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Chinnor Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 7th October 2013

PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Fowler, Haywood, Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle, Marlow, Pickard, Scarborough, Williams, Wright and Young.

Public Question time: 2 members of the public were present to observe the meeting.                    

Apologies: Cllr Bird

Absent: C/Cllr Wilmshurst, D/Cllr Hood

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:

Cllr Pickard – Bills for payment – RB Pickard is husband.

Cllr Fowler - P13/S2788/HH – Partner maybe involved in building works.


Minutes of previous meeting:                                   

16-09-13 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Haywood

03-10-13 Community Project meeting signed by Cllr Pickard


Environment led by Cllr Mantle     

1. Play area reports and checks: Quote for RoSPA repairs were discussed. Safe and Sound Playgrounds quoted for recommended RoSPA repairs: £2900.00 to complete repairs and the park would need to be closed for atleast 3 days to complete repairs. Cllr Pickard proposed to accept the quoted, seconded by Cllr Fowler, all in favour.

2. Defibrillator training – update on event was given by Cllr Mantle – over 100 people attended and was a very successful event. A list of FAQ to be listed on facebook and in the next Pump to help anyone who was unable to attend. Locations to be Village Centre (to be installed this week),  the second on the library wall – permission being sought by OCC. Whites Field will be the third location on the community hall wall and the fourth by the C&PRR. An electrician has been sought to install the unit. Plaques to be purchased to go alongside the units. Possible future locations to consider is by the Co-Op. Cllr Haywood thanked Cllr Mantle for all her hard work and the Buzz Group for a great quiz raising over £1900.00 towards more units.

3. Allotment AGM – 9th October at 8pm in Village Centre – Cllr Higgs to attend.

4. Christmas Lights – update on UK Power Networks certificate was given by Jo Wills.

5. Ribbon of flowers – Cllr Mantle updated that the project will commence in the spring.

6. Vegetation issues to be reported – C/Cllr Wilmshurst to be contacted regarding this. The Clerk to enquire about a grant for vegetation cutting from OCC.


Planning led by Cllr Wright                        

To consider planning applications

P13/S2788/HH Erection of single storey front extension to lounge at 11 Riders Way. Recommendation: Approval

P13/S2789/HH 2 storey side extension, insertion of roof light in rear roof slope at 3 Emmington. Recommendation: Approval

P13/S2799/HH Extension to detached garage and raising of roof to accommodate games room over main garage with external staircase access to rear at County End, Red Lane. Recommendation: Approval

P13/S2807/FUL Amendment to approved scheme P09/S0145 to plot 1 house type at land at former Chinnor cement works, Hill Road. Recommendation: Approval

P13/S2816/FUL Demolition of existing building and erection of 8 flats with associated parking and access and landscaping works at Leverkus House, Church Road. Recommendation: Objection: Rear block over bearing and takes up too much amenity space. An L shape building design would be far more suitable.

P13/S2967/FUL Construction of new agricultural storage barn at Meadow Farm, Henton. Recommendation: Approval


Planning Decisions were noted.

P13/S2129/FUL Replacement of existing mobile home with a new dwelling at Sunley Wood, Chinnor Hill.

P13/S2216/HH Removal of existing garage and erection of new garage at 2 Manor Farm Cottages, Chinnor Hill.

P13/S2298/HH Erection of single storey front extensions at 2 Manor Farm House, Henton.

P13/S2133/HH Proposed rear and side extension with garage also internal alterations to bathroom and kitchen at 12 Golden Hills.

P13/S2433/HH Proposed single storey rear extension at 20B Oakley Road


3. Application of certificate of lawful development for new workshop and windmill info centre: Cllr Ambridge advised he has spoken to Planning Department and the new windmill information centre structure comes under Lawful Development Certificate. Cllr Ambridge suggested this be applied for along with the new workshop structure. Cost for certificate would be £22.50 per building. All plans for proposed building to be agreed by Council prior to final application being submitted. Building Regulations still required.

4. OCC Planning Consultation – as emailed 26-9-13. Noted.

5. OKL employment area request to be submitted as a SHLAA – The Clerk has contacted Andy Cattermole regarding this. All in favour.


