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MINUTES of Full Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 8th April 2013


PRESENT: Cllrs. Bird, Haywood (in the chair), Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle, Marlow, Pickard, Williams



  1. Public Question time – 1 member of the public was present


  1. Apologies: Cllr Wright, Cllr Scarborough, Cllr Ambridge, Cllr Fowler, Cllr Young,

D/Cllr Hood, C/Cllr Wilmshurst

  1. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:

Cllr Pickard: Bills for payment: RB Pickard 


  1. Minutes of previous meeting                                   

18.03.13 – Full Council signed by Cllr Haywood

02.04.13 – Community Project signed by Cllr Bird

03.04.13 – HR committee recommendations were proposed for approval by Cllr Haywood, seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.


  1. Thames Valley Police Report – as circulated by email to all Councillors.                            


  1. Environment – led by Cllr Mantle              

1. Play area reports and checks – nothing has been reported.                       

2. Skate Ramp relocation – Linda Gutteridge reported on behalf of the skate park committee: investigations have been made into relocation into Whites Field and a meeting was held with Terry Devine and Andrew Hipwell but it was agreed this proposed area was not suitable – as the Council had confirmed at the last meeting. The Committee majority agree the skate park is to remain in use and they cannot find another suitable location other than Hill Road Recreation Ground. The majority of the committee do not want the skate park equipment be put into storage. The committee though are very concerned over the access still and a recent letter has been received by Andrew Hipwell regarding safety issues and safety aspects.

The Clerk suggested the moving date is delayed slightly to ensure the new signage and all road safety measures suggested and required are taken in the Hill Road Rec area. This was agreed by the Council. The Clerk has spoken to residents on Station Road who have agreed, by email to this delayed option.

Cllr Mantle suggested more road safety awareness is carried out to ensure safety of the children who wish to use the equipment.

 Mrs Gutteridge also raised concerns over the skate park committee set up – discussions to be had between the council and committee members to clear any confusion.

The above discussion and decision was proposed by Cllr Higgs, seconded by Cllr Pickard. All in favour.

3. Cllr Williams reported on the recent meeting with TVP Re:  Parking issues. C/Cllr Wilmshurst was not present to update on the walk about results. The Clerk reported another meeting to be arranged with other members to discuss issues for slowing drivers down on Hill Road. Lines suggested in the parking area by the shops and removal of verges on the High Street to enable residents to park – these suggestions did not seem feasible to some present. Other speed limits reductions were discussed – a 20mph limit on Mill Lane but this cannot be policed by TVP so would not be suitable. 

The Police officer present confirmed the new bus shelters in the village are safe and especially the High Street shelter by the Village Centre is adequate and legal.

It was agreed for the Clerk to contact OCC to express the Councils concern that road improvements promised had not been completed or even started although Taylor Wimpey have paid the S106 amount agreed towards these road improvements.

4. SODC Infrastructure Improvement Funding is open – Cllr Lloyd confirmed the amount is £18750.00 between the 12 villages listed – this would be a match funding project.

Cllr Scarborough to look into gates as an option for this funding or for Christmas lights: a sub committee of Cllr Scarborough, Cllr Marlow, Cllr Mantle plus anyone else keen to join the working group.

5. The Clerk reported on the recent meeting with Jack & Jill and Mill Lane School Re: MUGA fencing issues and their concerns over balls being kicked into the grounds and youths climbing over to claim them. The two schools present both agreed the quote for raising the MUGA fencing (£3800.00 plus V.A.T) could not guarantee the problem would be resolved and so could be a waste of money. It was agreed for the two schools to put more signage up and look at other ways of securing their property. The situation to be monitored.

6. Letter of complaint from a resident concerning grass cuttings being left on pavements was discussed. The Clerk to speak to the grounds men to ask for all grass to be blown off pathways and cleared off all pedestrian areas.


  1. Finance Report – led by Cllr Pickard        
  1. 1.      Bills for payment  were proposed by Cllr Lloyd and seconded by Cllr Marlow.

BT Payment Services – phone and internet                                              £  367.08

SODC – minor amendment to New Pavilion plans                                  £    97.50

LCR – Annual subscription to NALC mag                                              £    16.00

Chiltern Conservation Board – Cllr Fowler and Alan Braun course        £    20.00

RB Pickard – Whites field hall cleaning                                                   £    70.00

Mrs E Folley – expenses                                                                           £    25.90

Thames Valley Police – Q4 PCSO funding                                              £4133.00

SODC – Dog bin empty 1-10-12 to 31-3-13                                            £  198.94

K Jarvis – Church mow to end of December 12                                      £    59.80

SODC – Rates to 31-3-14                                                                                    £  797.67

The Village Centre – mini bus grant                                                         £  392.40

NKG Plumbing – Church hall test and inspection                                   £  716.00

BES – DD – gas in office for March 2013-04-08                                                £    81.29

Lloyds TSB – DD – Credit card                                                              £    10.00

Arval Fuel – DD – 15-3-13 to 19-3-13                                                     £  133.04

Arval Fuel – DD – 28-2-13 to 6-3-13                                                       £  125.47

2. Cllr Pickard proposed to approve the budget update, seconded by Cllr Haywood . The Clerk confirmed we are still waiting on one Insurance payment from the July burglary.

