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Chinnor Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 17th March 2014

PRESENT: Cllrs. Ambridge, Haywood, Higgs, Lloyd, Marlow, Pickard, Williams, Wright.

OFFICERS: Liz Folley (Clerk) and Jo Wills (Asst. Clerk)


Apologies: Cllrs. Mantle, Fowler, Bird, Scarborough and Young.         


Councillors Declaration of Pecuniary Interest & Dispensations:    

Cllr Haywood – allowance cheque,

Ambridge – allowance cheque,

Marlow – allowance cheque


Public Question time: No public were present.                                             


Minutes of previous meeting to be agreed and signed:                                

03-03-14 Full Council Meeting – proposed and signed by Cllr Haywood

04-03-14 Community Project Meeting – proposed and signed by Cllr Pickard                                   


Planning Section led by Cllr Wright                         

Planning applications considered:

P14/S0597/HH Detached double garage at 40A Lower Icknield Way. Recommend: Approval

P14/S0599/HH Rear two storey extension at 5 Estover Way. Recommend: Approval


2.      Planning Permissions were noted:

MW.0154/13 Variation of conditions 14 and 20 attached to permission P93/N0288/CM for extension of 12 months for completion of restoration works at Chinnor Cement Works.

P13/S3652/FUL Erection of farm workers dwelling incorporating mobile home and timber extension at Middle Farm, Oakley Lane.

P13/S3796/FUL Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings. Erection of new dwellings, formation of new driveway and garden at New Close Farm, Manor Road, Towersey.


Finance and General Purposes Section led by Cllr Pickard             

The bills for payment were proposed by Cllr Lloyd and seconded by Cllr Wright.           

Sandy Marlow – 2013-2014 Allowance                                                                £  280.52

Fiona Mantle – 2013-2014 Allowance                                                                   £  280.52

Pat Haywood – 2013-2014 Allowance                                                                  £  280.52

Nigel Ambridge – 2013-2014 Allowance                                                              £  280.52

WM Nairn – gardening works at office, village centre and various beds                   £  210.00

PCMS – Design services stages G-H                                                                   £2100.00

R Mead Skip Hire – clearing playing fields rubbish pile                                         £  228.00

E-On – Festive lights in Chinnor lamp posts – 1-12-13 to 28-2-14                         £    51.40

Post Office Ltd - CIR                                                                                        £1558.32

OCC Pension Fund                                                                                           £1652.61

Grundon Waste Management – empty waste wheelers – Feb 2014                         £    76.13

Chinnor Windows Ltd – WFCH windows                                                                £  972.00

SODC – CPFMC machinery shed – play fields – permitted development                  £    43.00

Lightfoots – Search fees relating to Sport England requirements; new pavilion         £  800.00

Lightfoots – preparation of agreement with SODC – new homes bonus                    £1920.00

George Browns –machinery maintenance                                                             £    23.00

Lyreco – stationery                                                                                           £    52.80

Village Centre – grant balance                                                                           £5543.14

Inject Media – web site updates and March newsletter                                            £  556.25

Brian Howard – Burial ground maintenance                                                           £  100.00

Lloyds Bank – DD – credit card                                                                            £  603.65

BES – DD – Office gas                                                                                        £  141.75

Wireless Logic – DD - trackers                                                                             £    11.28

Bulk Payment – DD – salaries                                                                             £5510.60

British Gas – DD - WFCH gas – 1-1-14 to 27-1-14                                                 £  207.08

Arval Fuel – DD - 17-2-14 to 24-2-14                                                                   £  138.52


Cllr Pickard approved the budget update, seconded by Cllr Ambridge.

It was agreed that the Environment committee should look at updating the play areas and also quotes to be obtained for the skate ramp to be painted and improved visually.

Cllr Lloyd approved payments from Petty Cash & Imprest, seconded by Cllr Higgs.

Cllr Haywood approved bank reconciliation, seconded by Cllr Ambridge.

Acknowledgement of receipt of Community Asset nomination – Library. Noted.

Community Governance Review. Noted.

Three school ball – 17 May 2014 – request for table sponsorship - £30.00. Cllr Ambridge proposed £30.00 is spent from the Chinnor Windmill budget for table sponsorship, seconded by Cllr Marlow. All in favour.

To confirm Local Government Pension Scheme Employer Contribution rates: 16.6%. Noted.

Standing Orders; Cllr Haywood, Wright and Pickard proposed to review the Standing Orders and report back to Council soon.

The amended Asset Register was accepted as correct. All in favour.

It was agreed that Mr Richard Lewis will conduct the Internal Audit on 22nd April 2014. The office will be closed on 16th April when the accounts system is closed down in preparation for year end.

Whites Field Marquee events in August 2014 were agreed as follows and Cllr Young has agreed to apply for the TEN for the events.

Tuesday 19th August          Marquee erected on Whites Field

Wednesday 20th August     Pulse Children's Club 10am – 3pm

                                          Chinnor Youth disco from 6pm

Thursday 21st August         Pulse Children's Club 10am – 3pm

                                          Fun Quiz from 7pm

Friday 22nd August             Pulse Children's Club 10am – 3pm

                                          Picnic Ball with war time theme from 7pm

Saturday 23rd August         Chinnor Beer Festival – noon until 7pm

Sunday 24th August            Combined Church service from 10am until 12 noon

                                          Free session available 1pm until 5pm

Monday 25th August          Annual Flower and Produce Show

Tuesday 26th August          Marquee gets taken down and removed.


Cllr Pickard proposed to approve salary increases as recommended by HR committee, seconded by Cllr Williams. All in favour.


Written Reports from Parish Councillors relating to outside meetings attended:

Attached in the minutes file.

Cllr Ambridge gave a verbal report on the Chinnor Windmill.


Clerks Report – items not needing notice of decisions:                    

PCSO Madden – monthly update for February 2014Report received on cannabis smoking in Whites Field – Police team are aware.Cllr Fowler is organising an Easter Egg hunt on 17th April in Whites Field as a marketing day to encourage new hires for the community hall.Thank you card received for the clearing of the Playing Fields rubbish.Mill Lane School children attending the office presentation on 20th March at 2pm.Annual Assembly – all councillors to get their presentation organised.SODC newsletter article has been sent to the Pump but was after the deadline date.Cllr Pickard thanked Cllr Fowler for the Whites Field leaflet and all her hard work.New crossing on Hill Road has been completed.


Meeting dates and items for agenda

Annual Assembly– 7.00pm on 31st March 2014 – Village Centre – set up from 6pm.Full Council meeting – 7.30pm on 7th April 2014











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