Community Project led by Cllr Pickard                

Update on project progress – now in the final stage of Sport England grant. £237000.00 in the Sport England budget – more information is required by then to confirm the grant by beginning of November. Lots of details were discussed including of car park lighting. A trustee meeting to be arranged.CPFMC lease – Cllr Haywood explained the deed of variation which is required. The machinery store has already been removed from the lease.

The Council need a full discussion on this issue. Cllr Haywood proposed the deed of variation be sought, seconded by Cllr Young.

The planned start date is February 2014 dependant on grant funds.


Finance Report led by Cllr Pickard                       

Bills for payment were proposed by Cllr Haywood, seconded by Cllr Williams.

            RBS Software Accounts        Package update                                                            £  270.00

            TVP                                         Q2 PCSO funding                                                   £4133.00

            P Bennett                                WFCH survey                                                          £    60.00

            Helpful Hiring's                      Padlock and hedge trimmer hire                                 £    48.24

            AJ Heating                              Boiler annual service – office and WFCH                     £  110.00

            R Pickard                                WFCH cleaning                                                        £    40.00

            Slingsby PLC                          2 new litter bins – Playing fields and Glynswood            £  387.59

            SLCC                                      National Conference – Liz to attend                           £  414.00

            Chilterns Conservation           Planning Conference                                                  £    90.00

            Wise Steel                               WFCH supply and deliver of steel beams                   £1077.60

            All Jobs                                   WFCH improvements                                               £3175.00

            Wireless Logic                        Trackers                                                                  £    11.28

            BT                                           Phone lines and internet                                         £  368.30

            BES Gas                                office usage in September                                          £  131.25

            Arval Fuel                               10-9-13 to 23-9-13                                                  £    91.07


Grants meeting update – Cllr Lloyd proposed the following grants. Seconded by Cllr Young

Tiddlypeeps = £91.10 for messy play equipment. 

1st Chinnor Scout Group = £400.00 for generator for camps etc.

The other 2 grant applications were Chinnor Bowls but more information is required before this can be considered and South and Vale Carers have not been awarded a grant this year.

Whites Field community hall refurb update: ORCC letter: grant for the refurb has been refused. OCC grant being applied for through C/Cllr Wilmshurst. The works are progressing well and CYFC will have more storage now the building is being redesigned. Prices were discussed. The disabled ramp was agreed to progress with – an extra £1200.00.

4. Windmill Funding – Cllr Ambridge reported on requiring £10,000.00 for the completion of the windmill. Cllr Marlow proposed to investigate options, seconded by Cllr Mantle. The windmill is owned by the Parish Council. To be discussed within the budget meeting. Cllr Ambridge to produce running cost figures.  

5. Investment accounts were discussed – It was agreed to invest £60,000.00 in United Trust Bank Account – 1.55% with a 3 month notice. Proposed by Cllr Haywood, seconded by Cllr Ambridge. It was agreed that the signatories would be Cllrs. Pickard & Haywood and RFO Liz Folley any 2 out of the 3 signatories can authorise the account.                                                                                                          

Verbal Reports and Feedback: Councillors outside meetings report:

Cllr Wright attended the C&PRR railway event – the event was a huge success.

Cllr Williams, Lloyd, Bird and Scarborough joined the community litter pick.

Cllr Williams reported on the village hall – bookings have increased considerably.

Cllr Scarborough – Buzz Group Quiz – very successful – raised over £2000.00 for a defib.


District and County reports                        

1. OCC report from C/Cllr Wilmshurst – not present at the meeting.

2. SODC report from D/Cllr Hood – not present at the meeting.

3. SODC report from D/Cllr Lloyd – various grants were suggested to apply for.


General Purposes                                         

1. Planning Conference - 9th Oct – Cllr's Young, Pickard, Haywood

2. SLCC AGM – 18th October – 2pm – The Clerk to attend.

3. Lord Williams Community Day – 22nd November - Cllr Young, Fowler and Ambridge.


Clerks Report                                                           

OPFA AGM – 17-10-13 at 7.15pm – no one able to attend.Biffa have arranged to repair the Whites Field gate soon.The bus shelter on the High Street by the Red Lion has been damaged by the Tesco bus. 


Meeting dates and items for agenda                       

S106 meeting and steering Group meeting - Monday 14th October

Full Council meeting 21st October 2013 – 7.30pm start        

Cllr Fowler reported on Whites Field car park – to consider improvements

Remembrance Day Parade – 10th November – 10.30am leave – all are summonsed.





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