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Chinnor Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 3rd March 2014

Present : Cllrs. Ambridge, Bird, Fowler, Haywood, Higgs, Lloyd (D/Cllr), Mantle, Marlow, Pickard, Scarborough, Williams, Wright and Young.  D/Cllr Hood                                                                                                                               

The Chairman of the Council formally welcomed all Councillors and public present.

Apologies: C/Cllr David WilmshurstCouncillors


Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:

Cllr Scarborough – quote from S.R Wood,

Cllr Pickard – invoice from R.B Pickard


Public Question time: 4 members of the public were present

Two members of the Mill Lane School Governors were present to discuss the phase two of the School re-development. Phase one is now complete. Phase two to begin June 2014 to better utilise the nursery class and free up the rear area. Phase three to begin in the next few years, finances dependant. The overall project would then be complete.

OCC Planning has been in touch and informal advice given detailing it is assumed permitted development rights are allowed – Building Regulations are now being sought.

Copies of the proposed plans were shown and discussed.

One member of the public asked about the Local Plan and housing numbers. Cllr Haywood advised that as yet no numbers are confirmed – possibly mid March before we hear.

Recent flooding – concerns over recent events – Cllr Haywood advised that SODC have been advised of all area effected in our Parish.

Planning – helicopter request for landing on Hill Road Rec – concerns rose over this request.

One member of the public asked about updates on Old Kiln Lakes and play area progress – Cllr Haywood advised all is progressing and consultation will be available at the Annual Assembly.


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed:                             

17-02-14 Full Council meeting signed by Cllr Haywood      


Planning Section led by Cllr Wright                                  

Planning applications were considered:

P14/S0393/FUL Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two storey two bedroom replacement dwelling and change of use of woodland to residential curtilage at The Old Tabernacle Sprigs Holly Lane. Recommendation: Objections: Not in-keeping, over development, destroying historic building, previous applications only approved to protect historic building. Agree with SODC refusing planning in November 2013.

P14/S0382/HH Erection of replacement single storey rear extension at 2 New Cottages, Oakley Road.  Recommendation: Approval

P13/S3796/FUL Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings. Erection of new dwellings, formation of new driveway and garden (amended 6-2-14) at New Close Farm, Towersey.  Recommendation: Approval

P14/S0377/HH Erection of 2 storey rear extension at 13 Oakley Lane. Recommendation: Approval


2.      Planning permissions were noted:

P13/S3949/HH Erection of an orangery at 26 Lower Icknield Way.

P13/S3354/HH Erection of first floor side extension and new detached double garage at Hempton Cottage, Henton.


3.      Other planning matters:

Request from resident re: helicopter landing at Hill Road Rec for a wedding in August at St. Andrew's Church – The Clerk has contact the Insurance Company. Marshall's etc need to be advised and a full risk assessment. Concerns were raised over this request. Other, more suitable areas were suggested. The Council did not feel this request was viable.

Letter from a resident regarding planning concerns: 65 Lower Icknield Way proposed development – the resident was disappointed about the response from CPC regarding objections. The Clerk to reply explaining the reasoning.

Remarkable Farm, Henton to be renamed as Whitewoods Farm.

14 Keens Lane to be renamed as Keens House, Keens Lane. (CPC - request to keep number.)



Finance and General Purposes Section led by Cllr Pickard                    

The following bills for payment were proposed by Cllr Higgs and seconded by Cllr Young

R B Pickard – WFCH cleaning                                                         £    60.00

Chinnor Web Design – Lap top clean up                                          £    30.00

SLCC – Cllr Pickard to attend branch meeting                                  £    10.00

OALC – Annual Subscription 2014-2015                                           £1095.54

Brian Howard – Gardening work – Church yard                                  £  175.00

ORCC – Refund from Community Led Plan project                            £  654.63

The Village Centre – Residue of CLP account                                    £  733.33

Chinnor Village Hall - Residue of CLP account                                   £  733.33