3. Cllr Pickard proposed to approve payments from Petty Cash & Imprest, seconded by

Cllr Marlow. All in favour.

4. Cllr Williams proposed to approve the bank reconciliation, seconded by Cllr Bird.

The Clerk confirmed £60,000.00 has been paid into the Cambridge Society Investment fund.

5. Quotes from Complete Tree Services for Estover Way / Van Diemens / Playing Fields were discussed for £450.00.  Cllr Bird proposed to accept all the quotes. Seconded by Cllr Mantle.  The quote for Estover Way was discussed and a meeting with all parties to be arranged to dsicuss felling of the tree in question before it is pruned.


  1. Planning – led by Cllr Bird                        
  1. 1.      To consider planning applications:

            P13/S0162/HH Amended Details Erection of a two storey side extension and single storey          front extension at 13 Foresters. Recommendation: Approval

            P13/S0601/FUL Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of a replacement 1.5 storey          chalet bungalow at 9 Church Lane. Recommendation: Approval


            2.  Planning Permissions were noted

            P11/E0906 Development of three block totalling 1,550 square metres for use as all or a     mixture of B1(a) offices and D1 (alternative to P09/E01450/O) – as amended by revised      plans 69-1639-200 rev J, 208 rev J, 208 rev P & 200 rev C accompanying letter from agent   dated 28 July 2011. Land at former Chinnor Cement Works, Hill Road

            P13/S0175/HH Take down existing garage at rear and attached utility. Construct single    storey rear extension. Construct open porch at front. External alterations including new           windows/doors and render existing brickwork at Druidston, Henton

            P13/S0091/HH Single storey rear extension (as amended by revised plan received 19th      February 2013) at 31 Lower Icknield Way

            P13/S0222/FUL Conversion of public house to four self contained flats with associated   parking & communal gardens. Erection of a two storey and single storey extension, erection of infill extension front. Rendering of walls at 49 Lower Road

  1. 3.      Planning Refusals were noted

            P11/E2086 Demolition of existing buildings and construction of new supermarket at Cattle          Market Site, North Street, Thame

  1. 4.      Application withdrawn by applicant:

            P13/S0177/FUL replacement of existing mobile home with a new dwelling at Sunley Wood,        Red Lane, Chinnor Hill


            Cllr Pickard left the meeting.

5. Updated Core Strategy maps received – in the folder for future reference.                     


  1. Verbal Reports and Feedback                                
  1. 1.      Councillors outside meetings report:

                Cllr Marlow reported on Christmas carols around the tree and it was agreed to visit the new          Indian Restaurant owners to be approached regarding the tree location.

2. OCC Report from Cllr Wilmshurst – not present at the meeting.

3. SODC report from Cllr Hood – not present at the meeting.

4. SODC report from Cllr Lloyd – a lot of time has been spent on talking to local residents regarding planning applications and also concerned residents in Henton regarding sewage issues and the vast volume of lorries heading down Henton towards the sewage works. A lot of tankers are still in Emmington. The Clerk reported the tankers have destroyed about a metre of village green and Thames Water will be contacted again to pay for this repair.

Cllr Lloyd reported on 2 residents with issues regarding social housing provision – both of these residents have arranged meetings with the appropriate department.

Cllr Lloyd reported on Buzz Group and the meetings have been regular and successful.

Cllr Lloyd reported on meetings at SODC re funding and grants.


  1. General Purposes                                         

1. Annual Assembly and Business Showcase – 15-4-13 – set up from 6pm, starting at 7pm. All requested to attend and spread the word about the event.

2. Electoral Review of Boundaries – Final Recommendations - noted.                                                                                                                                                                    

  1. Clerks Report                       

            1. Exact position for Machinery Shed at Whites Field was discussed – 3 options were       suggested. It was agreed to have the location as opposite Cherry Tree junction to the side of the windmill – as per the original suggestion.

2. Onsite meeting arranged between residents and OCC on 12th April 10am re drainage issues – A councillor to be requested to attend the meeting.

3. A letter from a resident regarding the increase in Precept. The Clerk to reply with the formal response agreed by Council.


  1. Items for next agenda: Next meeting date 22nd April 2013 – 7.30pm start.



Chairman of the Council

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