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MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 3rd June 2013

PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Fowler, Haywood (in the chair), Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle, Pickard, Williams, Wright.

Public Question time: No public were present           


C/Cllr Wilmshurst reported that committee structure is now being sorted.

C/Cllr Wilmshurst remains Chairman of the Audit and Governance Committee

A lot of the Scrutiny committees have been merged under Performance.

The meeting re Station Road went well – responses now being chased up.

C/Cllr Wilmshurst to chase up the double yellow lines on Station Road near Shapers.

Concerns over Hill Top Lane continue – it has been re-classified as a cart track, not a road. Keith Stenning to do a site visit to view the issues. C/Cllr Wilmshurst has the form signed off for £2000 for a defribulator. C/Cllr Wilmshurst left the meeting.


Apologies:  Cllr Marlow, Young, Bird, Scarborough

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: Cllr Pickard – bills for payment – RB Pickard


Minutes of previous meeting                         

20-05-13 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Haywood

23-05-13 Community Project signed by Cllr Pickard


Community Project led by Cllr Pickard                   

Quote from PCMS was discussed. Cllr Pickard proposed to accept the figures from PCMS, seconded by Cllr Wright. All in favour.

Cllr Pickard confirmed 60% of funding is confirmed – still waiting to hear from more.

The funding for the new machinery store has already been agreed.

Cllr Wright reported that unless the Sports and Social Club have 100% funding confirmed in writing the project should not commence or machinery store should not be moved.

An update of the progress of the project was given and any concerns discussed.


Finance Report led by Cllr Pickard              

All bills for payment were proposed for approval by Cllr Williams and seconded by

Cllr Haywood. All in favour         

Blanchfords – bark for Jubilee garden                   £    15.68

Sow n Sow – gardens work                                   £  280.00

OAYP – DBS for youth worker                                £    54.00

Zurich Insurance – annual premium                      £4859.85

Complete Tree Services – village tree works           £2718.00

R Pickard – WFCH cleaning                                  £    70.00

BES – office gas – 1-11-12 to 14-5-13                   £  504.00

Wireless Logic – trackers                                      £    11.28

2. A quote from Complete Tree Services was discussed. A tree needs felling on High Street as the tree is diseased at a cost of £410.00. Proposed by Cllr Higgs, seconded by Cllr Fowler. 

3. Settlement from the July 2012 burglary from Zurich Insurance - £11368.33 – approved.

Proposed by Cllr Haywood, seconded by Cllr Mantle. All in favour.



Planning led by Cllr Wright                          

Planning applications were considered:

P13/S1237/FUL Application for the extension of time limit for the submission of a reserved matters application as required by condition 2 on application P09/E0145/O at land at former Cement Works, Hill Road. Recommendation: No Strong Views

P13/S1365/HH Proposed extension to existing dormer windows to the front and rear at 26 Elderdene. Recommendation: Approval


 Planning Decisions were noted:

P13/S0837/HH Demolition of outbuildings. Proposed extension and alterations, erection of garages, store, loose boxes and home office at New Close Farm, Manor Road.d roof at 20 Golden Hills. at roof extension. Erection of a single storey extnesion ion at 18 High Street.

P13/S0388/HH Removal of existing roof. Erection of first floor extension plus additional rooms in the roof, single storey rear extension, replacement windows/doors, render and cedar cladding to existing external walls at Whitebeam, Henton.

P13/S0485/HH Demolition of existing rear extension and erection of new rear single storey extension (as amended) at 18 High Street

P13/S1023/HH Erection of ground floor conservatory to rear of 15 Old Sawmill Place.

3. Land allocation at Old Kiln Lakes was discussed – as per plan emailed out.

4. The Clerk gave an update on the fence planning enforcement at 3 Station Road.               



Environment led by Cllr Mantle                   

1. Play area reports and checks – nothing new to report.

2. Hill Road – pedestrian improvements – draft copy was discussed. Noted.

3. Emergency Plan has been reviewed. Reviews and additions ongoing.

4. Ribbon of flowers encouraging diversity and Wild Flower project was discussed.

Cllr Mantle has got offers of local support from the garden centre: display advertising the idea. To be advertised at the Chinnor Open Garden event also. Approx costs - £10.00 for planting along Mill Lane hedging and also the area behind Greenwood Avenue (land owned by the Parish Council) to be planted with seeds to change into a wildlife meadow. 

To encourage builders to have wild flower areas on new developments.                                                                    


Verbal Reports and Feedback                                  

1. Councillors outside meetings report – Cllr Williams reported that Mr Maurice Pullen had an accident in the hall whilst setting up scenery for a village play. The Village Hall is not responsible for the accident but all best wishes are sent to Mr Pullen for a speedy recovery.

2. Notes from Chinnor Village Hall meetings were discussed.

3. Update on meeting re MUGA fence - Cllr Pickard reported on the meeting. All footballs kicked over the fence are collected each morning and returned to CYFC. The problem is balls that are kicked into Jack and Jill pre-school and damaging their new gates.

Jack and Jill to look into changing the high gate location and obtaining quotes.

4. Cllr Lloyd reported on SODC Committee structure updates: Cllr Lloyd is a Planning and Licensing Committee member and Chilterns AONB representative.



Clerks Report                                    

1. Request for meeting re drug awareness – Fiona Blake to organise 30 young people to attend. A speaker has been arranged. Police to be invited to attend. Youth Club are keen to support the event at Whites Field. All in agreement to support the awareness evening.

2. Temporary Road Closure – surface dressing on Lower Road and Lower Icknield Way.

3. Thames Tideway Tunnel – wastewater bill. Noted.

4. Thames Water – flooding from sewer network. Noted.

5. The Clerk reported on recent vandalism at Hill Road Rec & St Andrews park.



Items for next agenda                                               

1. Next Full Council meeting 17th June 2013 - 7.30pm                                                           

2. Beryl Guiver – SODC meeting re housing allocation – 10th June – 6pm – all to attend

3. Grants working group to meet – 10th June – after housing meeting.

4. Community Led Planning closure – 11th June– 6.30pm

5. Taylor Wimpey meeting 24th June – 7pm



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