Cllr Young

Petty Cash – Cash Book June proposed for approval by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Williams

Budget Update June – proposed for approval by Cllr Standage seconded by Cllr Young


Invoices for payment to be agreed:

Greening Chinnor – grant £ 547.00

Mill Lane School – grant £ 164.00

Prysebros Ltd – Complete Weed Control – treatment 1 £ 780.00

Clarity Copies – copies £ 46.37

Briant's – equipment £ 19.99

Andrea Pellegram – NHP £4800.00

Complete Tree Services – St Andrews play area work £ 594.00

RB Pickard – WFCH cleaning £ 50.00

ABS – WF CCTV £1860.00

Traffic Technology – Speedwatch kit £2430.00

Playdale – Conigre equipment repairs £ 457.82

Cannon Hygiene – WFCH package £ 158.33

Fire crest Services – Fire extinguisher service £ 121.20

BT – Internet services £ 160.92

CNG – Gas supply at WFCH - May18 £ 22.37

Arval fuel – 19-6-18 to 29-6-18 £ 178.76

Arval fuel – 4-6-18 to 12-6-18 £ 162.01

OCC Pension Fund £2420.44

HMRC – PAYE £2376.35

Prudential – AVC £ 150.00

Rialtas – year end closure £ 695.54

TVP – Q1 funding £4430.13

Microshade – Citrix £ 133.14

Lloyds Credit card – Plants, trophies, equipment, mobile £ 363.27

CNG – WFCH gas supply June 18 £ 17.38

Bulk pay – salaries £6757.02



White's Windmill Cafe

7.1 To discuss the following points regarding the proposed café at White's Field Community Hall:

At this stage it was agreed that normal hire conditions be fulfilled and review to take place in 18mths. Rate was agreed for a long term hire to be paid on a quarterly basis

To agree specific conditions of usage including field area outside of kitchen door – to be discussed at user meeting.

Kitchen facilities / Tables & Chairs – it was agreed to consider replacing the cooker but noted that no funds had been allocated and we were not eligible for the resilient grant.

Wi-Fi – to agree if possible to consider the options of Wi-Fi Clerk to research if Wi-Fi is already available and if so can I be enhanced.

Flooring – there is no budget or urgent need at this stage for new flooring but consideration for professional cleaning to be made.

Advertising –it was agreed that a temporary A board can be situated in entrance of car park

To update on contact with other hall users meeting – as emailed 29-6-18

Planned open date of café agreed for 1st September 2018

Agreed that a meeting should be held with all users within the next 2 weeks. Following this a decision will be made with regard to further needs.


8. Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.

8.1 Site visit by Cllr Standage and Cllr Ashdown and thank you for grant from Jack and Jill. Cllr Standage stated that she was very pleased to see the new facility and believed it would make a significant difference.

8.2 The committee was notified that the World War 1 commemorative bench outside the Village Centre had sadly been vandalized by scratching which has cut into the galvanized metal work. The company Chips Away has kindly offered to do the repair free of charge.

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