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PRESENT: Cllr Edwards, Flint, Minter, Young, Standage, Wright, Williams.

Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held on Monday 12th November 2018


Apologies for absence: Cllr Standage

Cllr Ashdown was co-opted onto the committee


Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None


Public Question time: Two members of the public were present

Cllr Young proposed that item 7.2 is moved to the beginning of the meeting and everyone agreed.

Michael De Val the CCP treasurer presented their accounts to the committee and answered relevant question. It was highlighted the amounts of significant expenditure that had been made for capital payments. Explanation was given with regard to the Trading Company and the Charity.

Noted that the Council Loan balance is now £7000.

Michael was thanked for his attendance and the work that he doing for CCP


Monthly Finance Reports were approved

Bank Statements as at 31.10.18 – proposed by Cllr Young, seconded by Cllr Minter

Petty Cash – Cash Book October – proposed by Cllr Minter, seconded by Cllr Wright

Budget Update October – proposed by Cllr Edwards, seconded by Cllr Young


Budget 2019-2020

A consultation on draft budget for 2019-2020 – agreed subject to taking into account the tax base from SODC. Proposed by Cllr Young and seconded by Cllr Minter. Budget and precept demand to be approved by full council.


Invoices approved for payment

Blk Pay – Salaries 6802.27

HMRC – Tax & NI 2409.14

OCC Pensions – Contributions 2438.42

Prudential – AVC Contributions 150.00

Clarity Copiers 86.98

Viking – WFCH cleaning materials and stationery 200.53

Microshade – IT Hosting 133.14

Grundon – waste wheeler empty 261.80

SODC – dog bin empty 235.73

Radii Skatepark repairs 350.00

N Draycott – CNHP website renewal 86.26

Matt Gomme – hedge cutting 360.00

Eyre and Elliston – WFCH lights 11.70

Lamps and Tubes – Christmas lights 3357.60

SLCC – seminar 168.00

R Pickard – WFCH cleaning October 40.00

Carrick – CPC website 84.00

TDP – Bench 473.76

Music and Sounds – PA for Remembrance 145.00

SLCC – updated book 103.99

TDP Ltd – memory bench for Village Centre 473.76

PA Spittles – CCP Patio Repair 2660.80


Payments by Direct Debit:

Allstar – Fuel 03-10-18 to 09-10-18 103.60

Allstar – Fuel 16-10-18 to 30-10-18 130.84

Lloyds Charge Card – 443.50

BT phone and broadband 329.97

TV License – WFCH 150.50

Proposed by Cllr Young and seconded by Cllr Minter


Income – Remittance advices noted:

British Gas – Feed in Tariff 368.36

OCC – Cllr Priority Fund – WFCH works 2186.60

SODC – WW1 Bench – Art money 810.00

SODC – CIL share 34381.62


7. Asset Management - update on any outstanding issues or requirements

7.1 Cllr Flint to present to full council a proposal regarding future works at WFCH and OKL using CiLS and S106 with a view to a working group being set up.

Cllr Ashdown reported on a recent visit to a seminar and reported that David Ogilvie can produce bespoke pieces and that this could be funded by Public Art money. Environment Committee tasked to make further investigations.

7.2 Cllr Young reported on some un-resolved major maintenance problems at the Pavilion which will need resolving it was agreed that Cllr Young should prepare a formal report. Suggested that CCP prepare public report to keep residents informed of progress. Cllr Young reported that 2 trustees have now left and that replacements are being sought. Cllr Young and the Clerk to agree utility payments and returns

7.3 Chamber hire rates and hire were discussed and agreed that no changes are currently necessary.


8. Other Communications – To receive communications as the Clerk may wish to present.

8.1 Quote received for necessary work to a tree at Henton – clerk to obtain a comparison quote from our regular contractor

8.2 To discuss offer of sponsorship for Christmas Tree – this is an excellent idea but due to time scales it was decided that it is not possible this year.

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