Chinnor Youth Club - Residue of CLP account & Beef Fest                   £1033.33

Thames Water – Cricket Club 27-11-13 to 16-2-14                            £    12.71

Thames Water – Office 8-11-13 to 10-2-14                                       £    33.79

Arval Fuel – Direct Debit – 5-2-14 to 7-2-14                                      £    71.12

Thames Water – Direct Debit – 8-11-13 to 16-2-14                            £  104.90

Thames Water – Direct Debit – 8-11-13 to 10-2-14                            £  652.15


Remuneration – forms available to be filled in if you do not require remuneration.

Whites Field Community Hall – An enquiry has been received for a regular booking for a Saturday afternoon 2pm – 5pm, twice a month. It was agreed to keep the rate at £10 per hour, non negotiable rate. Cllr Fowler proposed a maximum of 10% discount on regular bookings of six sessions or more – seconded by Cllr Marlow. Terms and conditions to be amended.

August marquee events for 2014 were discussed. The event requests have been received and a rota finalised by the end of March.

Agreement from Lightfoots Solicitor for grant from SODC - £220,000 was discussed. Proposed to be signed by Cllr Pickard, seconded by Cllr Bird. All in favour.

The purchase of tabletop folding display stands – it was agreed to order two. Proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Scarborough. All in favour.  

Grass cutting grant 2014-2015 - £3267.08. 2015-2016 grass cutting is likely to reduce by 50%.

Purchase of new projector was discussed. Cllr Scarborough to try to repair projector before new purchase is agreed. We can borrow one in the mean time.

Christmas tree power supply at Village Centre – an isolator box is required - £60.00. Proposed by Cllr Higgs, seconded by Cllr Marlow. All in favour.


D/Cllr Hood left the meeting prior to giving written report.


7.    Environment led by Cllr MantlePlay area updates and checks – Cllr Fowler reported on issues which need attention.

Greening Open Meeting – 12th March at the Village Centre – Cllr Williams and Scarborough to attend the presentation. 

Replacement trees at Van Diemens – Cllr Pickard proposed to replace the trees – working party to look at the site and agree type of trees. Cllr Pickard, Mantle and Haywood.

Consultation on Draft Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan – Core Strategy. Noted.

Update on Chinnor Library volunteering – 16 volunteers to date – progressing well.Complete Weed Control – quote for 2014 weed control –£630.00 per treatment – 1 treatment in June and 1 in October. Proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Ambridge.

Consultation – draft rights of way management plan – Alan Brawn has detailed answers – these to be submitted.

Update on state of grass area by Youth shelter at Whites Field. A list of required works with paving slabs and grass seed – This to be discussed with Trevor for works when weather improves. Quotes also to be obtained for when machinery store is relocated.

Flooding issues to be updated: Cllr Lloyd attended the flooding meeting. Road closures have been reported regularly via facebook. Thame Road is still in a bad state of repair – Highways have had pictures and reports. High street grass verges –

Quote from SR Woods was approved at a total of £1590.00. It was agreed the posts are not lockable. Proposed by Cllr Lloyd, seconded by Cllr Ambridge. All in favour.

Ribbon of Flowers – Mill Lane have not yet responded to the request for a meeting letter sent. St. Andrew' School Council has met with Cllr Mantle – a project has been agreed and working in partnership to sow seeds around the village.


Written Reports from Parish Councillors relating to outside meetings attended:

1.      Questions: Cllr Lloyd attended the dementia training.               


Written Reports from District and County Councillors:

1.      Questions: None



Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:                 

Letter received regarding poor state of grass verges and compliant about the state about the rear of the machinery store and litter. The Clerk to reply.


Meeting dates and items for agenda

WFCH Open day – 12th March 12-2pm

Full Council meeting – 17th March – 7.30pm

Annual Assembly – 31st March at the Village Centre – 7pm start (6pm set up)



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