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Chinnor Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 17th February 2014

PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Fowler, Haywood, Higgs, Lloyd, Marlow, Pickard, Williams, Wright and Young. 

The Chairman of the Council formally welcomed all Councillors and public present.


Apologies: Cllr Mantle, Cllr Scarborough, Cllr Bird                                                

Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations: None


Public Question time: 6 members of the public were present.

All questions and comments were relative to planning application P14/S0278/O:

A member of the public expressed concerns of the dangers of walking along Lower Icknield Way. The suggestion of adding more houses into this dangerous road is not welcomed.  The papers will not be delivered along this road due to Health and Safety.

Another member of the public commented on highway safety along this road – safety would be highly compromised with an increase of atleast 20 more vehicles. The application area of the road would be highly dangerous for pedestrians and drivers alike. Various other relevant points are included in the letters of objection which have been submitted to SODC.

Significant works have already begun on site removing hedgerow, trees and possibly pond area. 

A large number of trees have been removed already from the rear of the property.

A further member of the public has concerns over the closeness of the properties being so close to the boundary fence – trees being removed already have reduced privacy significantly.

Cllr Haywood suggested photos be taken for future evidence of damage already caused.

All of the pubic present was highly concerned about the traffic increase and the access is dangerous which would cause further potential dangers.


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed:                             

03-02-14 Full Council Meeting signed by Cllr Haywood with the following amendment:

Cllr Wright reported on the procedural error of the objection to the amended application P13/S3641/FUL. Cllr Wright requested these objections be withdrawn as incorrect due to the application being an amendment. The original APPROVAL of this application was agreed and will be submitted.

Cllr Haywood proposed the change to this application with immediate effect, Seconded by Cllr Pickard. All in favour.

13-02-14 Community Project Meeting signed by Cllr Young.                                  


Planning Section led by Cllr Wright                                  

Planning applications were considered:

P13/S3354/HH Erection of first floor side extension and new detached double garage at Hempton Cottage, Henton. Recommendation: Approval

P14/S0278/O Outline Demolition of 65 Lower Icknield Way. Outline application for erection of up to 10 dwellings on that land and the rear gardens of 69-73 Lower Icknield Way. Letters of objection were noted. Recommendation: Objection: Current access location is a large concern due to safety issues.


2.      Planning Decisions were noted:

P13/S2816 Demolition of existing building and erection of 8 flats with associated parking and access and landscaping works (as amended) at Leverkus Court, Church Road.

P13/S3831/HH Construction of annexe ancillary to the main dwelling at Hill Foot Cottage.         


3.      Certificate of Lawful Development was note:

P13/S3920/LDP Land at Whites Field, Mill Lane for workshop for the Windmill.


4.      Withdrawn planning application was noted:

P13/S3928/LDP 2 New Cottages, Oakley Road. Remove existing rear single storey extension and replace with more suitable extension. (NB. Application never received prior to being withdrawn) 


Finance and General Purposes Section led by Cllr Pickard                    

The following bills for payment were proposed by Cllr Wright and seconded by Cllr Lloyd:   

Gardening Delights – food bin liners                               £  122.40

1st Chinnor Scout Group – replacement to lost cheque      £  400.00

W M Nairn – village flower beds                                      £    90.00

OCC Pension Fund                                                        £1652.61

Post Office Ltd – CIR                                                     £1618.20

Luminance Pro – MUGA lights repairs and bulbs                 £1014.00

Grundon Waste Management – waste wheeler empty         £    93.72

E Folley – travel expenses                                               £    62.10

Osbornes Insurance – annual premium for vehicles            £  971.01

SODC – dog bin empty 1-7-13 to 31-12-13                       £  452.09

Lyreco – stationery order                                                 £  102.97

Helpful Hiring's – padlock and coat for Trevor                    £    39.74

OALC – 15 Good Councillor Guides                                   £    48.00

Lawrence Garden Services – Church yard grant                   £    30.00

BES – DD – Office electric 15-1-14 to 15-2-14                    £    48.45

BES – DD Office gas for January 2014                               £  141.75

Bulk Payment – DD - salaries                                          £5613.08

Tesco mobile – DD – billed to 15-1-14                             £    21.54

Arval Fuel – DD - 13-1-14 to 27-1-14                               £  178.04

Cllr Haywood proposed to approve the budget update. Seconded by Cllr Ambridge.

Cllr Lloyd proposed to approve payments Petty Cash & Imprest, seconded by Cllr Williams.

Cllr Williams proposed to approve bank reconciliation, seconded by Cllr Young. All in favour.

Community Right to bid – Assets of Community Value as emailed. The library was agreed as a good community value to apply for. The Clerk to explore this option.

Chinnor Community Led Plan – funding. With the conclusion and disbandment of this committee it was proposed that the £2200 grant (from OCC) be distributed equally between The Village Hall, The Village Centre and the Youth Club. Following expenditure the residual of the ORCC grant totalling £654.63 be returned to ORCC. Cllr Pickard proposed to accept the committee recommendations, seconded by Cllr Wright. All in favour.

Cllr Pickard proposed to accept the quote from Chinnor Windows at a total of £972.00 for Whites Field Community Hall replacement windows for the kitchen and hall area.

Cllr Pickard proposed to approve the printing for Guide 2014, seconded by Cllr Marlow .                                 


Written Reports from Parish Councillors relating to outside meetings attended:

Cllr Pickard asked about the next actions on the allotment report – The Clerk to obtain quotes and arrange a meeting with the Allotment Society.

Following the St. Andrew's School visit Cllr Williams suggested a new projector be purchased or the existing one serviced.

It was agreed to hold the next Saturday surgery in June/July time.

Cllr Lloyd asked about the car park on Station Road and the space allocations – new signage is suggested.


Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:                 

Shapers have requested if they can use car park spaces at the rear of the PC offices – The Clerk has replied to say this is not possible due to the lack of space already.

Cllr Wright reiterated on planning application rules: if the PC is objecting then the objections have to be on very firm grounds.  Objections need to have a policy relating to it from the SODC planning section booklet. Objections need to be followed up by Parish Councillors being prepared to go to SODC planning meetings to show PCl support for their decision.


Meeting dates and items for agenda

Village Hall AGM – 7pm on 19th February 2014

Full Council meeting – 7.30pm on 3rd March 2014




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