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Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held via Zoom on Monday 20th July 2020

PRESENT: Cllr Flint (Chair), Edwards, Gray, Minter, Young, Wright, Williams.
Staff: Liz Folley, Jo Wills

1. Apologies for absence: None
2. Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

3. Public Question time: Two members of the public were present.
Fiona Mantle presented her Defib proposal for the Parish with a future requirement of having a defib unit public accessible every 400 yards. Two wall mounted units are required now:
1) In Old Kiln Lakes – agreed to fit onto a SOHA building
2) At Hempton Fields Care Home
Fiona detailed that we have currently have 8 public defib units which CPC are responsible for.
Cllr Flint thanked Fiona for all of her hard work in getting the units available.

4. Minutes of the following Finance and General Purposes Committee: 15th June 2020
Proposed by Cllr Edwards, seconded by Cllr Minter. All in favour.

5. Monthly Finance Reports were approved:
Bank Statements – June – Proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Gray. All in favour.
Cash Book - June – Proposed by Cllr Edwards, seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.
Precept and Budget - June – Proposed by Cllr Young, seconded by Cllr Minter. All in favour.
a) The Clerk advised that the tennis court grant funding is still pending
b) The Clerk advised that the savings account info is still pending.

6. Approval of payments: Proposed by Cllr Williams, seconded by Cllr Gray. All in favour.
All payments made by electronic transfer and will be authorised by Cllr Flint and Cllr Williams.
HMRC – Tax & NI 2,385.89
Blk Pay – Salaries 7,022.31
OCC Pensions – Contributions 2,504.83
Prudential – AVC Contributions 150.00
Clarity Copiers – Photocopying 158.86
Carrick – Annual Web Hosting 210.00
Community Matters – covid e learning 15.00
Dogs Trust – Waste Bags 120.00
DF Sales Ltd – food waste bags 388.80
Fire Cover Ltd – Fire Alarm Test/Inspection 114.00
Microshade – IT services 125.88
OALC - Training events 336.00
P&J Joinery – Perspex Screen 174.00
PCJ – Barrier at Pavilion Car Park 2,956.80
RPC Locksmiths – new locks at WF 60.00
SPH – WF Deep Clean 39.00
Turney Groundcare – Wheel for mower 151.64
Play source – Conigre final repairs 1440.00
Allstar – fuel 16/6 – 23/6 141.47
Allstar – fuel 2/06 – 10/6 115.06
Grundon – Waste Wheelers 109.90
British Gas – Electric at WF 51.36
BT – Broadband 104.49
BT – Cloud Phone 177.90
OPUS – Electric HRR 11.58
CNG – WF Gas 32.52
Lloyds Charge Card 865.27
Premier Farnell – Recycling Bags 205.92
Dulux Paint Ctre - Paint 247.73
Coffee Time Workshop 3.50
Covex Gels – Hand Sanitiser 205.35
Cos Supplies – stationery 23.98
Sumup – Payment Card Reader 154.80
Amazon Prime - 7.99
GiffGaff – mobile phones 16.00

7. Contracts / Quotations
7.1 Quotation and options for fence work at Allotments – further quotes required.
7.2 Traffic Calming Report – is out for quotes prior to public consultation.
7.3 The Council compared three quotes for copse of trees behind the fitness equipment:
Cllr Oliver had reviewed all quotes and had suggested the Complete Tree Services quote as a preferred option as the tree required felling.
• Michaels Tree Services – reduce and crown lift multiple trees - £1100.00
• Complete Tree Services - Fell 1 tree and crown lift others - £1488.00
• South Bucks Trees – Crown reduce on all trees - £1392.00
Cllr Flint proposed the quote for Complete Tree Services. Seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.

8. Grants
8.1 Cllr Williams proposed to approve recommendations from working group – as attached detailed sheet. Seconded by Cllr Edwards. It was agreed to support CYFC with a U5 team set up costs – payable once the team and coaches etc were all in place. It was agreed to support the Community Pavilion event and funding released if event was to take place.

9. Other Communications and General Purposes:
9.1 Bench on Station Road / Church Lane junction – replacement would be £359.17 TDP bench – recycled plastic as other recent replacements. Proposed by Cllr Gray and seconded by Cllr Wright. The Clerk to see if anyone wishes to contribute towards this bench as a memory bench.
9.2 Defib requirements for Chinnor – Fiona Mantles request for funding of new units in the Parish was discussed fully. The Clerk advised that we have 8 units currently we maintain. These all have a warranty of 8 years and the batteries have a warranty of 4 years. It is estimated that within the next 12-24 months 3 batteries will be required. A written report was requested with all details and approx. costs. To be discussed at Full Council.
9.3 Update regarding 36 Station Road (Wee Book Shop) – 6 months' deposit is being held by CPC. The building owner requires windows cleaned, guttering cleaned and garden today and advise on the shed prior to deposit being returned. It is noted a new company are interested in taking over the café from 1st August 2020.
9.4 A2 Dominion Allotment lease – The Solicitor is not entirely happy with the Lease. Cllr Flint proposed that if the simple changes are made it can be approved, seconded by Cllr Minter.
Cllr Williams and Cllr Wright will be asked to visit the Solicitor to sign.
9.5 Asset Management – Cllr Flint to start a capital development plan and draft an outline schedule.
9.6 Covid-19 Update – CPC office not to open before September. The Clerk to devise a plan.
Zoom meetings to continue. It was not agreed at this time to bulk book the Pavilion Function Room at the Pavilion for meetings.

Chairman _________________________________________ Dated _______________________

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