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MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 15th July 2013

PRESENT: Cllrs. Haywood (Chair), Higgs, Lloyd, Mantle, Marlow, Scarborough, Williams, Wright, Young. 

APOLOGIES: Cllr Fowler, Pickard, Bird, Ambridge

Public Question time – 7 members of the public were present.

All public present were regarding planning application P13/S1046 to discuss the amendment of the original plans. The applicant was present to answer any questions. A pack from the objectors was given to all the councillors detailing their issues which arise from the application.   

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None

Minutes of previous meeting:  01-07-13 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Wright

Planning led by Cllr Wright                        

The  following planning applications were considered:

P13/S1046/FUL Amended Details. Erection of a detached dwelling with detached double garage, new vehicular access and associated amenity space provision (amended plans received 4th July 2013) at Land adjacent to 4 Old Orchard, Henton.

Letters and comments from neighbour and comments from applicant were considered.

Recommendation: Objection: Un-neighbourly, Not in keeping with the historic environment, Building too dominant in the landscape.


Planning Permissions noted

P13/S1342/HH Demolition of existing flat roof extension. Erection of a single storey extension with pitched roof at 20 Golden Hills.

P13/S1235/FUL Proposed new arena with all weather surface at Gracelands, Crowell Hill.

P13/S1365/HH Proposed extensions to existing dormer windows to the front and rear at 26 Elderedene.

P13/S1256/AG To construct roadways through woodland and repairs to tracks for extraction of timber at Kingston House, Kingston Hill. No conditions.

3. Update on WFCH refurbishment was given the Clerk – TOE2 and SODC funding being applied for at present. All quotes for building now obtained – total project cost now approx £24,000.00. The energy audit report is being followed also.

4. Open meeting re housing on 18th July – reminder!            


Environment led by Cllr Mantle                 

1. Play area reports and checks – a key issue is the rabbit fencing erected a few years ago and is now in a poor state of repair. It was agreed to remove the fencing to improve the look of the area.

2. Skate park relocation update – it is being removed at the moment.

3. Christmas lights – 2 quotes were reviewed – a 3 year contract was agreed at the budgeted amount of £6000 per annum – the Clerk to contact Festive Lighting and sort the requirements out.

Cllr Wright proposed, seconded by Cllr Marlow. Switch on would be 1st December and switch off on the 12th night.

4. Winter service – salt bag request form to be completed requesting a tonne of salt.

5. Update on proposed tree works outside 17a High Street – work to commence 1st August.

6. August marquee – marquee arriving on 20-8-13 – Cllr Pickard and Williams to meet Brian Fagan to locate the marquee.

7. Cllr Scarborough proposed to purchase wild flower seeds at a maximum of £50.00. Seconded by Cllr Marlow.


Finance Report led by Cllr Haywood

Proposed for approval by Cllr Higgs, seconded by Cllr Williams

BT – Business account                                          £  277.39

Arval fuel – 17-6-13 to 27-6-13                             £  178.13

British Gas – WFCH                                              £  239.18

BES Gas – office gas                                            £  131.25

Community Heartbeat Trust – defib                       £1200.00

Community Heartbeat Trust – defib                       £1750.00

C.A.B – grant cheque re-issued                             £  500.00

OALC – October Course                                        £    72.00

Thames Valley Police – Q1 funding                        £4133.00

D&P Toilets – deposit for ABH                               £  300.00

Chinnor Pump – March newsletter                          £  160.00

Grundon Waste – wheeler empty                           £    76.85

Complete Weed Control – village spraying             £  744.00

Helpful Hiring's – hedge cutter                               £    25.44

Motec – trailer puncture                                        £    21.00

SLCC – annual subs                                             £  203.00

Chiltern Sports Ltd – MUGA repairs                          £  316.80

Cllr Young proposed to approve bank reconciliation. Seconded by Cllr Mantle.Cllr Lloyd proposed to approve payments on petty cash and Imprest accounts. Seconded by Cllr Higgs. All in favour.Cllr Lloyd proposed to approve Budget Update. Seconded by Cllr Scarborough.Cllr Higgs proposed to approve a budget of £600.00 (net) to purchase 2 new benches for Hill Road Recreation Ground. Seconded by Cllr Marlow.

New member of youth club staff was acknowledged and an update was given on related salaries.

Financial Regulations to be altered regarding the Investments – new wording to be Bank of England rate or above. Proposed by Cllr Wright, seconded by Cllr Williams.

Financial update re 2 x defibrillator – grants been obtained from various local organisations to assist in purchasing the 2 new defibrillators. The Council will have full ownership of both of these and Cllr Mantle and the team will maintain. Thanks were given to Cllr Mantle for her hard work towards obtaining these. The Chinnor Buzz Group may organise a quiz.

To acknowledge receipt of proposed changes to LGPS – noted.           


Verbal Reports and Feedback                                

Cllr Pickard has written a report on the CPFMC AGM – Cllr Williams also reported on the meeting – copies in the minute file.Cllr Lloyd reported on the recent Buzz group meetings.Cllr Wright reported on the Village Centre AGM which went well.                                                                                                             To note – party at HRR – 27/28 July – TVP being notified.Land Registry documents being completed now re Playing Fields ownership.

Clerks Report:  Items for Clerk to report not needing notice or decision


Items for next agenda                                              

Next Full Council meeting 5th August 2013 – 7.30pm start                                

Community Project Meeting – 22nd July 2013 – 7pm

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