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Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting held on Monday 9th September 2019

PRESENT: Cllr Flint (Chair), Edwards, Minter, Young, Wright, Williams.

Staff: Liz Folley


Apologies for absence: Cllr Gray

Co-option of temporary committee members to be agreed: None

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None


Public Question time: No members of public were present


To approve the minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee:

Minutes of the F&GP committee dated12th August 2019 were approved and signed by Cllr. Flint


Monthly Finance Reports

Bank Statements 31.08.19 were approved

Petty Cash – Cash Book August was approved

Budget Update August – was accepted and approved


Invoices for payment were approved and cheques signed as appropriate:

HMRC – Tax & NI 2423.49

OCC Pensions – Contributions 2504.83

Prudential – AVC Contributions 150.00

Viking stationery 147.18

Chinnor Youth FC – programme advert 50.00

Cardiac Science – Henton defib units 3354.00

DF Sales – food waste bags 388.80

Mudway – August marquee hire 5073.60

R Pickard – WF Cleaning 60.00

Clarity Copiers – Photocopying 95.60

Chinnor Turf – sharp sand – marquee ash trays 3.36

St Andrews Church – grant 500.00

Mr C Pether – ABH security 700.00

Dogs Trust – waste bag order 60.00

Microshade – Citrix 107.94


Payments by Direct Debit:

Bulk pay – salaries 6969.87

Allstar Fuel 31/7 – 13/8 168.99

Allstar Fuel 15/8 – 28/8 155.68

BT – phone and broadband 106.18

Grundon Waste – waste wheeler 103.55

Opus Energy – HRR 27/7 to 26/8 6.79

Lloyds Bank Business Card 195.43

CCP – Utility Contribution 3000.00

Bledlow Household Recycling Action Group 500.00

It was noted that the marquee provided this year was a great improvement and it was suggested if the provision of marquee is agreed in next year's budget negotiations should take place for the same standard.


Condition Surveys – to agree date for the asset group to meet regarding:

8.1 Whites Field Community Hall

8.2 Hill Road Recreation Pavilion

Asset working group: Cllrs Flint, Wright, Ashdown, Minter, Edwards, Young will meet on 14th October following the F&GP meeting which will commence at 7pm to prepare a plan of action regarding these facilities


9. Other Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.

9.1 Chamber Hire – to discuss regular hires and agree ongoing charges. It was agreed that the standard hire charge is £10 per hour. Suggested that a survey is undertaken of competitors charges. Proposal that Marimba rate is increased by £1 per hour every 3 months to reach £9 (10% discount for regular hire) within 12months. Due to the need of a space for meeting as necessary it was agreed that no further bookings would be taken for regular weekly hires Monday – Thursday.

9.2 WFCH Hire – to discuss regular hires and to agree a meeting date to discuss future hires. It was agreed that a meeting will be held with Windmill Café 7pm on 7th October in order to find out how the business is going and their future requirements going forward.

9.3 To consider quotes for repair or replacement of double air walker. It was agreed that a replacement should be purchased but further quotes from alternative companies are needed.

9.4 It was reported that the See Saw in Conigre play area had broken. New wooden beam required local tradesman to be asked to help.

9.5 It was agreed that the clerk can get extra maintenance support whilst a staff member recovers from recent surgery

9.6 Cllr Williams has received a letter from the Cricket club about the necessary groundwork and costs. The clerk has responded to inform them that the PC grant allocation for 2019/20 has been used but advised other sources that may be available.




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